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How to Transfer Balance in Ntc for Prepaid & Postpaid

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has been providing a balance transfer service to its GSM prepaid customers for some time. It is known that customers can send their mobile balance in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 500. Please find below how to transfer the balance in NTC from another Ntc SIM for prepaid and postpaid. You can also find the procedure for how to get the security code needed for the transfer.

Now subscribers can directly put the balance amount in Rupees instead of paisa (before), for example, to send Rs 10 you can directly put 10. The receiving number can be GSM prepaid or CDMA. This service will help customers who are in dire need of balance.

If you have less balance, now you can also recharge your balance online. Read Ntc recharge process >>

Ntc SIM card

How to transfer the balance in NTC?

Ntc Balance Transfer through USSD

To transfer the balance in Ntc from your other Ntc number (GSM prepaid) using the USSD code, please follow these steps.

  • First, you need to have a security code (find the update to get the security code below).
  • After having the security code, you need to dial code *422*security Code*Phone No*Rs# where Phone no means the receiving mobile number and Rs denotes the amount of money to be sent in rupees.
  • The above method works for GSM prepaid numbers whereas you can use the same process to send the balance to CDMA numbers (Sky numbers).
  • You can also send the balance from your Nepal Telecom prepaid number to Nepal Telecom Postpaid using the same process as above.

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Please note that you cannot transfer the balance from one operator to another. So, the balance transfer is from Ntc to Ntc only. This means you can not send money in Ntc from Ncell or vice-versa.

Nepal Telecom Balance Transfer using the mobile app

If you find the above method to be quite difficult (due to the security code and more), you can easily transfer the balance in Ntc using their mobile app. This balance transfer method does not require a security code, as mentioned below.

  • Go to Nepal Telecom mobile app and log in with your account. (If you do not have the Nepal Telecom mobile app, download it just now as there are more features included in the app)
  • Find the Transfer Balance tab in the middle right of the First page and click it.
  • Enter the “Recipient Phone number” and the Amount in Rs to send.
  • Press “Ok” and Ntc will send an OTP (One time password) to your mobile.
  • Enter the OTP and validate which will confirm the balance transfer to your friends or family.

Using Self-care

Balance transfer in Ntc can also be done from their website’s self-care portal. You can just visit the website, log in to your account, and then click balance transfer. Enter the recipient numbers, and balance, then you are good to go.

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Transfer from Ntc postpaid

You cannot directly transfer the balance from Ntc postpaid either to a prepaid or postpaid. But you can do the balance transfer from prepaid to postpaid in the same way mentioned above. So, you need to send data packs, and voice packs to Ntc mobile (either prepaid or postpaid) using the Ntc Gift portal.

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How to transfer the balance in Ntc from Ncell?

You cannot perform balance transfer in Ntc from Ncell or even from Ntc to Ncell. As the balance is managed by the telecom operator locally, the money/balance in their account cannot be sent to another telecom operator.

Limitations of Balance transfer

The minimum amount that can be transferred from Ntc is Rs 10, and the maximum amount to send is Rs 500. Another limitation of the balance transfer service in Ntc is you can send the amount 20 times a day only. There is no service charge in Nepal Telecom for the balance transfer. Similarly, with a balance transfer, the receiver mobile will not get any increment in the validity date.

Please remember that Ntc balance transfer is free of cost unlike Ncell and you can send an amount of Rs 10 to 200 for 10 times only per day.

Balance Transfer Problem

Sometimes you may encounter issues in transferring money to your friends or family numbers. There could be issues and probable solutions.

  • Could not get the Security code: Find below how to get the security code from SMS. Sometimes if the issue persists, you may contact the Nepal telecom center.
  • Connection problem or invalid MMI code: You may have dialed an incorrect number, please check the format of the balance transfer above.
  • Insufficient balance: You need to have a sufficient balance transfer in your number to transfer the amount you want to send.
  • Validity doesn’t increase: You need to be aware that the validity of the sim card won’t be increased with the balance transfer.
  • Didn’t get any confirmation SMS: Sometimes you may not get an SMS or get a little late for the confirmation. So, you need to check the balance in sending and receiving numbers.

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How to get the Security code in Ntc?

Ntc has resumed the process to get the security code from the message. Before, customers needed to visit the Ntc office to get the security code.

Now Customers can easily get the security code from SMS

We hope you find the easy process to get the security code for NTC numbers and also transfer the balance. Sometimes there may be an issue with the security code reply (if you get no reply or an error message).

In that condition, you may need to visit Nepal Telecom counters just once to get the security code and save it safely for all the transfers later. These days, you can get many services from the Ntc customer care center by calling them. If you have a smartphone, sending balance becomes very smooth and easy using NT mobile app (as mentioned above).

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