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Best ISP Internet Service Providers in Nepal: Comparing Speed and Offers

There is no doubt that you want the best internet service provider at an affordable price, but with the ever-growing number of ISP in Nepal, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Of course, the quality of your internet reflects your productivity, from browsing the web to streaming videos from YouTube, your internet quality affects how much you get things done. Here you will find the different technology, services for the best Internet service providers (ISP) in Nepal.

We are here to help you in selecting the best ISP Internet Service Provider in Nepal. So, we will be comparing the quality and quantity of various ISP, and you can choose according to your needs.

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First, let’s get the terms right because you may want to know the different types of internet access. The frequently used name is “Broadband”; it merely covers all of the commonly used internet access: DSL, fiber-optic, cable, 4G, and satellite except the dial-up. Since satellite internet access isn’t available in Nepal, we won’t be talking about that.

1.DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

The most Popular DSL service is the one provided by NTC: ADSL. It uses the telephone line to give the internet without disrupting the telephone service. Whereas the thing with ADSL is that they are old, and the speed you experience decreases with your distance from the ISP station. Right now, in Nepal, the only ADSL provider in Nepal Telecom (NTC), we will see how NTC is dealing with this worn-out technology. Similarly, the A in the ADSL means Asymmetric for the downlink and uplink speed, with the downlink being of higher data rate.

2. Cable 

The local cable TV provider provides this internet connection. The internet connection and TV connection use the same wire for the service. Although it is an excellent alternative to ADSL, it isn’t the best one either. Although most of the cable TV providers in Nepal use this service, fiber internet will turn it obsolete if it hasn’t already.

3. Optical Fiber (FTTH)

Finally, the fastest internet connection so far is with optical fiber. If you are not familiar with fiber-optics technology, it uses optical fiber, which is flexible, transparent with a diameter that is slightly thicker than a human hair. It is superior to ADSL or cable connection in every aspect; they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates. While the initial cost is a bit high, it is a service worth investing in for the long run. Read more posts about fiber internet FTTH.

4. Wireless/Mobile broadband

After the wired connection ones that are mainly available in the city or suburb, there is a small number of Wireless internet service providers that are based on specific areas only. The speed and reliability of such wireless internet depend on the signal received in the customer’s premises. Then there are a couple of internet options from the telecom companies, based on their 4G network. As the 4G network is expanding these days, this mobile broadband service is the future of the internet that will be ubiquitous no matter where you go.

There are tons of ISPs in Nepal right now, but we will be focusing on seven major Internet Service Providers. Now, let’s get down to business to help you find the best ISP in Nepal.

There are many reasons that WorldLink is Nepal’s largest ISP subscriber. Over the last few years, the ISP has steadily grown with fiber broadband packages and coverage. The company has the best-in-class fiber broadband packages suited to the diverse needs of its customers. Currently, you can get up to 600 Mbps internet plan from WorldLink.

Besides, you can subscribe to 150/225/300 Mbps packages for Rs.14,400/16,800/19,800 on 12 months subscription. Check out the updated Price of Worldlink Internet Packages and Offers. And they come with 1/2/3 NetTV, a digital TV for your home entertainment. But now, you also have an option of NetTV Streamz+, it’s upgraded version that brings 180 AirConsole games, 4K multimedia support, and all the popular TV channels.

Image courtesy: WorldLink

WorldLink also bundles its internet with a dual-band (Nokia 5G) router for a more consistent bandwidth performance. If you have an elite service though, you can add a WiFi Mesh router with separate nodes to get the world-class WiFi setup in your home or place of work.

Photon 600 Mbps costs 30 thousand annually. This, to be honest, is too good for a regular user. If you opt for a more compact solution, you can choose the Photon Lite series that offers a very good combination of high-speed and affordability. What distinguishes WorldLink is that new subscribers will be getting a 150 Mbps minimum package and the existing users have already seen the upgrades on their existing packages.

With the blend of high-speed packages, affordability, WiFi technologies, and efficient customer service, WorldLink remains Nepal’s most prominent Internet Service Provider.

2. Vianet

To be brutally honest we have a major difficulty in choosing our top 2nd ISP but for reasons, Vianet seems to fit the bill and we will serve you with the ‘why’. Vianet, being the pioneer for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) internet service in Nepal, provides a wide range of internet packages.


Vianet, which ushered in the fiber broadband era in Nepal offers a compact internet solution along with its digital TV. Just like its legacy competitor WorldLink, it also has launched bumped-up offers as well as upgraded existing customers’ internet plans. And recently, Vianet launched Ultra-Fi packages, as part of its dice in the ongoing internet speed war. The premium package comes with 125/175/250 Mbps offers which respectively cost  Rs.13,200/15,000/18,000 annually mated to a dual-band router. In terms of installation costs, the ISP charges only Rs.500 on monthly and 3 months subscriptions while it is cost-free on 12 months renewal. Check out Vianet Internet Offers, Speed, and Price.

