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Nepal Telecom’s Autumn Offer for Mobile And Internet Services

Nepal Telecom, the pioneering telecom operator provides various range of communication services in the country. They also have various offers for all of those services. They put all of their promotions in the seasonal offers namely: Winter offer, Spring offer, Summer offer, Autumn offer. Here in this post, we shall provide all the information about all Ntc Autumn offer and their price, validity.

Find the update on the Autumn offer in Ntc which was revised on October 17, 2021, with the addition of Sajilo unlimited pack for prepaid and post, and more on FTTH fiber internet too.

Details of Ntc Autumn Offer

Here are the details of the Autumn offers in Nepal Telecom, starting from Kartik 1, 2078. NTC Autumn Offer remains valid for 90 days.

The Seasonal offer adds few unlimited data plans for prepaid and postpaid users. Similarly, there is a Sasto prepaid Combo plan which includes data, voice, and SMS. Whereas other existing data, voice offers in mobile are continued.

Find all the details of the Summer offer below.

  • Ntc Mobile offer
    • Data offer
    • Voice offer
    • SMS offer
    • Postpaid offer
    • CUG offer
    • 4G offer
    • VoLTE offer
    • Mobile app offer
    • Unlimited YouTube/Facebook offer
    • MCA (Missed Call alert)
    • International pack
  • Ntc Internet offer
    • ADSL offer
    • FTTH offer
    • WiMax offer

Ntc Mobile offer

Let’s delve into the offers of Nepal Telecom for GSM/CDMA mobile.

As per Nepal Telecom, some of the offers in CDMA and WiMAX are not available as they are going to sunset these services.

Find more offers in Ntc mobile for the pandemic period:

NTC Mobile Data offer

When it comes to offers in mobile, one of the most intriguing campaigns is for data offer which you can find below.

Ntc Data offer
Price NRsValidityType
150MB151 dayAll-time
350MB251 dayAll-time
1GB451 dayAll-time
2GB551 dayAll-time
1GB603 daysAll-time
1.5GB957 daysAll-time
3GB28028 daysAll-time
8GB50028 daysAll-time
16GB80028 daysAll-time
30GB160060 daysAll-time
60 GB3000120 daysAll-time
500MB121 NightNight-time
Unlimited Night201 NightNight-time
Unlimited 1 hour201 HourAll-time
Unlimited 2 hours302 HourAll-time
Unlimited day 3924 hoursDay time (5 am to 5pm)
120MB1024 hoursDay time
250MB1524 hoursDay time
4GB (3GB at 4G network)1005 daysAll-time
10GB (8GB in 4G network)2007 daysAll-time
14GB 29928 daysAll-time (500MB per day
4GB data + 100 mins call1255 daysAll-time (1GB all network + 3GB 4G data)
7GB + Bonus call: 98 minutes 2507 daysAll-time (1 GB per day + 14 mins per day)
28GB + Bonus call: 392 mins64928 daysAll-time (1 GB + 14 mins per day)
200MB151 daySocial media pack
4GB all time plus 7 GB Fb/YouTube=11GB (New)1807 daysLarge Social Media pack
10GB all time plus 28GB Fb/YouTube= 38GB (New)59928 daysLarge Social Media pack
1GB251 dayStreaming pack

The all-time data means you can use the data at any time whereas for the night offer, the period is from 11 pm to 6 am and for the day offer, the period is from 6 am to 6 pm.

Find all detailed information on data offers in Nepal Telecom.

Sasto Unlimited Prepaid Plan

NTC recently adds a new unlimited plan for prepaid users. It is also there for postpaid which you can find below. At a price of Rs 599, you can get 28GB of data (1GB per day for 28 days) with unlimited volume (at 64kbps data rate, after the consumption of 1GB data). You can also buy Add On pack at Rs 299 if you have subscribed to the RS 599 plan. Or you can buy unlimited on-net voice at Rs 599 and buy 30GB unlimited Add On Data at Rs 299.

NTC voice offer

The voice offers in Nepal Telecom mobile are also available from all times, night time, and day time. You can find all of the voice offers in Nepal Telecom below.

