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NTC’s Sajilo Unlimited Offer For Prepaid And Postpaid Users

NTC has announced Sajilo Unlimited Offer for customers on both prepaid & postpaid subscriptions. With this offer, NTC users can receive unlimited data, unlimited on-net voice calls, unlimited off-net calls & some SMS. You can also find affordable Add On Packs, on top of the main offer, for extended connectivity.

NTC (Nepal Telecom) has brought the Sajilo Unlimited data pack under its seasonal offer and revised it with the Winter offer. The unlimited data packs come under various price categories targeting users with varying data and voice call requirements.

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We have prepared a breakdown of all the packs available under the Sajilo Unlimited offer. You can find it all in detail below.

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Offer | Rs.599

You can find the Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid pack under the Autumn Offer. The pack will come for an affordable Rs.599 which will bring unlimited on-net voice calls for a month and 250 minutes off-net calls too (added recently). If you want to have data access, you will receive 30 GB of data as the Add-on pack; 1 GB each day for 30 days at an additional Rs.299.

Once the offered data limit exceeds, you can still surf the web unlimited but at a reduced internet speed of 64 Kbps. NTC says, when it happens, no charges will be deducted from customers’ main balance. However, if you want to browse at the regular speed, you have an option. You can spend Rs.30 for 1 GB, Rs.40 for 2 GB, and Rs,50 for 3 GB data volume valid for 24 hours. These packs will resume as Add-On Pack.

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Under the regular Autumn Pack, you can subscribe to a 30 days, 30 GB offer. You will get 1 GB of data each day. The cost for this offer also remains Rs.599.

Likewise, postpaid users can also buy an unlimited voice pack for 30 days. This will cost them Rs.299 and remain as an Add-On Pack. Here also, you get to continue using the internet at 64 Kbps once you exhaust the 1 GB per day cap. For regular speed broadband, again you can spend Rs. 30, Rs.40, or Rs.50 for 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB data respectively. These packs will also stay valid for 24 hours as an Add-On Pack.

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid OfferPlanAdd on PackValidity
Rs.599Unlimited On-net Voice, + 250 minutes off net Voice, No data30 GB
(1 GB per day) at Rs 299 with 64kbps fallback speed.
Day add on data packs: 1GB at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 50
30 days
Rs.59930GB (1GB per day) + Unlimited data @ 64kbpsUnlimited On-net voice at Rs 299, Day add on data packs: 1GB at Rs 30, 2GB at Rs 40, 3GB at Rs 5030 days

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Offer | Rs.799

With the Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid 799 offer, you will receive unlimited on-net voice calls, and 30 GB of data (1 GB per day). Besides, you also receive 200 on-net SMS, 500 minutes off-net voice calls, and 50 off-net SMS. Just like the above packs, users can resume browsing at a regular speed as Add-On Pack. These all will come for Rs.799.

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid OfferVoiceDataFallback speedSMSValidity
500 mins
30 GB
(1 GB a day)
64 Kbps200

30 days

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Offer | Rs.999

By paying Rs.999, you will receive an unlimited voice calls and 400 on-net SMS. Additionally, you will get 60 GB of data for 30 days where each day a 2 GB of data will be available. Earlier the offer included 100-minute off-net voice calls which is not unlimited. So, you can enjoy unlimited calls on any network with this package.

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Once a user uses up the available data, you can resume the browsing at 64kbps or you can subscribe to Add On packs mentioned under Sajilo Unlimited Rs599 Offer.

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid offerVoiceDataFallback speedSMSValidity
Rs.999Unlimited (On-net)
and off-net)
60 GB (2 GB per day)64 Kbps400
100   (off-net)
30 days

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid Offer | Rs.1,499

The highest offers of Sajilo Unlimited offer come for Rs.1,499. With this plan, you will receive an unlimited voice call and 1000 on-net SMS. For data, you will receive a whopping 4 GB of data per day totaling 120 GB data over 30 days. Earlier there was 200 minutes of off-net voice calls but now it includes unlimited off-net calls. Again, you can start the Add-On Pack as mentioned in the Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid pack above.

Sajilo Unlimited Postpaid OfferVoiceDataFallback speedSMSValidity
Rs.1,499Unlimited (On-net
and off-net) Calls
120 GB (4 GB per day)64 Kbps1000
200   (off-net)
30 days

Sajilo Prepaid Combo & Unlimited Prepaid Pack

NTC’s Sajilo Unlimited pack for prepaid also comprises voice calls, data, and SMS and comes in two categories. There are two variants of this pack under two price categories.

With the Sajilo prepaid combo pack costing Rs. 299, the subscribers will receive 150 minutes of voice calls, 2 GB of data, and 20 on-net SMS. The pack stays valid for 28 days. Similarly, Ntc has added more Sajilo prepaid combo packs from Rs 199, Rs 349, Rs 499, Rs 699 for 28 days whose resources are as below.

Unlimited Prepaid PlansCostVoice callDataSMSValidity
Sajilo Prepaid ComboRs.299150 minutes2 GB20 (On-net)28 days
Rs 19915 minutes daily call150MB daily data15 Daily on-net SMS28 days
Rs 34950 minutes daily call500MB daily data50 Daily On-net SMS28 days
Rs 49970 minutes daily call700MB daily data 70 daily on-net SMS28 days
Rs 699100 minutes daily call1GB daily data100 daily on-net SMS28 days
Sajilo Unlimited PrepaidRs.59928GB (1 GB per day) OR Unlimited On-net Voice calls, 250 minutes off-net calls28 days
Rs 799Unlimited On-net calls and 500 minutes off-net calls1 GB per day data volume28 days
Rs 999Unlimited On-net and Off-net calls2 GB per day data volume28 days
Rs 1499Unlimited On-net and off-net calls4 GB per day data volume28 days

Similarly, for those who subscribe to the Sajilo prepaid combo pack, there are two SMS only pack of 600 and 300 at Rs 98 and Rs 60 respectively.

In the other pack of Rs.599, you will get 28GB of data (1GB per day for 28 days). If you want a voice offer, then you can buy an unlimited on-net voice pack at Rs.299. This will also expire in 28 days and remains an Add-On Pack. Similarly, in the same pack of Rs 599, you can also get an unlimited on-net voice at Rs 599 and add 28GB of data (1GB per day) for 28 days at Rs 299 extra.

After the revision, Ntc has added three more Sajilo unlimited plans in prepaid which are available at Rs 799, Rs 999, and Rs 1499. The resources available with these plans are the same as that of postpaid which include unlimited voice, the daily data volume of 1GB/2GB/4GB, etc.

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To subscribe to the Sajilo Unlimited offer, you need to dial *1415# and select the prepaid pack (10) under Autumn offer. For postpaid, you can find the offers in the postpaid packs under Sajilo Unlimited. Likewise, you can also buy the packs from the Nepal Telecom Mobile app.

NTC’s Sajilo Unlimited Offer brings to its customers a very diverse range of packs for users of both prepaid & postpaid services. Depending on the extent and bandwidth demands, you can subscribe to the one plan that suits you best. But be wise, before subscribing to any pack, check for its details pertaining to the cost, voice minutes, data volume, number of SMS, and validity.

How do you feel about this latest introduction of the Sajilo Unlimited offer under the seasonal Autumn offer? Do share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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