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Nepal Telecom is a Government-owned pioneering Telecom operator of Nepal. Nepal Telecom is mostly known by the short name NDCL or Ntc or NT or Doorsanchar (in Nepali). It has almost all telecom services, available throughout the country. It is also the one and only Landline telephone (Home phone)/PSTN service provider in the country. Nepal Telecom is in the process of migrating all copper-based phones to fiber technology. Ntc fiber now provides high speed internet, telephone and IPTV (NT TV) service with the same cable. Whereas other services to name a few are:

You can find here: All the offers in Nepal Telecom.

Their subscriber base has already crossed 20 million (2 crores) by the number of distribution lines in several services. Among these, the majority of Ntc customers are in their GSM service (2G, 3G, 4G). NTC is the first telecom company to launch 4G in the country back in 2017. Nepal Telecom offers several voice offers and data packs for its customers.

Nepal Telecom

The company's history dates back to when the first telecom service started in 1973 B.S and Mohan Akashwani established it in 2005 B.S. Then Telecommunication Department established as National Five year plan, was converted into a Telecommunication Development board for modernization and expansion. Later they changed the same as Nepal Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) in 2032 B.S. Lastly, the corporation was changed to a company called Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. or Nepal Telecom, under the company act.

Among some of the self-care processes, here is how you can transfer balance in Ntc SIM card.

The government owns a 91.5% stake in the company while others are with the public and its employees. Although the Government has decided to sell some stake (~30%) of the company to a Telecom giant as a strategic partner, there has not been significant achievement or development till date.

Recently Ntc expanded 4G coverage to all 77 districts in 98% local levels with more than 4100 towers. The company has already initiated 5G trial but its outcome is not resulting in the commercial launch any time soon.

Nepal Telecom is also providing VoLTE service and is going to launch VoWiFi service soon. Ntc has also become the first telco to provide eSIM service in Nepal.

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