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Classic Tech Launches Tachyon 1 Gbps Internet Plan

Classic Tech has launched the record-breaking 1 Gbps internet plan. Dubbed Tachyon, the offer brings various internet plans at affordable costs in a Mesh/5 GHz router setup.

Bipin Karki, a prominent actor announced the launch of the ISP’s 1 Gbps internet plan via a Facebook live stream today (January 12). The company’s 1 Gbps mark is Nepal’s highest internet speed to date and will elevate the ISP in the ongoing internet speed war.

The company says it wants to bring its high-speed internet to every urban and rural setting in Nepal at an affordable cost. The trendsetting flagship package will meet the increased bandwidth demands of the fastly evolving digital era in Nepal.

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Classic Tech’s 1 Gbps Internet Costs

Dubbed Tachyam 1 Gbps, the country’s greatest ever fiber broadband plan comes in a diverse range of packages. Under this scheme, customers can subscribe to anyone from 150 Mbps, 225 Mbps, 325 Mbps, 625 Mbps, and the premium 1000 Mbps plan.

Classic Tech has set a reasonable charge on its Taychon packages. Depending on their internet usage, the customers can subscribe to their packages to their choice.

The starter package 150 Mbps comes for Rs.1,199 a month and also brings with it one IPTV subscription for free. The moderate 225 Mbps and 325 Mbps packages come for Rs.1.399 and Rs.1,649 respectively with 2 IPTVs for each.

150 Mbps225 Mbps325 Mbps625 Mbps1 Gbps
5G WiFi/Mesh System5G WiFi/Mesh System5G WiFi/Mesh System5G WiFi/Mesh System5G WiFi/Mesh System
Classic Tech’s Tachyon packages

Meanwhile, the high-end 625 Mbps plan is set for Rs.3,999 per month which gets 3 IPTVs services. The flagship 1 Gbps plan is set for Rs3,999 a month with 3 IPTVs coming with it.

The Tachyon packages come with 5 GHz and Mesh routers which improve WiFi performance. The 5GHz routers run on higher frequencies and thus incur fewer interruptions in their data transmission. Besides, they also support higher bandwidth tolerance. Meanwhile, the Mesh system works on a combination of various nodes placed at different spots at home or a large area where each node transmits the data coming from the main router.

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For anyone with high internet demands with low latency and uncompromising broadband performance, Classic Tech’s Tachyon package is the most ideal option that brings both speed and performance capacity.

Classic Tech Tachyon Offer Highlights

The  1 Gbps is a perfect solution to the current demands of the internet. With the internet contents going HD, streaming, and gaming becoming popular, ultra-high-speed broadband is the only option for the customers. Classic Tech’s 1 Gbps internet is the most befitting package that will meet every user’s demands on their devices from file downloads to streaming or gaming.  

Along with the Tachyam package, Classic Tech is bringing many appealing highlights for its customers. Find them all below:

  • The existing users’ internet plan will inflate by 650% percent for free
  • Tachyam subscribers will get an IPTV subscription for free
  • The ISP has included a time-back system in this package. This means the users will be compensated with more days of service in case the service faces disruptions.

The ISP says that the customers will get the 1 Gbps internet plan for an affordable cost.

Indeed, the 1 Gbps offer is a bold statement by Classic Tech that can undermine every other internet package thrown by competing ISP so far. The internet speed war is in full swing. many ISPs have offered their best to stay ahead in the race. But Classic Tech’s 1 Gbps internet plan will set a new precedent in Nepal.

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For more information contact @9801004477 or you can also visit here to learn more and subscribe.

What do you make up of Classic Tech’s internet juggernaut 1 Gbps broadband plan? In the ongoing speed/price war among the ISPs, do you think the number game is becoming irrelevant compared to the services they offer? Do offer your valuable opinions in our comments section below.

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