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NTC To Launch eSIM Card Next Fiscal Year 078/79

NTC is preparing to launch eSIM card service in the upcoming fiscal year 078/79. The company plans to distribute 8 million eSIM cards within 12 months of the next fiscal year.

The company will headstart its pioneering SIM project setting up an ‘eSIM Platform’ soon. NTC is expecting a massive distribution of eighty lakh eSIM cards in its first 12 months.

Currently, the state-backed telco is operating with physical SIM cards that come with a chip to store the data. But an eSIM is a carrier-supported system in which a user doesn’t need to insert a physical SIM inside their phone. Instead, it comes by default in a device and a user only needs to install/download an eSIM profile to activate the service.

eSIM is one of the demanded telecom services in Nepal, that we found with a survey performed this January. Here are the other results for what people demand from Nepali telecom operators?

What is an eSIM?

Contrary to traditional physical SIM cards, eSIM cards have an embedded chip inside a device. It is not removable and remains in the same device where it finds the space. For an eSIM to function, it must be supported by the carrier. At the moment, limited carriers support eSIM but it’s growing in numbers.

Nepal Telecom is the first telco in Nepal to bring eSIM cards into practice. We, at Nepalitelecom, have already covered a detailed piece on eSIM. Kindly go to this link below to learn more about it.

For detailed info on eSIM: What is an eSIM? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

NTC’s eSIM Project Underway

As per the latest info, Nepal Telecom is trying to pilot eSIM with the recent tender of 7.5 million SIM card projects. So, Ntc will instantly bring around 1 and a half lakh of eSIM in their network, with that project.

Meanwhile, Managing Director, Dilliram Adhikari said, ‘eSIM is the future of mobile communications. This is why NTC is kickstarting the service next fiscal year.’

Which Devices support eSIM?

eSIM ecosystem has grown over the past few years. Several phone makers have integrated eSIM card support into their phones to accommodate carriers who want to make a leap towards the next-gen SIM profile.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series, iPhone SE, iPhone 11 series come with eSIM support. Meanwhile, Samsung has also added eSIM compatibility for its flagship S20, S21 series (in some markets), Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Fold series. Huawei’s P40 and the next premium devices (P50 Pro) will likely have the eSIM functionality.

It is not only phones that come with eSIM support but the latest wearable, tablets, PCs also have the eSIM functionality. These devices are already here in the Nepali market. With the introduction of eSIM in Nepal, those devices can right away access mobile networks independently, that is without the support of phone data.

Advantages of eSIM Cards

An embedded SIM Card comes with several merits. Check below some key benefits of an eSIM.

  • Easier to switch networks.
  • Switch between different telecom networks on a temporary basis, also while you are traveling, and save roaming costs.
  • Have multiple phone numbers in one device without needing a dual SIM phone.
  • Occupies less phone space inside and enables sleek design.
  • No need to worry about physical SIM card damage.

Check out: Common problems of a SIM card and how to replace?

What do you think of eSIM cards? Will you eagerly switch to an eSIM or stay content with a physical SIM card when you get the options? Let us know in the comments.

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