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Video Calls From Mobile Network In Nepal [Explained]

Video calls are on the rise these days as it enables you to make face to face communication in real-time. People mostly use such calling using several apps, but it is also possible to make video calls directly from the mobile network. Where you do not have to install any mobile apps nor it requires data connection. It was first introduced on the 3G mobile network and continued ever since. But there may be some requirements on both the network side and the user device end.

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When the 3G network was developed, one of the most differentiating features to 2G was video calling among others. It was based on traditional circuit-switched technology as 3G itself was of the same. As Nepal was the first country in South Asia to launch a 3G network from Ntc, it brought video calling to the country. That time, it enabled happy faces to talk to each other but in limited areas of Kathmandu.

Later when the 3G network got expanded to the whole of the country, the feature got a wide reach to the masses. So Ntc and Ncell subscribers could make video calls from the 3G network which has got a separate tariff, a little bit expensive than voice call rate.

Not all mobile devices support video calling but it requires both the calling end, called party to have the supporting handsets. All Samsung phones support this native video calling over the default phone app. Previously Nokia phones and Sony phones also used to support it. (If you know any other phone that supports this 3G calling, please comment below).

Video call over apps is almost free of charge whereas for making such calls directly from phone dialer, it costs you some balance per minute.

Video call service in Ntc and Ncell

The live video calling was expensive with the first launch in Ntc, which was Rs 10 per minute. Later it got reduced to Rs 5 and then to Rs 2 per minute (exclusive of taxes). NTC has opened this calling service to all 3G subscribers. So, you do not have to activate the service in Ntc.

Video calling in the Ncell 3G network costs Rs 1.99 (without taxes). But you need to dial some numbers or codes to subscribe to the service.

To activate video call in Ncell, you have to

  • Send a message A to 9696
  • Dial *100# and find the option there.
  • Dial 900 and follow the instructions from IVR.
  • All of the processes will activate the service for free.
  • You can make video calls from voice packs as well.

Now that we have an upgrade in the mobile network that is 4G, it is also possible with 4G using a technology called Video over LTE or generically called VoLTE. Nepal Telecom has launched the VoLTE service that will change the way we make calls and that too at a higher fidelity.

Tell us what do you think of the service that enables making calls and see the faces at the same time using a mobile network? Do you prefer it over OTT apps, with almost free calling but require data connection on both ends?

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