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The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started With Video Marketing

Videos stand first among digital marketing pushing away emails, newsletters, images, and articles in the year 2020. If you could prepare an excellent marketing video for your product, then you can firmly establish yourself in the industry. It will help you prove yourself as an expert in your field. Video marketing has accelerated the growth of many companies, and no wonder 92% of marketers prefer video marketing.

If you are a beginner and do not know how to get started with video marketing, we are here to help you.

Let us start from scratch about how to make your first marketing video:

Basic Steps:

1. Set The Goal: Video marketing is the distribution of video content (graphics, recorded video, and animations) about a product on various social media platforms. As the first part of video marketing, you have to set your goal. Ask questions to yourself, what is your ultimate goal of video marketing. Based on the goal and expected result, the choice of your video and marketing platform will vary. So talk to yourself and list down the purpose of the video and how it should be presented and to whom.

These are a few questions that are commonly raised:

  1. Are you creating to increase brand value?
  2. Are you creating some awareness programs?
  3. Increase web traffic to your website?
  4. Create revenue?

For example: Increasing web traffic by 5% every month or getting a minimum of 1000 visits per month will be a definite goal.

2. Look For The Resources:

Creating a video requires skill, people, time, and budget. If you have enough budget, then you can hire a video production team to create a video for your content. If there are enough time and skilled people around you with a good quality camera, then you can create one. It will be good if you can make your employees in-charge of each part of the video. Your employees are the best ambassadors for your product.

Even if there is nothing in hand, with limited skills and a smartphone, you can create an exceptional video. Make sure you deliver the information perfectly and interestingly to the audience.

3. Understand The Pulse Of Audience:

With the resources in hand, you can create a good marketing video. But the base for the video lies in the hands of the audience. Before converting the content into video, try to understand the pulse of the audience. If you are producing a brand awareness video, then you must prepare attention-grabbing content. 

This check-list will help you to decide on:

  • Type of audience: who are they? Kids or adults or elders or mixed population.
  • Duration of the video: short or long.
  • Style of the video: Attractive or engaging.
  • Release of the video: company website or social media?

If your audiences are adults less than 35 years, prefer social platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. If you want to grab the attention of the 80s Kids, then YouTube will be a good choice.

After releasing the video in one format, you can copy-paste the link and share it on other platforms. Women prefer Facebook to Youtube, whereas men prefer YouTube over Facebook. You can add text to a video online to bring more clarity to the video.

The duration of the video is another important aspect. Surveys have found that videos less than 30 seconds are visited on Twitter and Instagram. Whereas, videos not more than 60 seconds are liked on Facebook. Even at YouTube, short videos from 2 – 6 minutes are preferred by most users.

Style of the Video: A webinar may not be suitable for B2C company and demonstration videos for B2B. Selecting the right type of video is important for delivering your product. Product demos, Interviews, Presentations, Case studies, Round-ups, and Testimonials are some of the types of marketing videos.

Before creating a video, you must decide where you are going to post it. You can publish them on your website or social media platforms. The impact of the videos will differ for each platform. You can edit and make it shorter or longer according to the nature of the platform and audience.

4. Video Creation:

After creating the video, you have to edit the video as per the requirement. Use online movie maker platforms like iMovie or Invideo or windows movie maker to improve the quality of the video. These platforms provide free music, templates, editing options, and many more. You can create different moods for the same video. With little skills and more understanding, you can deliver different visions with a single product. 

5. Releasing In Social Media:

As mentioned earlier, there are many social platforms to suit the taste of the different types of audiences. Based on the product and demand, videos can be released on any platform. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn have an excellent visiting rate per day.

Check out this article for more information about social media marketing.

For example, you can create a video on YouTube and share your other social platform links in the description corner. Sharing your Twitter, Facebook, and website link will increase the traffic to your web page. It will also create a good impression about your product.

6. Video Analytics:

Congrats on your first video. Your video marketing has moved to the next phase. Like a student expecting the results after exams, you must be curious to know the results. You can get the video analytics report for your video from each platform. By going through the analytics, you can understand audience requirements and regions for improvement in the video.


We must also accept that video marketing doesn’t guarantee a good return on investment unless the video quality is excellent. Modify the video according to the results and don’t delete it from the platform.

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