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4G Users in Nepal Crosses 1.7 Crores, Ntc Reigns Tall

The total number of 4G users in Nepal has surpassed 1.7 crores. This has also extended Nepal’s total mobile broadband penetration to 98.46 percent, NTA’s latest report shows.

Nepal’s 4G broadband sphere continues to be dominated by two telcos – Ntc and Ncell, and it’s the former that has made far-reaching strides in recent months leapfrogging the privately-owned telco.

The MIS figure shows that Nepal has 1 crore, 71 lakh, 3 thousand, 4 hundred, and 41 users. Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell share the numbers among them. More in detail below.

Ntc has almost 39 lakh more users

The report shows the government-owned Nepal Telecom (Ntc) leading the 4G market by a mile. The telco has reached 1 crore, 4 lakh, 21 thousand, 9 hundred, and 76 users. Nepal Telecom expanded its 4G coverage nationwide and enjoyed a surreal rise in subscribers relished another increase of 5 lakh+ users in a single month. As per the report, Ntc leads Ncell by 38 lakh, 99 thousand, 9 hundred, and 57 users.

The regulator publishes its report slightly late in terms of the month. Meanwhile, Ntc has already celebrated reaching 1 crore 4G users. The company occupies a 60.9 percent 4G broadband market share in Nepal.

4G operatorsSubscribersMarket Share (%)
Nepal Telecom (Ntc)10,421,976  60.93
Ncell6,522,019  38.13
Smart Cell159,446  0.93

Meanwhile, Ncell, the Axiata-owned private operator’s figure has slightly decreased to 65 lakh, 22 thousand, and 19 users on its 4G network. The telco lost around 62 thousand users on the network coming from Falgun to Chaitra. The company, though trailing behind its arch-competitor Ntc, still occupies over 38 percent 4G market share.

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Smart Cell’s fate as an operator is in limbo for failing to fulfill its payment commitment. However, it continues its 4G service and has a base of 1 lakh, 59 thousand, 4 hundred, and 46 across the country. The telco holds a dismal below 1 percent 4G market share.

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4G users in Nepal are soaring

Nepal’s 4G broadband connectivity is accelerating thanks to the government’s encouragement and the telcos’ push. However, as the fourth-generation broadband nears full coverage, 5G hype has started in Nepal. As per reliable sources, Ntc is likely to start 5G trials this year. It is likely, that when 5G begins, 4G will gradually fall out of favor but it will take years. But the legacy networks like 2G and 3G will likely be discontinued as newer networks and associated technologies proliferate.

For now, 4G is still the sought-after network. It provides potent speed to meet most users’ browsing needs while it is also helping bridge the digital gap in rural areas. So, before 5G makes any significant impact, 4G will stay and rule Nepal’s mobile broadband domain.

What is the state of 4G in your area? Do you receive a satisfying connection on your devices? Do let us know in the comments below.

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