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Classic Tech Internet Packages, Offers, And Price

Classic Tech is a leading Internet Service Provider in Nepal. Since its launch in 2009, it has steadily risen earning trust and support on the back of its varied range of packages and offers. Despite stiff competition from existing ISPs, Classic Tech has earned a massive customer base in the last 12 years, becoming one of the go-to ISPs in the country.

Like other ISPs, Classic Tech has a broad range of internet packages to meet the demands of customers with varying bandwidth needs. It currently provides affordable internet solutions bundled with its Prabhu TV in three different packages namely: Home Package, Office/SoHo Package, and Corporate plans.

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Classic Tech: Toofan Offer

Before we move on to its regular packages, let’s first talk about Classic Tech’s mammoth Toofan Offer. This flagship offering brings an incredible 100Mbps offer to those with very high bandwidth requirements. If you want to stream gaming sessions, stream 4K or even 8K videos with ease, hold large meeting sessions, or have a largely residential area with lots of users, then this package is suitable for you.

There are three packages available under this scheme. Check them below.

Toofan Offer: 100Mbps

Do you love downloading HD movies, or torrenting multiple large files, or work online? If you do, this package perfectly meets your demands. With a mindboggling 100Mbps fiber internet, it delivers to you an unprecedented internet service. Whether you download a super large file or play a 4K video, everything runs like a breeze.

100 Mbps12 Months
Package PriceRs. 21,596
Classic Prabhu TVFREE
Toofan offer: 100Mbps

The plan comes for Rs. 21,596 on an annual subscription and that is the only renewal option. But it also brings a Prabhu TV to your household for free. For internet service though, Classic Tech charges you Rs.500 for an ONU device.

Toofan Offer: 80Mbps

Slightly lesser, but highly efficienty 80Mbps connection delivers everything that you need on the internet. Be it streaming, gaming, downloading or sharing with multipole devices, 80Mbps guarantees a brilliant round the clock internet solution for you and your family.

80 Mbps12 Months
Package PriceRs. 17,396
Classic Prabhu TVFREE
Toofan: 80Mbps

The subsciption also has 12 months renewal policy which costs you Rs.17,396. The next charge is for ONU costing you again Rs.500. The package lets you set up a Prabhu TV for free of cost for Twelve months as well.

Toofan Offer: 50Mbps

If you love streaming sports, or stay online with internet browsing and download occasional large files, this package fits both your internet demands as well as your bill. Once you pay Rs.14,994 for a 12 months subscription, you could enjoy a grand internet experience round the clock until your next renewal.

50 Mbps12 Months
Package PriceRs. 14,994
Classic Prabhu TVFREE
Toofan: 50Mbps

Upon installation, you will require only one additional charge on the ONU device which costs Rs.500. Like other packages, the 50Mbps plan also brings home Prabhu TV with over 150 channels in HD and SD

Toofan Offer: One-Time set Up Charge

For all types of packages under Toofan Offer, Classic Tech has tried to be as affordable as it could. It doesn’t charge customers on router, and Fiber cable. The subscribers will have to pay only Rs.500 for an ONU device deposit. Additinally, The offer also brings Prabhu TV home free for the entire 12 months.

Internet12 Months
Wi-Fi Fiber Router (Rental)Rs. 0
FTTH CableRs. 0
ONU DepositRs. 500
One time set up charge for Toofan offer

If you are one of those internet freaks who constantly download large files, or have large members for the internet, or if you utilize the internet for your business or other entrepreneurship skills, the Toofan Offer is rightly made for you.

Now, we will move on to Classic Tech’s regular internet packages. Find all of the available packages and their prices below.

Home Package

Classic Tech’s Home Package is for residential users whose internet demands are normal and limited to social media and occasional large file downloads. The package does come with sub-categories too for households with large family members and bandwidth needs. Let’s explore them in detail below:

Home Package: Classic-Plus-30Mbps

30Mbps12 Months6 months3 months1 month
Package PriceRs. 10,500Rs. 5,670Rs. 3,150Rs. 1,550

The 30Mbps package costs Rs. 1,550 per month while you also have the options for a 3, 6, and 12 months subscription. Its 12 months relief would get you Rs. 10,500 lighter. But do remember the package also bundles with Classic Tech’s digital solution Classic Prabhu TV it costs not a penny on renewals.

One-Time Installation Charge

Setting up Classic Tech’s 30Mbps Home Package is not very costly. If you are paying for monthly and 3 months, or 6 months renewal, you will only have to spend Rs. 1000 on its router, for FTTH Rs. 500 and for ONU anohter Rs. 500 amounting to Rs. 2000. However, if you pay for 6 or 12 months, then you will be entitled to some concession which you can see in the table below.

