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How to query/check balance, transfer, recharge, subscribe data in Smart cell?

Smart Telecom is the third-largest telecom operator in Nepal. It is currently expanding its network to all major parts of the country. Smart Telecom has only got GSM service in the country. As the 2G network is expanding and it is also planning to launch 4G, Smart telecom’s subscribers are increasing day by day. Till now, there is no 3G network of Smart Telecom.  You can find the details of the balance check, subscribe packs, recharge and transfer balance in Smart Cell below.

The smart cell is the brand name of Smart Telecom‘s GSM service, which is similar to Namaste in the case of NTC. Smart cell’s SIM card is also available in major cities. Our regular subscriber keeps on asking about different services of Smart cell. So here is the process to check the balance in Smart cell.

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How to check the balance in Smart cell?

To check the bonus or main balance in Smart cell, customers

  • need to dial *143# or *123# respectively.
S.NUSSD Function in Smart cellCode to dial
1Bonus Query*143#
2Balance Query*123#

How to take data packs in Smart Cell?

To take the data packs in Smart cell, the customer needs to dial *141# and select the different options of your choice. By having such a menu (called USSD), the customer can easily check the available data packages and select the ones they want.  With the 4G launch, Smart cell has brought more offers including the double data pack and bonuses.

How to check remaining volume in data packs?

To check the remaining volume for the Smart data packs you have bought, you just need to check your balance by dialing *123# and then they will send the remaining volume information of the data pack you have subscribed by SMS to your mobile.

How to transfer the balance in Smart Cell?

To transfer the balance in Smart Cell, you need to

  • dial *151*Friends Number# Rs

There is also a possibility to borrow some balance from your friends or family. You can request your friends and family for the balance transfer

  • by dialing *152* Friends/Family Number*Amount in Rs #

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How to recharge in Smart cell?

To recharge in Smart Cell,

  • you need to dial *122*”Pin No”#.smar

How to inquire about Smart Cell services?

To inquire about any service or complain about Smart cell, you need to call 4242 from any Smart Cell number. You can also call the Smart Telecom inquiry from other telecom operators by dialing 9611004242.

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