Vianet also bundles ViaTV with its internet packages in which you are entitled to 1 ViaTV for 125 Mbps package, 2 for 175 Mbps package, and 3 for 250 Mbps packages. The primary ViaTV STB activation costs Rs.3000 on a monthly subscription and Rs.2,500 on 3 months plan. However, if you are paying for 12 months internet subscription, the 3 ViaTVs subscription comes free of cost.

But that is not all. If you are seeking an even cost-friendlier package for moderate internet usage, Vianet has it ready for you. The ISP has launched a Mini-pack that is an ideal combination of good speed and cost. The Mini-pack comes with a 75 Mbps plan for just Rs.9,600 per 12 months (Rs.800 per month). Besides, it also brings 48 GB of Ncell data.

3. Subisu

We have ranked Subisu 3th for its low-key presence in the most breathtaking time for the internet in Nepal but we are not being judgmental about its offering. Subisu still packs the punch with its very reliable fiber broadband internet that comes along with Clear TV. Let’s get to its packages and price.

Subisu Packages and Prices

Subisu has a basic plan of 30 Mbps that comes for Rs.1,195 per month. You can also subscribe to the 50 Mbps package which costs Rs.1,460 on monthly basis and then there is a 70 Mbps package that costs Rs.1,637 per month. In terms of the initial installation costs, Subisu has kept it uniform across all three packages. The ONU activation costs Rs.2,212, The Wire charge costs Rs.885. Meanwhile, the setup costs are waived. However, there is a marginal increase in cost if you want to augment your broadband plan with a dual-band router.

But if you want a higher-speed plan from Subisu, you have an option for a 150 Mbps package.  This premium plan comes for Rs.17,079 on 6 months subscription. Besides, it comes with 4 IPTV subscriptions. In this package, you will need to pay Rs.1,327 further for an ONU device and Rs. 2,212 for 1 STB.

The 150 Mbps package comes for an annual subscription too. Here, it will cost Rs.28,318. But this subscription won’t incur the price for the ONU device. However, you will need to pay Rs.1,769 for 1 STB. Here is the detailed information of all the services and prices of Subisu Internet and TV subscription.

Subisu’s plan is underwhelming in the height of the internet revolution. But it’s a legacy ISP in Nepal and there is no doubt it has plans to jump the speedboat soon.  

4. Nepal Telecom (Ntc)

At 4th is standing Nepal Telecom (NTC)’s broadband product NT Fiber which is a curiously amusing case. While the private ISPs are running havoc with their A1 high-speed internet plans, Nepal Telecom has chosen to stay untouched and keep along. The ISP’s confidence manifests on the back of its unique Triple Play service through which the state operator is offering fiber, telephone, and TV service. But it goes without saying that the ISP has remarkably improved its internet service since upgrading to fiber. Now, altogether the NTC has 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps internet plans for customers. Let’s talk about its packages:


NT Fiber has two different packages for broadband service – Individual Package and the Premium Package. The individual package comes with internet+1 NTTV+1 telephone service. Speed-wise, there is a 25 Mbps package which costs 1,400 per month. Likewise, the 40 Mbps package costs Rs.1,850. NT Fiber’s highest offering, the 80 Mbps package comes for Rs.2,450 per month. These packages are subject to the Fair Usage Policy.

Meanwhile, you can also opt for a Premium Package that doesn’t incur a Fair Usage Policy. In this package, the 50 Mbps plan costs Rs.5,178 per month. The 80 Mbps plan costs Rs.6,678, and the 100 Mbps plan costs 8,178. Check out the speed, offers, and price of NT Fiber Internet (FTTH).

As for installation costs, you will need to pay Rs. 500 for NT Fiber CPE without telephone and Rs.1,165 with it. Meanwhile, the router costs Rs. 2,825 and the NT TV STB costs Rs.3,800. As for fiber cable, NTC covers it for 100 meters, and for further length, it begins charging Rs.10 on each meter. All the charges above are inclusive of applicable taxes.

NTC’s Fair Usage Policy is also generous and applies per day. The telco has set a 30 GB cap per day on 25 Mbps package subscribers, 40 GB on 40 Mbps, and 60 GB on 80 Mbps package.

Despite being overrun in the speed game by affluent private ISPs, NTC has remained content. In fact, its user base has even grown remarkably following the conflict between the ISPs and NEA a few months back over the charges on the usage of utility poles, and it continues to do so giving head-on competition to the private ISP.

As you can bring home a telephone, a digital TV, and reliable fiber broadband, NT Fiber is definitely recommendable to anyone.

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5. Classic Tech

This shouldn’t surprise you that we positioned Classic Tech in this position. Given how the ISP is growing its coverage and customer base and accentuating Nepal’s internet market. The Kathmandu-based ISP has taken the internet speed war to the next phase by launching a Tachyon 1000 Mbps internet (1 Gbps). It is not just the country’s first-ever, but also a world-class feat on its own. Besides, it is introducing a Tri-band router for the first time in Nepal. Now let’s talk about its packages and cost.

