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Sharp Rise In 4G Users Of Nepal | Reaches Almost 1 Crore

The recent data by Nepal Telecommunication Authority shows a sharp rise in 4G users of Nepal across the country, which has nearly reached 1 crore. Ncell and Nepal Telecom both have set higher records in terms of their 4G users in comparison to their previous year’s records. The number of 4G users of both the companies has now come pretty close.

According to the latest MIS reports released by Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the number of 4G users of Ncell crossed fifty lakhs (5 million). In precise terms, the number of 4G subscribers of Ncell was 50 lakhs 42 thousand 9 hundred and 89 in Ashad 2078.

Huge rise in Nepal Telecom 4G users

Similarly, a sudden and huge rise in the number of 4G subscribers of Nepal Telecom was seen as per the records. The exact number was recorded as 47 lakhs 42 thousand, and 375 in Ashad 2078. The number of Ntc 4G users in Ashad 2077 was 8 lakhs 43 thousand 9 hundred and 69. This means that within a year Nepal Telecom added more than 39 lakh users to its 4G subscription.

NTA has confirmed this data in the latest MIS (Management Information System) report. The data shows that Nepal Telecom has experienced a huge acceleration in the number of 4G users. The reason behind this is the expansion of the 4G coverage by the company through all the places in the country in a slow and steady way. It indeed showed great results as the number of its 4G users increased on a large scale. However, its number of 4G users is quite less in comparison to its fellow competitor Ncell on the other hand.

Likewise, the 4G subscribers of Smart Telecom were recorded to be one lakh sixty-six thousand seven hundred forty-six in exact numbers. This number is lesser in comparison to the year 2077 when its total 4G users were 2 lakhs, 3 thousand, 1 hundred, and 48. So, a slight decrease in the data has been observed in the case of Smart Telecom.

Thus, the total number of people who have subscribed to 4G in all of the three telcos is noted to be ninety lakhs nine hundred fifty-four thousand, one hundred and nineteen. While rounding off the values, the total number comes to be almost one crore.

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Telecom Operators4G users in Ashad 20774G users in Ashad 2078
Nepal Telecom8,43,96947,44,375
Smart Telecom2,03,1481,66,746
Growth of the 4G subscribers in the respective one-year interval

Although the broadband penetration has crossed the 100% mark, the mobile broadband penetration remains at 76%. Similarly, the fixed broadband penetration is very low at 25.66%. In the fiscal year 2077/78, Nepal Telecom had become successful to reach a market share of 52.47%. Similarly, that of Ncell is 41.57% and that of Smart Telecom is 5.95%.

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What do you think about the increasing number of 4G users in the country? Are you also among one of the Ntc, Ncell, or Smart Cell’s 4G subscribers? Let us know your thoughts in our comments below.

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