Internet12 Months6 Months3 Months1 Month
Wi-Fi Fiber Router (Rental)Rs. 0Rs. 500Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000
FTTH CableRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 500Rs. 500
ONU DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
One-time set up charge on 30Mbps package

Home Package: Classic-Plus-40Mbps

The 40Mbps package is for those who stay online most of the time. It serves well for Facebook browsing, YouTube, and the download of large files. For a monthly subscription, you would have to pay Rs.1,850. But, you can pay Rs.12,247 once and stay online for the entire 12 months.

40 Mbps12 Months6 Months3 Months1 Month
Package PriceRs. 12,247Rs. 6,300Rs. 3,814Rs. 1,850
Classic Prabhu TVFreeFreeFreeFree

One-Time Installation Charge

Similar to the 30Mbps package, the 40Mbps connection will cost you an additional Rs.1000 on Router, Rs.500 on FTTH cable, and another Rs.500 for the ONU device. On 6 and 12 months renewal plans, there are some concessions. You can find more detail below in the table.

Internet12 Months6 Months3 Months1 Month
Wi-Fi Fiber Router (Rental)Rs. 0Rs. 500Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000
FTTH CableRs. 0Rs. 0Rs. 500Rs. 500
ONU DepositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
One-time charge for 40Mbps package

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Home Package: Dhamakedar 20Mbps

Classic Tech’s Dhamekadar offer is another entry to its Home Package. This recent offering came in response to WorldLink’s popular Tahalka plan. Dhamekdar plan is a value-for-money offer that also comes bundled with a TV set up taking over 150 HD and SD channels to your home.

20 Mbps12 Months
Package Price Dhamakedar PlanRs. 9,588
Classic Prabhu TVFREE
Classic Tech’s Dhamakedar Offer

The only quibble is that the comes for only 12 months subscription. To claim the affordable Dhamakedar offer, you can pay Rs. 9,588 (excl. VAT) Check the below table for the cost of TV set up on the same plan.

Classic Prabhu TV12 Months
STB Activation (Primary)Rs. 1,500
STB DepositRs. 500
Prabhu TV set up cost under Dhamakedar Plan

This offer targets small families whose bandwidth requirements are low and prefer an internet plan with a minimal cost. However, subscribers can also upgrade to any regular Package later.

Office Vantage/SoHo Plan

Classic Tech’s Office or SoHo Plan benefits “start-ups initiated by enthusiastic future leaders who have turned their home into offices”. Realizing the demands of young business individuals, the plans bring high-speed and consistent internet service at cost-effective price ranges.

Office Package (25Mbps)

The lighter version of the office package comes for Rs.2712 on monthly basis. But only other packages, you can see six months and 12 months packages where one additional month’s service is added for free to motivate the young professionals.

Classic 25 Mbps Internet1 Month3 Months6 + 1 Months12 + 1 Months
Package PriceRs 2,712Rs 7,797Rs 14,916Rs 28,476
Classic Prabhu TVFreeFreeFreeFree
Office Package 25Mbps with Prabhu TV

For one-time installation, you will be charged as per the renewal period. If you are subscribing to a monthly basis Office Plan, you will have to fork out Rs.2,500 for a fiber Router. This gets lower with longer period plans. If you are paying for 13 months package, you can claim the affordable plan with just Rs.1,500 on the router. Similarly, FTTH cable and ONU deposit will cost you a combined Rs.1,000.

Internet1 Month3 Months6 + 1 Months12 + 1 Months
Wi-Fi Fiber Router (Rental)Rs 2500Rs 1500Rs 1500Rs 1500
FTTH CableRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
ONU DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 500
One-time cost for 25Mbps plan

SoHo Plan (35Mbps)

The higher bandwidth package of 35Mbps is Classic Tech’s offer for entrepreneurs whose workspace is solely internet. The package is basically aimed to boost the working efficiency of content creators, web designers, and data analysts who need a seamless internet connection round the clock which is fast as well as reliable.

35 Mbps1 Month3 Months6 + 1 Months12 + 2 Months
Package PriceRs. 3842Rs. 11187Rs. 21696Rs. 39324
Classic Prabhu TVFreeFreeFreeFree
Classic Tech SoHo Plan

With the increase in bandwidth, there is also an increase in the cost. You can claim your 35Mbps SoHo package for Rs.3,842. Upon 12 months subscription, you can claim a 2 months reward free. The 12+2 months subscription will cost you Rs.39,324.

To set up this elite package you will need to cough up Rs.2,500 for WiFi router. You can tone down the price a bit by paying for three months for Rs.1500 while 6 months and 12 months subscriptions will cost you Rs. 1500 on the router.

