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Smart Cell SIM Offer, Data, Voice Tariffs & More

Smart Cell, the third-largest telecom operator in Nepal has been providing several offers to its customers. The latest of all is the special SIM card with an 8GB data pack, which also comes free in select shops. As the telco wants to attract more customers from Ntc & Ncell, they have launched several aggressive offers. Find all of the SIM offers, regular data/voice tariffs, data packs, voice packs, and SMS packs in Smart Cell below.

3GB data SIM

The special SIM offer provides you a 3GB data pack and a 20-minute talk time bonus (voice pack). The cost of the SIM card is Rs 99 but sometimes it is made now available for free. The validity of the data & voice pack is for 30 days. Similarly, the talk-time bonus can also be used to call all networks.

Smart Telecom

Smart Cell does not stop in this 3GB data pack for the first month only as they will provide more offers for the period of the 2nd month to the 6th month.

The customer will get 1 GB of data monthly upon the recharge of Rs 100 or more. The 1 GB data pack for a month comes in from the second month to the sixth month for 5 months. So, altogether of 5GB of data will be there in your SIM if you recharge Rs 100 per month. The total benefits become 8GB that’s why Smart Cell also calls it 8GB data SIM.

As they provide the data and voice pack in the SIM, the main balance of the Sim card is just Rs 1.

Smart Telecom now makes the 3GB data SIM available in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara only. Find where Smart Cell coverage is available along with information on 4G.

For other regions, student or regular SIM card is available at Rs 1 or Rs 99 respectively.

Now you can make online order Smart Cell’s SIM and get it delivered to your home for free within Kathmandu.

Student SIM (SEE)

The SEE sim card is for all those SEE appeared students. You need to show proof of your identification that you have participated in the SEE exam. Then you also need to provide a copy of your parent’s Photo identification (Citizens, passport, or driving license).

With the Rs 1 SEE Sim, you will get free 1500 MB data which comes at 500 MB per month for 3 months. To get the SEE Sim card, you need to visit the nearest Smart Center with a copy of the above documents.

Regular SIM card (Starter Pack)

The regular SIM card in Smart Cell costs Rs 99. The SIM card includes Rs 90 balance with additional data, voice, and SMS pack for a month. The benefits of the regular SIM with the starter pack are:

  • SIM card cost: Rs 99
  • Main balance: Rs 90
  • Data volume 200 MB for a month
  • 10-minute voice call valid for a month
  • 10 SMS to use in a month.

The voice call and SMS can be made to any local network from the regular Smart Cell’s SIM card.

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Tariffs in Smart Cell SIM

The regular voice, SMS, and data tariff in the Smart Cell SIM card are as follows:

S.NServiceTariff (incl. of taxes)
1DataRs 1.92 per MB
2Voice callRs 1.92 per minute
3SMSRs 1.92 per SMS

Now Smart cell has a flat tariff for voice and SMS. That means the voice and SMS tariff is the same as either a Smart Cell number or any other local telco number. This is one of the advantages that we can get by using a Smart Cell SIM card.

Apart from the SIM card offer and the regular tariff, you can buy a data pack, voice pack, and SMS pack as per your requirement.

Smart Cell data pack

Smart Cell data pack ranges from 200 MB to 5GB. All of the data pack except for 200 MB offers double data volume with the bonus. Here are the data packs in Smart Cell from a day to 30 days.

Smart Cell data packVolume and costValidityUSSD code to buy
200 MB Data Pack 100 MB + 100 MB Extra @ Rs 11.49 (incl. of taxes)1 day*141*3*1*6#
1000 MB Data Pack500 MB Data + Extra 500 MB Data @ Rs 37.03 (incl. of taxes)1 day*141*3*1*1#
2 GB Data Pack 1 GB Data + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 88.11 (incl. of taxes)7 days*141*3*1*2#
2GB Data PackGet 1 GB Data + Extra 1 GB Data @ Rs 89 (excl. of taxes) valid for 15 days.15 days*141*3*1*3#
4 GB Data Pack 2 GB Data + Extra 2 GB Data @ Rs 254.10 (incl. of taxes)30 days*141*3*1*4#
10 GB Data Pack 5 GB Data + Extra 5 GB Data @ Rs 407.33 (incl. of taxes)30 days*141*3*1*5#
20GB data pack20GB at Rs 509.48 (incl. of taxes)30 days*141*3*2*1#

You can also find a different bonus on recharge of your account above Rs 100 along with the double volume offer.

