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Ntc Postpaid Pack Includes Data, Voice, & SMS pack

Nepal Telecom has been providing several packs to its prepaid mobile customers. Now they have brought special packs targeted to Postpaid customers (revised on Kartik 28, 2077). Ntc postpaid pack is a combo pack that includes voice minutes, data volume, and SMS. Find the details of the postpaid pack below.

First, we recommend you to read this article to find the difference between Prepaid Vs Postpaid. Similarly, it will help you to choose the best one for your need. Now that you are clear about Postpaid, you might have known that there is a recurring charge (rental charge) in postpaid to pay per month. The best part about the postpaid pack is that you can use the rental amount to buy this pack. Which is not possible with the common packs, available to both prepaid and postpaid.

Ntc sim card

Let’s come to the description of postpaid packs. Ntc postpaid packs include voice packs, Data packs, and SMS packs, all included in the same pack. Regarding voice pack, they have separate packs for on-net and all-net calls. The on-net voice means calling to the numbers within the operator. Similarly, the all-net voice means you can use the pack for all operators including itself. That means with on-net voice, you can call to Ntc only whereas, for all net voice, you can use for Ntc, Ncell, and Smart.

Ntc postpaid pack

There are five different postpaid packs in Nepal Telecom now, which are valid for 30 days. The names of the postpaid packs are Basic pack, Prime Pack, Premium pack, Gold pack, and Diamond pack. Find the details of the Ntc postpaid pack below.

The basic postpaid pack to launch with Ntc offer is Rs 384 which provides either 800 minutes voice or 4GB data, which is valid for 30 days. To take the Rs 384 pack for voice/data, you can dial *1415# or send SMS with code COMBOVOICE384/ COMBODATA384  to 1415.

The codes for other postpaid packs are Combo599, Combo749, Combo999, and Combo1499.

All of the postpaid packs are as follows:

Ntc Postpaid pack TypePrice (NRs.)ValidityVoice/DATA/SMS
 Basic Pack38430 daysVoice (One-net): 800 mins   OR: Data: 4GB
Prime PackRs 59930 daysVoice (on-net): 400 mins
Voice (off-net): 50 mins
Data: 6 GB
SMS: 200
Premium PackRs 74930 daysVoice (on-net): 800 mins
Voice (all-net): 75 mins
Data: 8 GB
SMS: 500
Gold packRs 99930 daysVoice (on-net): 1500 min
Voice (all net): 115 min
Data: 10 GB
SMS: 1000
Diamond PackRs 149930 daysUnlimited on-net calls
Voice (Off-net): 175 mins
Data: 20GB
SMS: 1000

How to Subscribe/buy Ntc postpaid pack?

To subscribe to the postpaid pack, you need

  • to dial *1415# on your postpaid mobile.
  • Find the postpaid pack in the number 2 or try direct *1415*2#.
  • Select the pack of your choice in there.
  • You will be prompted with the confirmation by message after activation.

To check the used amount of the postpaid pack, you need

  • to send a message fr to 1415

Ntc has significantly increased the data volume for the postpaid pack. The minimum data that comes along with the basic pack and Premium pack is 4GB which should be sufficient for many So, we recommend this pack to business person for which all of their requirement fits in a single pack. Hope they bring a recurring rental pack of such so that they do not need to subscribe every month. Currently, they have two such rental offers in Ntc postpaid, one being Rs 380 and another of Rs 900 pack.

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Tell us what do you think of the postpaid pack in the comment section below?

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