Internet1 Month3 Months6 + 1 Months12 + 2 Months
Wi-Fi Fiber Router (Rental)Rs 2500Rs 1500Rs 1500Rs 1500
FTTH CableRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500
ONU DepositRs 500Rs 500Rs 500Rs 500

Besides, FTTH Cable will cost Rs.500 on all plans and ONU will cost you Rs.500.

SoHo plan is ideal for entrepreneurs whose work mainly takes place online. The 35Mbps connection serves them aptly with a very high-speed connection with guaranteed consistency.

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Classic Tech’s Corporate Plan

Classic Tech’s Corporate Plan is a dedicated service to large business houses that require an uncompromising bandwidth performance. The plan is for those large-scale businesses who want high scale bandwidth as well as consistency.

This flagship internet solution comprises of the following characteristics:

  • Static IP with Public IP block range (if required) via L3 network.
  • Secondary link for redundancy with automatic failover.
  • Server hosting ability.
  • Customized bandwidth provisioning.
  • Well managed services.
  • Prompt response and customized Service-Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Customized QoS to manage critical applications.
  • Symmetric upload and download.

Classic Tech’s Corporate Plan subscription can be processed online at this link.

To ensure the best-in-class fiber connections, Classic Tech offers Dark Core fiber. This technology offers a secure and cost-effective service that serves enterprises to maintain control of their network with almost unlimited bandwidth round the clock.

Classic Tech’s Data Center Solution

Under Corporate Plan, Classic Tech also provides Data Centre solutions including physical server Co-location services and Dedicated servers on leaser. Companies can sign up for the data center solution for 24/7 uninterrupted storage of their data. Some of the characteristics of the Data Center are as follows:

  1. Server Hosting and Leasing
  2. Hosting Solutions
  3. Cloud Services
  4. Physical Server Co-location

MPLS Intranet

Among many high-profile services, Classic Tech’s Intranet service is one. The ISP has established a native Intranet network over Virtual Private LAN Service with a Multi-protocol Level Switching platform.

Classic Tech guarantees its subscribers traffic up to 100Mbps via a secured network. Check out Classic Tech’s Intranet features.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Secure and private MPLS VPN
  • Multiple routing protocols supported
  • Robust online network management portal
  • 24 X 7 X 365 customer support

Classic Tech: Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy is a strategic measure by ISPs in Nepal to restrict users on unlimited plans from hogging the network bandwidth. By preventing excessive use of its bandwidth, FUP helps the companies provide a smooth and uniform internet experience to its customers over its shared network.
Classic Tech implements its FUP in three tiers, just like other major ISPs in Nepal. It has the three-tier status: YELLOW Zone, RED Zone, and BLACK Zone.

Three-Tier Zones

Classic Tech tags a user to its corresponding ‘zone’ when a user exceeds the monthly data threshold. This will trigger the speed throttle and reduce their bandwidth performance.

  • YELLOW Zone: When this zone comes into effect, the users’ bandwidth speed will come down to 12Mbps. Classic Tech will inform them via SMS/Email/Notification in the mobile app so that they could lessen their internet abuse.
  • RED Zone: If the user exceeds bandwidth consumption further, the RED Zone strikes and the bandwidth spirals down to 6Mbps. They get notifications through SMS/Email/Notification.
  • BLACK Zone: If the user ignores the warning keeps on abusing the bandwidth, the bandwidth’s speed will be throttled to 3Mbps.

Classic Tech resets its FUP every monthly billing cycle and it restores back to normal. It is always best that we do not abuse your bandwidth consumption so as to help every gain a better internet service on the network.

So there it was. We compiled the list of all Classic Tech’s avaialble internet packages from Basic, SoHo, To Corporate. Depending on the size of your family, or purpose of use, bandwidth demands and affordability, choose your package wisely and stay away from FUP’s strike.

ISP Market Going Through A Phase

Internet service is now evolving in Nepal. The large ISPs have had a great run for years but new key companies are coming with unprecedented offers to draw attention away from traditional giants. Chaudhary Group recently debuted with CG Net’s 120Mbps residential package followed by DishHome’s record-setting 200Mbps FTTH plan. In this, every existing ISPs are under immense pressure to mount an apt response to hook their customer base.

Classic Tech has been one of the traditional top ISPs in Nepal with affordable packages along with NTC’s FTTH solution. However, in the times are not ideal for it as well as others in the face of competitions from fresh companies. Let’s see how everything unfolds in the coming days.

If you have any queries regarding Classic Tech’s packages or reservations about the ISPs’ current situation, let us know in the comments section below.

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