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NTC Steers Ahead of Ncell on 4G, Adds 8 Lakh Users in a Month

NTC has steered further ahead of Ncell in the 4G subscriber race meanwhile, Smart Cell’s awful run continues. Find all in detail from the latest NTA report below.

The state-backed operator NTC has had another exceptional month with the 4G subscription growth. The operator added an incredible 8 lakh, 51 thousand, 3 hundred, and 65 new 4G (8,51,365) users in a month between Ashoj and Kartik. This has totaled its 4G user base to a solid 74 lakh, 85 thousand, 4 hundred, and 30 (74,85,430), just short of 7.5 million.

Smart Cell153,7451,67,09613,351↓
4G growth comparison among 3 operators

Meanwhile, Ncell didn’t share the same exciting month in terms of its 4G growth. The private operator added a dismal 88 thousand, 7 hundred and 64 new users (88,764) on its fourth-generation network. Now, the Axiata owned telco serves its 4G broadband over lakh, 48 thousand, 2 hundred and 44 (61,48,244) users.

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Smart Cell Loses Ground on 4G

Smart Cell, Nepal’s third-largest operator has had another awful month for its 4G service. Having already lost almost 10 thousand 4G subscribers the previous month, the private telco has further lost another 13 thousand, 3 hundred, and 51 (13,351) customers on its fourth-generation network.

As per NTA, Smart Cell is serving a total of 1 lakh, 53 thousand, 7 hundred, and 45 (153,745) subscribers.

Meanwhile, the total 4G users in Nepal has reached 1 crore, 37 lakh, 87 thousand, 4 hundred, and 19 (13,787,419). The telcos added 9 lakh, 27 thousand, 2 hundred, and 78 (927278) new 4G uses between the Ashoj and Kartik.

The total 4G users 1 crore, 28 lakh, 60 thousand, 1 hundred and 41 (1,28,60,141)  till Ashoj as per NTA.

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NTC The 4G Leader

NTC has leapfrogged its competing operators by large. Comparing the numbers, the state telco leads Ncell by a whopping 13 lakh, 37 thousand, 1 hundred, and 89 4G customers. Although, the toe-to-toe competitors for mobile services in the country, NTC has enviously raised its 4G user base over the past few months.

Against Smart Cell, NTC maintains an unparalleled difference that is beyond comparison, to say the least. NTC leads Smart Cell in 4G by over 7.3 million.

TelcoTotal 4G UsersDifference against NTC
Smart Cell153,7457,331,685
NTC against other operators

The ruthless expansion, data packs, and the launch of VoLTE have contributed to its 4G lead over other operators. And as we move by months, it’s likely that NTC maintains its lead as the new user base narrows, and the state telco has taken its 4G coverage further.

NTC is also preparing the launch of the 5G trial which gives it an advantage in the mobile services over others.

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NTC is establishing itself as the 4G leader in Nepal by keeping Ncell and Smart Cell at bay. But are you satisfied with your 4G broadband performance? Or which is your choice when it comes to cellular internet? Do leave your opinions in the comments below.

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