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Ntc Loan, Namaste Credit Service: Everything You Need to Know

How to take the Ntc loan Sapati service?

Nepal Telecom had launched the Namaste Credit service, also called Ntc Loan Sapati service in 2018. Namaste Credit service allows NTC GSM prepaid customers to make a call even when there is no balance. However, the service is available free of charge. Let’s learn below the process of how to subscribe/take the loan in Ntc SIM with a service called Namaste Credit. Similarly, find the FAQs related to the Nepal Telecom loan/credit service below.

Ntc loan launch

Minister for information and communication (MOIC) Mr. Gokul Baskota inaugurated the launching of the Namaste credit loan service, in a program in the company headquarter, Bhadrakali.

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The service was being provided by Ncell for a long time. Now the prepaid customers of Nepal Telecom can now take this loan service with a credit talk time of Rs 5 to Rs 20. Furthermore, the service will be different for each customer. But NTC will not charge any amount for providing the service.

This is like an added value for the customers. If customers do not have enough balance to make a call and the immediate recharge is not possible, this credit service comes in handy for an emergency situation.

You can take the Ntc loan as many times as you want, but it requires you to clear the old amount. The loan in Ntc differs from that of Ncell as they provide it free of cost whereas Ncell charges you some service charge. Find more information about Ncell Double Sapati Offer.

Only the loyal customer with Ntc SIM card older than 3 months will be able to use the loan service.

Features of Ntc Credit/loan service

Here are the features of the NTC credit service/loan.

  • No Call drop: If you activate the Ntc credit loan service, then your call will not drop due to no balance issue. Similarly, there will be no extra charges for the activation of the loan service.
  • The credit balance depends on the used up balance from the account.
  • The same credit will be cut from your mobile phone account in the next top-up.
  • The credit will recover partially when the top-up is less than the loan amount, but it should cross 60%.
  • Shortcode used for the Credit service is 1477.

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How to take the loan in Ntc?

To take the loan in Ntc, you need to

  • Go to your message box
  • Type Start and Send it to 1477
  • You will get an activation message if your SIM card is more than 3 months old.
How to take loan in ntc

Whereas, to get the information about the Ntc loan Sapati service, customers need to

  • send a message status to 1477

Likewise, to stop the Nepal Telecom loan Sapati service, customers need to

  • send a message stop to 1477

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Balance cut in next recharge

NTC will take back the balance provided by the credit service from your balance in the next recharge. Whereas you can use the same balance for Call, SMS, and data browsing. Ntc loan service is only valid for prepaid customers, that are active for more than 3 months.

If you want to take Sapati from your friends or family without Ntc intervention, you can simply ask him/her to send the balance to your Ntc number. Then you can repay or send that balance to him once you have recharged your phone. Find the process for how to transfer balance in NTC?

Before, we conducted a poll on our Facebook page regarding people’s inclination for the Namaste Credit service. Where it seems to be a massive hit among the customers. So, What do you think of the loan service?

FAQs related to Ntc loan

Ever since the credit service was announced, we have been getting a lot of questions regarding the Ntc loan. Meanwhile, NTC intends to provide this Namaste Credit to the customers with low or no balance at all, for the continuation of their services. So, we are here to cover all the information and queries about Namaste credit, loan service.

Ntc loan

Most people got a message for the unavailability of credit amount when they queried for the credit service. Whereas some of them tried multiple times and got the same message. After which, they queried us for the reason or also think of using the wrong activation process.

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So, here are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Ntc loan aka Namaste Credit.

1. How much loan can I get with the Ntc Credit service?

They calculate the credit amount for each customer based on their loyalty that is the usage of their network. They are providing loans from Rs 20 to Rs 5. So, the amount of credit depends upon the usage of the network, recharge frequency/amount, and the age of the SIM card

2. How to take/activate the NTC loan?

To take the Ntc loan, the subscriber needs to send an SMS “START” to 1477. This is a loyalty-based service, so please stay connected to the Nepal Telecom network for maximum benefit from this service.

3. What is the cost of the Ntc loan service?

NTC credit loan service is free that is it comes without any additional service charge. Nepal Telecom GSM and CDMA prepaid users can enjoy this service. They will recover only the credited amount from your account with the next top-up.

4. How to check the status of the NTC loan?

To check the status of the NTC credit loan service, you need to send a message STATUS.

5. How to deactivate the Namaste Credit Ntc loan service?

To deactivate Namaste Credit, you have to type STOP and send SMS to the number 1477. After this, the remaining credit will be deducted and you will get a confirmation message.

6. Can I reactivate the Ntc loan/credit service?

If you want to use the NAMASTE CREDIT facility again, you can always do so by sending a message “START”  to 1477.

7. How do I know my maximum loan credit Limit in Ntc mobile?

To check max CREDIT, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

8. How do I know my remaining loan balance in Ntc SIM?

To check the loan/credit balance, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

9. How do I know my Ntc loan credit debt which I had used?

To check the used CREDIT debt, please type STATUS and Send SMS to 1477.

10. Is Ntc loan only for GSM users?

No, Ntc loan service is available for all prepaid users of Nepal Telecom, in GSM and CDMA.

11. How can I use the credit balance in Nepal Telecom?

The credit or loan balance can be used for voice calls, SMS, and data use.

12. Can I transfer my Ntc credit balance to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer the credit balance to someone.

13. My credit balance in Ntc is different from my friend, why is that?

NTC will assess each account based on the loyalty and determine the credit limit for each of them.

14. Why I cannot get the Ntc loan service?

To get the loan service, you need to have a SIM card that is older than 3 months. That is, if you take a sim card now, you can get the loan service after 3 months of usage.

15. How to increase my credit loan limit in Ntc?

To increase the loan amount, you need to the loyalty by continuously using Nepal Telecom services and top-up regularly.

16. Can I buy data pack or voice pack or SMS pack with Ntc loan?

Yes, you can buy the data/voice/SMS pack with the Loan amount.

Don’t forget to read the latest data packages in NTC.

Tell us if you have any queries about the Ntc loan service and the process to take, in the comment below?

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