NTC Voice offer (Minutes)Price (NRs)
1512All-time1 Day
4025All-time1 Day
8040All-time3 Days
190100All-time7 Days
500250All-time28 Days
1200500All-time28 Days
6010Night-time1 Night
Unlimited night15Night time1 Night
30 9Day time24 hours
12012Day time24 hours
Unlimited day15Day time24 hours
100 minutes per day for 7 days (New)95All-time7 days
100 minutes per day for 28 days (New)375All-time28 days

The daytime voice offer is valid for the period 5 am to 5 pm whereas the night period is from 11 pm to 7 am. Recently they increased the time period of the night voice till 6 am to 7 am, increased by one hour.

Check more of the Voice offer in Ntc.

Combo Pack Offer (New)

Ntc adds a combo pack offer to provide data and voice packs together. The already available 1GB per day data pack is now changed to a Combo pack where you can get additional at the same cost as the earlier pack.

You can get the Eco data pack with a voice combo pack which is also valid for 7 days and 28 days. The 7 days combo pack includes 14 mins calls per day and 1GB of data per day at Rs 250. Similarly, the 28 days combo pack includes the same 14 mins per day and 1GB of data for 28 days and costs Rs 850.

Combo packPriceValidity
Sasto Prepaid combo pack (150 minutes on-net voice, 1.5GB data, and 15 on-net SMS)Rs 29928 days
14 mins and 1 GB data both per dayRs 2507 days
14 mins plus 1 GB data both per dayRs 64928 days

SMS offer

For the text messaging through Ntc mobile, here is the SMS offer in Ntc.

NTC SMS offerPrice NRsValidity
2051 day
70157 days
3006028 days

Find the details on the SMS offer in Ntc.

Postpaid offer

Here are the offers specifically made for postpaid and can use the rental of the month. Read Postpaid offers in detail.

Postpaid offerCostPackage includesAdd on packValidity
Sajilo Unlimited 599 offerRs 59930GB (1GB data per day) + unlimited volume (64Kbps after consumption of 30GB data)Unlimited on-net voice at Rs 299,
24 hours 1GB data at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 50
30 days
Rs 599Unlimited on-net voice30GB (1GB per day) data at Rs 299 plus unlimited 64kbps data, 24 hours 1GB data at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 5030 days
Sajilo Unlimited 799 offerRs 799Unlimited on-net voice, 30GB (1GB per day data) with unlimited 64kbps data, 50 min off-net call, 200 on-net SMS, 50 off-net SMS24 hours 1GB data at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 5030 days
Sajilo Unlimited 999 offerRs 999Unlimited on-net voice, 60GB (2GB per day data) with unlimited 64kbps data, 100 min off-net call, 400 on-net SMS, 100 off-net SMS24 hours 1GB data at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 5030 days
Sajilo Unlimited 1499 offerRS 1499Unlimited on-net voice, 120GB (4GB per day data) with unlimited 64kbps data, 200 min off-net call, 1000 on-net SMS, 200 off-net SMS24 hours 1GB data at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 5030 days
BasicRs 384800 minutes voice or 4GB data30 days
PrimeRs 599400 mins on-net + 50 mins off-net calls + 6GB data + 200 SMS30 days
PremiumRs 749800 mins on-net + 75 mins off-net calls + 8GB data + 500 SMS30 days
GoldRs 9991500 mins on-net + 115 mins off-net + 10GB data + 1000 SMS30 days
DiamondRs 1499Unlimited on-net calls + 175 mins off-net calls + 20GB data + 1000 SMS30 days

CUG offer

Here are the offers in the Corporate users’ group (CUG) with a minimum number of more than 10.

There are six types of CUG offers for prepaid and postpaid users which range from Rs 200 to Rs 1600. The offers also include combo packs of data, voice (on-net, all-net), and SMS.

Take for example of Rs 200 CUG offer which is only valid in Prepaid number. The Rs 200 CUG offer provides unlimited calls within the group, 100 mins on-net calls, 10 mins off-net, 140 MB data, and 50 SMS. Find all of the CUG offers in Ntc.

