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Ntc Customer Care Center For Complain And Information Query

NTC (Nepal Telecom) starts a new customer care center with new management and procedure. Although the old system was there for some years, they started a new complaint and inquiry system. All the Ntc customer complain and information centers will now operate with the new system. So, here is the information on how to contact NTC in case of any problems or issues.

A lot of people still complain to Ntc for their inefficient customer center and the absence of a proper process to contact them and resolve the problem/issues. Some of the people still do not believe there is such a contact number in Ntc to lodge their complaints and ask for a solution. But there are some numbers where you can make a call to inquire about a problem, ask questions, or solve your problems.

Nowadays almost all of the issues could be solved by making a call to the customer center. But there are still some issues where you need to visit the Ntc office to have it resolved to your satisfaction.

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After the upgrade in the customer care system, it will help to increase the credibility of Ntc services in the people. This customer care center also helps the company to be near to the people in delivering their needs. As known the new system uses new, advanced technologies that shall help Ntc to satisfy customers and increase revenue.

This customer care system addresses customer queries, complains promptly, and increases the company’s belief in the people.

NTC was already having queries and customer care units from different portals or helpline numbers. But now all those systems will integrate with the new one.

Nepal Telecom

Ntc queries and customer care helpline numbers

These are the helpline numbers through which you can contact Ntc for the information and different problems of Ntc services. You need to dial these customer care numbers to find Ntc information or complain about Ntc services. Find the Nepal Telecom contact number for several services info and queries.

  1. 197: Ntc Information querying system number with telephone number inquiry.
  2. 198: Ntc Wireline (PSTN/landline, ADSL, FTTH, and leased line) service customer care number using IVR.
  3. 1498: Ntc customer care number for GSM and CDMA mobile services.
  4. 188: Ntc VOIP complain

The calls made to these numbers will be free of cost for all Ntc subscribers. With the new integrated customer care system, we can expect them to be well managed and well prepared to address customer queries, complaints, and needs.

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Apart from the above calling method, customers can also interact with Ntc for their queries and complaints from Ntc Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter. The customer care/complaint handling from these kinds of media has also increased recently where the operator can make the customer content with both-way communication.

Major problems

As we find most of the people have issues with ADSL internet, Mobile balance, and data pack, we would like to summarize the problem and suggest read further.

Customer center advancement

NTC has now started the new complaint system using telephone calls only. Soon, they are going to provide services using SMS, email, and webchat medium.

Before we envisioned the future of the customer care center for the telecom industry to be Chatbots. Chatbots provide automatic replies and problem resolution using some platforms. NTC has already implemented a chatbot in their website and social media accounts for more efficiency and availability.

The integrated customer complaint service with telephone numbers, email, chatbots, social media networks can definitely enhance the customer support experience.

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Tell us what do you think of the new NTC customer care/complain system or inquiry system? If you have any complaints or queries, please feel free to use the Ntc customer center and helpline numbers.

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