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What are On-net and Off-net calls in Telecommunication? All explained!

On-net and off-net calls are frequently used terms in telecom services. Both are distinct from each other and represent different modes of services. In this post, we explore the differences between on-net, off-net, and all-net calls and SMS with examples. Keep reading.

On-net and off-net calls mean?

An on-net call means a call placed within the same telecommunication network. To illustrate, when a user makes a call from A telco network to another phone number of the same network A, it is defined as an on-net call.

On the contrary, an off-net call is when a call is exchanged between two different carrier networks. For an instance, if a user dials a number from operator A to a different number from operator B, it is an off-net call. As calls need to transmit from one network to another, off-net calls/SMS tend to be slightly costlier.

The same on-net and off-net scenario applies to SMS as well. SMS exchanged between two numbers within the same network is on-net while SMS transactions between two different networks are off-net.

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Are off-net calls/SMS more approachable?

If a region or state has more than one mobile network, then in such a situation, you will definitely encounter on-net and off-net environments. And it’s certain that people find it more convenient to make on-net transactions for their lower rates. Similarly, telcos do prefer on-net packages and tariffs. Off-net transactions are costlier due to inter-connection charges which refer to the amount one network charges another for allowing interconnection between two different carriers. On the opposite, thanks to the operators offering all-net voice packs, it has become more feasible to make off-net calls at lower rates.

In fact, many states around the world provide free on-net services while charging only off-net calls and SMS. On-net services are treated better with packages only. In Ntc, the Sajilo Unlimited pack does have unlimited on-net call at an affordable rate. The all-new pack is slightly more expensive though.

Anyway, after the regulator Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) lowered interconnection charges, more people have become fond of all-net packages due to their affordability for off-net calls/SMS.

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The scenario among Nepal Telecom (Ntc), Ncell, and Smart Cell

It helps to apply the terms on-net and off-net in Nepal with the operators for a better understanding of it. For an instance, If an Ntc user calls or sends an SMS to another Ntc subscriber, it’s an on-net call or SMS. Similarly, if the same call or SMS initiated from Ntc terminates to another mobile network (Ncell or Smart Cell), it’s an off-net exchange.

Telcos in Nepal Ntc Ncell Smart Cell
Three telecom operators of Nepal- Nepal Telecom (Ntc), Ncell, and Smart Cell

Similarly, a Ncell to Ncell call or SMS is an on-net telecommunication exchange while a Ncell call or SMS to Smart  Cell or Ntc will be defined as an off-net scenario and billed accordingly.   

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Allnet mean?

All net calls and SMS refers to an ability to call or SMS to all networks; within the network or outside of it. That means all-net is inclusive of both on-net and off-net. The term is especially more relevant in the voice packs telcos offer. An all-new pack offers users the ability to call or send text messages to all the networks available in a particular region or country.

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Available all-net voice packs

To provide affordable mobile services, Nepali operators have started launching all net voice packs which allow customers to make calls to any number irrespective of networks at the same cost. Such packs have found increasing popularity in recent months.

Find out all net voice packs of Nepal Telecom (Ntc) and Ncell below.

Due to data working differently than calls, the terms on-net and off-net cases don’t apply to browsing the internet.

For any queries or information about on-net and off-net call and SMS, do let us know in the comments below.

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