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Voice Call Rates in Ncell, NTC, And Smart Cell

All of us put SIM cards in our smartphones to call or text our loved ones. We usually spend our time talking to family, friends, or relatives via phone call. Everyone (from old to young and adult to teenagers) use SIM cards and phones these days. We all know everything about SIM cards and phones, but we are still unaware of our carriers’ voice call rates (tariffs). This article will discuss how much these carriers charge us per minute while making voice calls. So, let’s know about the Voice Call Rates in Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell.

If you buy yourself a voice pack, then it would be cheaper to make calls. Voice Pack enables a reduction in charges per minute call. But the pack ranges for several minutes and validity period, which depends on the carriers. The voice call charge differs while calling a person within the same carrier and a different one.

The voice calls made within the same telecom network (operator/carrier) is called On-net calls. Similarly, the voice calls to another network/carrier are off-net calls. Then there is a term called all-net which means the call to any network within a country.

The all-net calls are only available with Ncell and Smart Cell. Generally, the on-net calls are cheaper than off-net voice calls. So, the cost of voice calls from Ntc to Ntc is cheaper than that of Ntc to Ncell. Whereas Ncell and Smart Cell offer the same voice call rate for on-net and off-net calls.

Voice Call Rates in Ncell, NTC, And Smart Cell

Voice call Rates (Tariff)NcellNTCSmart Cell
1min (Prepaid)Rs. 2.54
(Same Rate For Ncell to Ncell Call And Ncell To Others),
Rs. 0.88
(Ncell to Ncell Call Night Tariff: 10 pm-6 am)
-Inclusive of Taxes
Rs. 1.5
(Ntc to Ntc Call),
Rs. 2
(Ntc to Ncell, Smart Cell Call)
-Exclusive of Taxes
Rs. 1.92
(Same Rate For Smart to Smart And Smart To NTC, Ncell)
-Inclusive of Taxes
1min (Postpaid/ Pro Plan)Rs. 1.20 (Ncell to Ncell Call),
Rs. 1.50 (Ncell to Other Networks)
-Exclusive of Taxes
Rs. 1 for
On-Peak Hour (Ntc to Ntc Call),
Rs. 0.50 for Off-Peak Hour (NTC to NTC),
Rs. 1.5 (NTC to Ncell, Smart Cell)
-Exclusive of Taxes

All the call rates above are for Prepaid and Postpaid SIM cards. Now, we discuss everything about voice call rates and the cheaper options for all carriers below.

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Voice Call Rate in Ncell

Ncell has built a large number of consumers across the country. The carrier charges the same rate across the nation. Wherever you call within Ncell or other Networks, Ncell charges Rs. 2.54 (inclusive of tax).


But Ncell only charges Rs. 0.88 between 10 pm to 6 am which they call Night Tariff. This Night Tariff is only applicable between Ncell to Ncell voice calls. But you will need to activate the Night tariff in order to use it. Here is how you can activate the Night voice tariff in Ncell.

  • Just dial *1006# to activate. There’s good news, the activation costs no charge or whatsoever. To deactivate just dial *1007#.
Activate Ncell Night Tariff

If you activate Ncell’s My5 ServiceNcell Endless Kurakani, or All-Net Voice Pack, the rate becomes cheaper. My5 service only charges Rs. 20 per month in which can call your five favorite contacts at just Rs. 1.26. Likewise, Endless Kurani offers up to Rs. 0.8 per minute while purchasing a pack for the whole month. Sweet as sugar!!

Ncell’s Postpaid Plan is known as Ncell Pro Plan. You can get Rs. 1.20 per minute in Ncell to Ncell call and Rs. 1.50 in Ncell to Other Networks call. This rate is exclusive of government taxes.

Biz Plan is also part of Ncell’s Pro Plan. In this service, you can get Rs. 1.20 Per minute on all Networks. On Off-Peak hours (10 PM- 7 AM), you get RS. 0.55 Per minute. You can get Ncell postpaid plans (biz plan) of Biz 149, to Biz 14999 for Free Unlimited Closed User Group among employees. All this applies to any network within Nepal.

Voice Call Rate in NTC

Nepal Telecom has the same local calling charge within its own network, from several services like Landline, mobile, SIP, and all. NTC charges Rs. 1.5 per minute while calling from Ntc mobile to Ntc. Likewise, they charge Rs. 2 per minute while calling NTC to other carriers Ncell, Smart Cell. The rates are exclusive of taxes. However, both rates are cheaper than Ncell charges.


However, these rates are just for Prepaid, the rates are different for Postpaid. Postpaid users are charged Rs. 1 per minute on Peak hours while Ntc to Ntc call. As in Off-Peak hours, Ntc charges Rs. 0.55 per minute while on Ntc to Ntc call. Rs.1.5 is charged while making Ntc to other carriers’ call.

NTC also offers FnF Service which is similar to that of Ncell’s My5 Service. In this FnF Service, you can call Ntc to Ntc at a cheaper rate. Rs. 0.55 is the call rate for Postpaid users while Rs. 0.70 is for Prepaid. However, you can choose only 5 favorite contacts to call at this cheap rate.

You can make the call rate much cheaper by purchasing NTC Voice Packs for Day, Night, Unlimited, and All Time. With the pack, you can get unlimited voice at Rs. 20 per hour and Rs. 12 to Rs 500, for a day to 28 days.

Voice Call Rate in Smart Cell

Smart Cell is one of the youngest brothers in the family. But the offers and service packs surpassed that of elders. Likewise, Ncell, Smart Cell also has one call rate all over the nation. It charges Rs. 2.92 after tax while on Smart Cell to Smart Cell call or Smart Cell to Other Carriers. Visit Smart Cell Official Site to know more.


Smart Cell also offers many Voice packs and other services that can make the call rate much cheaper.

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Which One is the Best?

One question will surely be now in everyone’s head: which one is the best of all three telcos for affordable voice calls? Ntc offers the cheapest voice service while Ncell and Smart Cell have their peculiar features, as discussed above.

All of the three are better in each tariff section, so it’s hard to tell which one is the best. It all depends on us consumers taste and needs. Even if the voice tariffs are different, their motives are all the same, ‘Connecting People’. All of them do a great job at it and are hard to compare actually.

While talking of voice call tariff, you must know the pulse rate in a call.

Please comment on your idea for which telecom operator (NTC/Ncell/Smart) offers the best voice call rate/tariff?

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