Smart Cell Mahina Bhari ko Pack

Smart Cell has also provided a large volume data pack for the lockdown period and has continued ever since. The Mahina Bhari ko data offer consists of 60 GB of data that you can buy at Rs 595 (inclusive of taxes). The Mahina Bhari ko pack comes as 2GB of data per day with no carry-over of the data for the next day. The pack is now the cheapest data option available in Nepal. Find more details of the Smart Cell lockdown offer.

To buy the lockdown pack, you need to dial *141*7*1*1# or dial *141# and find the pack inside.

Smart Greatest GB Plan

Smart Cell’s Greatest GB plan is the latest plan from the company which offers all packs in GB volume. It includes daily data to high volume data all in GB’s to address the higher data demand. In this pack, the more volume you buy, the more it gets cheaper.

There are seven data packages ranging from 1 GB to 90GB and validity from 1 day to 90 days. Similarly, the price also ranges from Rs 35 to Rs 1500 (including taxes).

Smart’s Greatest GB plan VolumePrice Rs (with tax)
Validity (in days)
Activation Code
1 GB
3 GB
5 GB
15 GB
25 GB
45 GB
90 GB

Smart Weekly Combo pack (Data + unlimited voice)

Smart Cell consists of the weekly combo data pack of 3GB and Unlimited on-net voice. You can have unlimited calls within Smart Cell number and a 3GB data pack at the affordable cost of Rs 98 (with taxes). The pack is valid for 7 days.

Smart Cell Unlimited Night data pack

Smart Cell also provides an unlimited night data pack to its subscribers. This sort of unlimited data is preferred by students and those who stay late at night. They can continue their communication, download using this package.

The cost of the unlimited night data pack is Rs 19 (inclusive of tax) for 1 night. The night period starts at 11 pm and ends at 6 am. To activate the night data pack, you need to dial *141*3*3*1# or find it inside *141#.

Smart Cell voice pack

Smart Cell voice pack ranges from unlimited voice to 90 paisa per minute. There are daily, weekly unlimited voice packs and a subscription at Rs 3.83 to get the cheap voice call rate per day.

Smart Cell Voice packCall minutes and costValidityUSSD code
Voice Unlimited- 1 dayUnlimited call for 1 day within Smart Network for just Rs 11.49 (incl. of taxes).1 day*141*1*2*3#
Voice Unlimited- 7 daysUnlimited Call for 7 days within Smart Network for just Rs 37.03 (exclusive of taxes).7 days*141*1*2*2#
Voice Unlimited- 30 daysUnlimited Call for 30 days within Smart Network for just Rs 126.41 (exclusive of taxes).30 days*141*1*2*1#
Daily Rental Voice Pack- Rs 3/dayAll local calls @ Rs 0.90/min (exclusive of taxes). Daily Rs 3.83 (incl. of taxes) rental cost renewed daily automatically.1 dayTo Activate     *141*1*1*1#
To Deactivate *141*1*1*2#

Smart Cell’s free after 2 minutes calls offer

The latest offer from Smart cell lets you make free calls after 2 minutes. That means you just have to pay for 2 minutes call, and no matter how long you make calls, it will be free. Read more about the Smart Cell 2 pachi free offer.

All-net voice pack

Smart Telecom also provides all net voice packs to its customers that allow calling to any local numbers in Nepal. There are two such all network voice-packs in Smart which are:

  • 12 min voice pack for a day at Rs 12.77 (with tax).
  • 120 mins voice pack for 30 days at Rs 126.41 (with tax)

To subscribe to the All-net voice pack in Smart Cell,

  • you need to dial *141*1*4# and select either 1 or 2 for the two packages.

Smart Cell SMS pack

There are two SMS packs in Smart Cell. With the subscription of one, you can get 50 paisa per SMS for 30 days. The cost of the subscription of this pack is Rs 9 (without tax) and Rs 11.49.

Similarly, the other pack is 3000 SMS at Rs 20. Which comes at Rs 25.54 (incl. taxes). The SMS pack is valid for Smart to Smart only.

S.NSMS packTariff and detailsUSSD code
150 paisa per SMSRs 11.49 for activation valid for 30 days*141*2*1*1#
23000 SMS3000 Smart to Smart SMS. Subscribe at Rs 25.54 (incl. of tax) for 30 days141*2*1*2#

Other features of Smart Cell.

Here, we find that Smart Cell provides a better offer and packages to customers. Although there is no unlimited data pack in Smart Cell, the double data offer equally allures you to use it either for your primary or secondary SIM. But do make sure that fair coverage, quality is available at your place before making it your regular call number.

After knowing all of the information about Smart Cell, tell us if you are willing to switch to Smart 4G if the network is available at your place.

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