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How to Subscribe and unsubscribe Caller tunes CRBT in Ntc?

Caller tunes or CRBT service has been available in Ntc for some years. Caller tunes or CRBT, Caller Ringback tone service is one of the popular value-added services in the telecom sector a long time ago. It is a service by which people can put songs in place of the standard ring back sound. Before Nepal Telecom had discontinued this service for some time as they upgraded all of its equipment, except for this service. The craze for the CRBT or PRBT (personalized ring back tone) was going down with the discontinuation. The service has now gained popularity among music lovers.

Here is the tariff of CRBT caller tune in Ntc and the process to subscribe/unsubscribe or activate/deactivate.

Tariff of Caller tunes, CRBT in Ntc

The Tariff/price/cost of caller tunes service and the tune is as follows:

Service Monthly Charge Weekly Charge
Caller Tune Service Charge NRs. 20 (Excluding VAT) NRs. 5 (Excluding VAT)
Caller Tune Tone Charge NRs. 10 (Excluding VAT)

Monthly Charge: 
If the subscriber has sufficient balance for a monthly subscription (i.e. NRs. 20) and If the subscriber does not unsubscribe the service, it is renewed with NRs 20.

Weekly Charge: Weekly subscription is a fall back mode where subscribers will be given that option upon not having sufficient balance for the monthly subscription. More specifically, the weekly charge is available for the subscriber who doesn’t have sufficient balance for the monthly subscription. This option comes dynamically if the balance is not sufficient.

How to subscribe Caller tunes in Ntc?

To subscribe/activate the caller tunes service in Ntc, you need to

  • either send a message Sub to 1455.
  • You can choose a song by knowing the tone id in advance and send in the format “Sub tone ID” to 1455.
  • You can even select a song by listening through a 1455 IVR call. Just make a call to 1455 to select the top songs of the day, top 10 Nepali songs, English songs and more.
  • Simply dial *9 to copy any caller tune during the caller tune playtime. You can even unsubscribe the caller tunes service from IVR.

You can also use another method through USSD. For which, you need to dial *1455# to go to the main menu and select accordingly under several categories.

Customers can also subscribe to the CRBT service from IVR from 1455. Detail Flow for IVR based Subscription is as below:

  • User Dials 1455 & various Categories will be displayed like (Top10, Nepali Songs, etc )
  • User can go under any category
  • Once user Enters any category, the list of songs will be displayed
  • User can subscribe the song for all Callers & Special Callers
  • User can Unsubscribe also from IVR


  1. IVR Call is free for up to 3 minutes and local call tariff applies after consuming 3 minutes
  2. Weekly subscription is a fall back mode where subscribers will be given that option upon not having sufficient balance for a monthly subscription

How to unsubscribe CRBT/caller tunes in Ntc?

To unsubscribe or deactivate the CRTB or caller tunes in Ntc, you can do it by SMS.

  • By SMS, you can remove CRBT service by sending a message unsub to 1455.

How to copy the RBT/caller tunes of others?

Dial *9 to Copy:

  • A Party [Non CRBT subscriber] calls to B Party [CRBT Subscriber]
  • A Party hear a Pre RBT Prompt saying Press *9 to Copy the Caller Tune during the Caller Tune Playtime.
  • When User press *9, User can purchase the call Tune & get a message.

User can select the caller tune for everyone or just a single caller as per their requirement.

We recommend you to check two of the most have services in Ntc; Missed call alert, and free Loan Sapati service.

Tell us what do you think of CRBT caller tune service in Nepal Telecom (Ntc), comment below.

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