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Ncell eSIM Launched, How to Subscribe it for Your Smartphone

Ncell has finally launched eSIM for it’s users. The service has been a long-awaited one for Ncell customers. And the company has made it Live from November 25th, 2022 for general public users. This service is free and will work only on phones having eSIM technology. Let’s learn more about Ncell eSIM and how to subscribe eSIM for your smartphone in this article.

Ncell Launches eSIM in Nepal

Ncell is the largest private mobile network in Nepal and its eSIM service was anticipated for a long time. Keeping with its commitment to introducing innovative technologies and services, Ncell says they are delighted to offer eSIM service for their customers. As eSIM will grow in Nepal, the company expects an increase in both the consumer and business markets. The company believes that eSIM will be essential to the development of Nepal’s whole ICT ecosystem.

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded SIM inside a device that is different than the usual plastic SIM cards. It is an integral part of the phone itself. Unlike, traditional physical SIM cards, eSIM works within the device itself and useful for M2M too. Well, machine-to-machine (M2M) is direct communication between devices using any communications channel, including wired and wireless mediums. Using an eSIM service, users can remotely add or remove operators (SIM profiles) without physically swapping the SIM cards.

For an eSIM to work, it should be supported by both carriers and devices. To note, the usage of eSIM is not only limited to mobile phones, it is also used in smart wearables, AI translators, GPS Tracking, video surveillance devices, etc.

eSIM as Compared to Other SIMs

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How to Check eSIM Compatibility on Your Smartphone

To check whether your device supports an eSIM or not, you have to go through the following measures;

  • Head towards your phone’s dial pad.
  • Now, please dial *#06#.
  • It will show you an EID (Embedded Identity Document) number if your smartphone supports it.

How to Activate/Subscribe to Ncell eSIM

To activate/subscribe to Ncell eSIM service, you can go through the following steps;

  • Ncell users can request for eSIM upgrade via SMS for free. (No Charges Levied)
  • First, go to your phone’s SMS and type your citizenship identity number and email address. The format is <CItizenship Number>comma<email address>
  • And send it to 17125.
  • After that, Ncell will call you for confirmation.
  • Then, you’ll get a QR Code in your email to activate the service on your smartphone.

How to Install eSIM on your Android Smartphone

To install eSIM on an Android smartphone, you can go through these steps;

  • First, go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Find “SIM Cards & Mobile Networks ” or similar settings like “Connection or Mobile Network”.
  • Then, tap on “SIM Card Manager”.
  • Click on the “Add Mobile Plan” option.
  • Then select the “Scan carrier QR code” option.
  • After registration, tap “Ok” to turn on/activate a new mobile plan.
  • And this will generate the eSIM profile on your phone.

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How to Install eSIM on iOS Smartphones

  • For setting up an eSIM, make sure your device has an internet connection; WiFi, or Cellular Network.
  • Then, you can head toward Settings.
  • Then, you can tap on the Cellular option.
  • Select Add Data/Cellular plan.
  • After that, do scan the eSIM QR code you receive from the carrier.
  • Tap on the “Add Data Plan” option and save the eSIM details
  • Then, customize the name of the plan, and select “Continue”
  • Choose the carrier as the default line and select “Continue”
  • Select the carrier as the default mobile data line and tap Done.

eSIM Supported Smartphones

Not every flagship devices come with eSIM support. In order to use the service, your device must support it. Apple devices like iPhone XS, XR, 11, 12, 13 series, and 14 series support eSIM. Likewise, the iPad series from 3rd Gen to the present, and the Apple Watch Series since 3, have the support of an eSIM. There is dual eSIM support on iPhone 14 Series for the US and Canada regions.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy phones like Note 20, S20, S21 & S22 series can run eSIMs. The upcoming S23 series will also carry the support. Pixel phones like Pixel 4, 5, 6 and the latest Pixel 7 series also have support for eSIMs but these devices haven’t officially entered the Nepalese market yet. The upcoming iPhones are also going to be eSIMs-only models, as with the current US version of iPhone 14 series. Further, eSIM technology is the only feasible way to use mobile network for Internet of things (IoT) wearable devices.

So that was all about Ncell eSIM. Nepal Telecom, its direct competitor has already begun the service just some months ago. The eSIM activation is free but customers are required to visit the office in order to activate NTC eSIM. While Ncell has provided a hassle-free SMS activation service and it won’t incur any charges too.

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So, what do you think of Ncell eSIM service? Do you have a eSIM compatible smartphone or wearables? Do write us your queries, views, and experience in the comment section below.

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