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Ntc brings Namaste Credit; a loan Sapati service

How to take the Ntc loan Sapati service?

Nepal Telecom has launched Namaste Credit service, also called as Loan Sapati service. From March 30, the Namaste Credit service is launched fully allowing NTC GSM prepaid customers to make a call even when there is no balance. The service is available free of charge. Learn below how to subscribe/take Ntc loan Sapati service called Namaste Credit.

During the soft launch of the credit service, Ntc announced the full launch to be available in a month period. Onlinekhabar recently posted a news regarding the delay in the launch of this Sapati service. After more than 1.5 months of the soft launch, the service is now available fully to the customers.

Minister for information and communication (MOIC) Mr. Gokul Baskota inaugurated the launching of the Namaste credit loan service, in a program in NTC headquarter, Bhadrakali.

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The service was being provided by Ncell for a long time. NTC prepaid customers can now take this loan service with a credit talk time of Rs 5 to Rs 20. The service will be different for each customer. NTC will not charge any amount for providing the service. This is like an added value for the customers. If customers do not have enough balance to make a call and the immediate recharge is not possible, this credit service comes handy for an emergency situation.

You can take the Ntc Sapati loan as many times as you want, but it requires you to clear the old loan. Ntc loan differs from Ncell loan service as Ntc provides it free of cost whereas Ncell charges you some service charge. Find more information of Ncell double sapati offer.

Only the loyal customer with Ntc SIM card older than 3 months will be able to use the loan service.

Features of Ntc credit/loan service

Here are the features of the NTC credit service.

  • No Call drop: If you activate the Ntc credit loan service, then your call will not drop due to no balance issue. Similarly, there will be no extra charges for the activation of the Sapati service in Ntc.
  • The credit balance depends on the used up balance from the account.
  • The same credit will be cut from your mobile phone account in the next top-up.

How to take/subscribe Ntc loan Sapati free?

NTC now enables a customer to select whether to enable the NTC loan/Sapati Credit service in their mobile. The Namaste credit service was first launched on Chaitra 16, 2074. Now they have changed this procedure as per the huge request from the customers. This process change takes place from Falgun 15, 2075. Before the credit amount ranged from Rs 5 to Rs 40 based on their recharge and usage. Now the credit amount varies from Rs 5 to Rs 20 only.

If a customer wants to again take the Sapati service, they need to

  • send a message start to 1477

To get the information about Ntc loan Sapati called Namaste Credit, customers need to

  • send a message status to 1477

To stop the Ntc loan Sapati service named Namaste Credit, customers need to

  • send a message stop to 1477

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NTC will take back the balance provided by the credit service from your balance in the next recharge. You can use the same balance for Call, SMS and data browsing. Ntc Sapati loan service is only valid for NTC prepaid customers, that are active for more than 3 months.

If you want to take Sapati from your friends or family without Ntc intervention, you can simply ask him/her to send balance to your Ntc number. Then you can repay or send that balance to him once you have recharged your phone. Find the process for how to transfer balance in Ntc?

Tell us about the Ntc loan service and have your say on the free service?

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