Classic Tech has an exceptionally diverse range of internet packages for moderate to high bandwidth seekers. There is a starter 150 Mbps plan that comes for Rs.1,119 with one Prabhu TV per month. Then there is a 225 Mbps package for Rs.1,399 with 2 IPTVs. For high bandwidth consumers, there are 325 Mbps and 625 Mbps packages that come for Rs.1,649 and Rs.24,99 that come with 2 and 3 IPTVs respectively. But the real show steal is the milestone 1,000 Mbps plan which costs 3,994 per month.

Classic tech internet offers
Image courtesy: Classic Tech

In terms of installation costs, Classic Tech does it for free for first-time setup. But you will need to pay Rs.500 for FTTH cable and Rs.2,000 for Dual-band ONU on 3 months subscription and Rs. 2,500 for monthly set up. A further Rs.500 goes into the deposit for the ONU. As for the Prabhu TV, you will be required to pay Rs. 2,000 for STB activation on 12, and 3 months subscription and Rs. 3,000 on a 1-month subscription basis.

Classic Tech’s values lie in its diverse range of packages and its minimum bandwidth speed of 150 Mbps. The more amazing fact is its stakes have tremendously grown in the past few months with its bold strategy to venture into the internet speed war. Its coverage around 74 districts of Nepal has also helped it stage eye-popping Tachyon products.

6. Dish Home

DTH/ISP Dish Home is relatively a fresh company for broadband service. However, it has been able to gather a healthy customer base in just two years since starting the service in 2020. In terms of packages, Dish Home is very aggressive with its convenient offering. The company has altogether 6 packages. Let’s find their detail below.

DishHome fiber net

Dish Home Fibernet’s basic plan is a 25 Mbps plan that comes for Rs.1,100 a month. The 30 Mbps plan comes for Rs.1,250, and the 40 Mbps plan comes for 1,500.

Similarly, in the mid-tier, it has 60 Mbps and 80 Mbps packages that cost Rs.1,750 and Rs.2,000 respectively. Dish Home’s flagship 100 Mbps package comes for Rs.2,200 a month. With Dish Home’s FiberNet, you will also get access to its 62 HD, and 138 SD TV channels from the country’s leading DTH.

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7. CG Net

The list won’t be complete without the inclusion of CG Net. The harbinger of the internet speed war has turned Nepal’s internet market upside down for good. From regular 2 digit broadband plans to 3 digits, to 1 Gbps, all took place in the subsequent months after its launch of 120 Mbps internet. Let’s get to its packages now.

CG Telecom CG net fiber

CG Net offers its broadband service in two packages – 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps. The 120 Mbps packages cost Rs.999 per month.  It costs 2,997 on 3 months subscription, Rs.5,994 on 6, and 11,998 on 12 months subscription. Likewise, its 50 Mbps plan comes for Rs.649 only a month. This costs Rs.1,947 on 3 months subscription, Rs.3,894 on 6 months, and 7,788 on an annual plan.

As for the initial setup costs, the installation and drop wire charges are free.  But you will need to pay for a dual-band router which costs Rs.3500/3000/2500 on a 1/3/6 months subscription. It is free if you subscribe to a 12 monthly plan. Additionally, you will bear Rs.500 for the router which is refundable upon its return.

CG Net’s only shortcoming had been its lack of a digital TV solution but the wait is now over. The ISP has launched its IPTV in collaboration with Airtel. Dubbed Airtel IQ Video, it now completes CG Net’s fiber broadband packages among its rivals. The ISP has nearly achieved blanket coverage in the valley and set up infrastructure beyond to spread.

There is little doubt that once CG Net taps into more cities, it will stir the internet consumers with an impact.

4G broadband by Telcos

Internet services have been expanding to more places in the country but the private ISPs are yet to reach the remote parts where the fiber and other infrastructures are difficult to install due to the difficult terrain and weather. In such areas, Wireless/Mobile broadband is the only viable option.

Considering this, Nepal Telecom and Ncell have also been working on providing internet service in those areas with a 4G CPE-based broadband option. Ncell calls it a home net Wirefree+ internet service which costs Rs 500 to Rs 900 for 25 GB data to 60GB data, idle for single connection at such places. Likewise, you can get free CPE and more offers in the home internet service from Ncell.

Nepal Telecom has a similar service called 4G Wireless Home broadband service which has two packages of 60GB and 120GB that costs Rs 900, and Rs 1200 respectively. In this service, you need to buy the CPE from the market and the special sim is available at the NTC office. As Ntc additionally provides a 4G network in a lower band (800 MHz), its 4G coverage and speed are quite good in the remote areas, but you need to make sure your device works with band 20 4G.

Best Internet Service Providers in Nepal 2022

So, there you have the latest update on the best internet service providers (ISP) of Nepal.

S.NBest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Nepal
4Nepal Telecom (NTC)
5Classic Tech
6Dish Home
7CG Net

Having written all of those, we believe you have found the best ISP, Internet Service provider for your requirement in Nepal.

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