4G offer

With the extension of 4G to more areas, Ntc provides special 4G data offers which are as follows:

4G offerPrice NRsValidityVolume
200MB 151 day100 MB 4G + 100 MB all network
400MB 251 day200MB 4G + 200MB all net
2GB1007 days1GB 4G + 1GB all net
4GB28028 days2GB 4G + 2GB all network

Find all of the information about the Ntc 4G offer.

VoLTE offer

As Ntc has successfully launched VoLTE service, they have continued their one-time first activation offer of 100 minutes VoLTE calls. Earlier we found VoLTE specific package/offer on Ntc’s website which is not there now.

Mobile app offer

Nepal Telecom also continues the mobile app offer with which you can get 500 MB data for the first registered users. All you have to do is download the Nepal Telecom mobile app and register yourself. Find the Top ten reasons to use Nepal Telecom mobile app.

YouTube Unlimited and Facebook Unlimited

Nepal Telecom also brings Unlimited Youtube and Unlimited Facebook packages separately. You can buy either YouTube Unlimited or Facebook Unlimited pack at Rs 55 for 3 days.

With the purchase of this pack, you will be eligible to buy add-on pack of 1GB at Rs 15 which is also valid for 3 days.

Missed Call Alert (MCA)

MCA is one of the value-added services in Ntc which lets you get the notification of calls when you are not available, switched off, or busy.

The cost of MCA is free of cost. Read more about Missed Call Alert (MCA) in Ntc.

International Pack offer

The international pack includes a call offer to China, India, and a data roaming pack for India.

There are three China call offers; 10 minutes for a day at Rs 35, 45 minutes for a week at Rs 150, and 165 minutes for a month at Rs 500. Read more about the China call offer.

Similarly, the India call offer includes 15 minutes pack for a day at Rs 35, 65 minutes for a week at Rs 150, and 215 minutes for a month at Rs 500. Read details of Ntc India call offer.

Likewise, the data roaming pack for India with 1GB data for 28 days costs Rs 1125. While the 7 days data of 500 MB for 7 days costs Rs 555 and 100 MB roaming data for a day costs Rs 125. Read more about International roaming in Ntc.

Ntc Internet offer

NTC provides three types of Internet services for the home which are ADSL, FTTH (Fiber internet), and WiMAX. Nepal Telecom also has the highest market share for internet services.

NTC ADSL offer

Here are the offers in Ntc ADSL internet service that requires a landline phone.

NTC ADSL offerPrice NrsValidity
Unlimited 5 MbpsRs 8001 month
Volume-based 15 GBRs 2001 month
Volume-based 25 GBRs 3001 month
Volume-based 40 GBRs 4001 month

Find all the details of the Ntc ADSL offer and speed.

Fiber internet (FTTH) offer

NTC also has a Fiber internet service called FTTH which provides speed from 8 Mbps to 55 Mbps. It does not require a landline phone but you can choose to take a telephone line from the FTTH. Ntc has started migrating old telephone lines to Fiber in many areas.

Now with the Autumn offer 2078, they have added 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 80 Mbps internet. The triple play service with the unlimited internet offer now costs Rs 15,980, Rs 17,100, and Rs 22,500 for a year respectively. The cost of the IPTV Set-top box is now waived off on the yearly subscription.

Unlimited Fiber internetPrice NRsValidity
10 Mbps9001 month
20 Mbps12001 month
25 Mbps14001 month
40 Mbps18501 month
80 Mbps24501 month

Find all of the offers and information about Ntc FTTH fiber internet.

WiMAX offer

WiMAX is the only fixed wireless broadband service in Ntc. You can find all of the offers in WiMAX as below.

Ntc WiMAX packPrice NRsValidity
Unlimited 512 Kbps15001 month
20 GB pack10001 month
70 GB pack30003 months
175 GB pack60006 months
500 GB pack1200012 months
1000 GB pack2000012 months

Find all of the details about Ntc WiMAX Price and Information.

If you want to know any information about offers in Ntc, you can ask us or comment below.

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