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Top 9 Features of VoLTE Service: Instant Call Setup, Same Tariff

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has launched the Volte service for the first time in Nepal. Recently Ncell has also started the VoLTE service. As a matter of fact, this is quite a revolution in Nepal for having the best quality calls from your 4G smartphone. Not to forget the video calls (without using data), instant call setup, and many other features that come along with the Ntc VoLTE service, let’s find the top nine features of VoLTE below.

You can find all the detailed information about Ntc Volte and how to activate it on your Ntc SIM card. Currently, it is operational with select smartphones of Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, etc. For iPhone, the Volte works on some models but it is known to have some issues.

The Telecom operators are working with more and more smartphone manufacturers, to widen the VoLTE support for more smartphones.

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Nepal Telecom Ntc VoLTE

Now that we have the Volte service here in Nepal, let’s discuss the best features of the Voice over LTE service.

Available over Whole 4G Network

Nepal Telecom and Ncell have now upgraded their network to support VoLTE all over their 4G coverage area. That means you can access VoLTE service in the whole 4G network of Nepal Telecom, Ncell. VoLTE service is available in both band 3 and band 20 of the NTC 4G network and we expect the same in the case of Ncell’s both 4G bands. And it works regardless of the country that is built in. That means Indian-built smartphone or Indian variants also supports VoLTE.

Calls over 4G

Before, when you are on the 4G network, voice calls made from your phone used to fall back to either 3G or 2G. But with Volte, your phone need not fall back, else it can deliver voice from the 4G network itself.

Ncell Volte

High Definition Calls

With VoLTE, you can make almost noise-free calls with High definition (HD) quality and a life-like experience. You can easily distinguish the call quality of 4G Volte calls if you compare that to traditional 2G, and 3G calls. The rich quality will definitely prompt you to prefer VoLTE over 2G, 3G or OTT calls.

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Fast call setup

The call setup time in 2G, and 3G is quite slow, sometimes making you hang up the phone due to long waiting for the response. But with Volte, you can have an instant call setup, that enhances your experience for the calling.

Call continuity to 2G, 3G

As you may move from the 4G area (with Volte) to a poor or no 4G coverage area, your call will be handed over to 2G, or 3G seamlessly, without call drop. This feature is called SRVCC (Single Radio Voice call continuity). So, this assures continuous calls even if you go out of the 4G footprint.

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Simultaneous Call and high-speed data:

With the activation of Volte, you can make calls using Volte and high-speed data over the 4G network at the same time. You will not have speed degradation along with the HD quality calls. But on fallback or calls over 3G, your data speed deteriorates sharply.

Video calls

Apart from the HD calls, Carrier-based video calls will also come along which works without the requirement of putting your data on. This service is also popularly called ViLTE (Video over LTE). It also enables switching between call and video just like in OTT apps Messenger, Viber, etc. A great feature indeed!!!

video calls

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Same tariff

Although the telco might have invested a huge sum for the IMS technology and platform, the telcos are providing the VoLTE call at the same rate. That means enhanced call quality at the same tariff is definitely worthy. Further, you can utilize all the existing voice packages for Volte calls. You can find all the tariffs of Nepali Telecom operators including Voice here.

Free 100 mins talk time within NT

If you want to participate in the testing of the Ntc Volte network, you can also get 100-minute free Volte calls within NT, valid for 28 days. First, you need to make sure your device supports Volte, dial *444#, then you will get VoLTE Sign on your device after which dialing *111# will provide you the free call minutes in VoLTE. You need to make a call on VoLTE to use the free package, but it does not matter whether the calling end is Volte or not.

We expect similar kinds of offers in Ncell to encourage people to use VoLTE.

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As with the customer, Volte service provides you a better experience in voice, video calls, and many more. It is also advantageous to telecom operators in offloading inefficient voice calls from traditional 2G, and 3G technology. Along with the VoLTE, some people are able to make calls over Wifi, using the technology called VoWifi, which is currently under testing by Ntc and is soon to be launched.

Tell us about your experience with VoLTE and the feature you like the most, in the comment box below.

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