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Nepal Telecom FTTH Fiber Internet: Price, Speed, Offer, Combo Packs

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has added more offers for its FTTH service from Kartik 1, 2078. Now, customers can use unlimited high-speed internet service (up to 100Mbps), Telephone and TV service through the FTTH (Fiber) service. The offers also include voice call rental, new FTTH combo packs. Here you can find all the information about Ntc unlimited FTTH fiber internet service, price, offers, speed, installation process, recharge, and more.

They also enabled voice call service (same as legacy PSTN phone) in the FTTH lines. The landline phone from FTTH will also have a facility to call other operators. To enable the International call (ISD) service in the FTTH phone aka IP phone, you need to visit a nearby Ntc counter.

What is FTTH?

FTTH is a next-generation access technology to provide high-speed, reliable, and quality internet service to your fixed locations (home or office) through the use of optical fiber. Acronym for Fiber to the Home, FTTH connects customer premises with optical fiber instead of coaxial cable or telephone lines. The speed that you can get with the FTTH broadband internet ranges from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps, along with IP-based voice and multimedia (IPTV video) services.

Fiber to the home service is one of the most reliable home internet solutions that is being used worldwide.

Nepal Telecom launched the FTTH service back in 2072 from limited areas of Kathmandu. Ever since they tried to expand the service to more areas but at a slow pace.

Currently, Nepal Telecom fiber internet service is available in 45 districts, find the contact office and contact number of Ntc FTTH. Having said that, it does not mean the high-speed internet service is available in all of the areas of the district.

Let’s take the instance of Kathmandu, the place where FTTH was first distributed, the fiber service is still not available in all the areas. Below we have presented tricks for how to check if FTTH is available in your place.

As the free call offers are not there now, the FTTH customers need to pay Rs 250 as a monthly rental for the voice service only. The monthly rental will enable 250-minute calls to the NTC network. You can also buy combo packs if you want a telephone line from the FTTH fiber. The combo packs also include the monthly 250 Rs offer. Whereas for other network operators, the same old voice call tariff will apply.

Ntc Unlimited FTTH packs.

Nepal Telecom has several FTTH packages for customers, which shall include either all or a combination of TV, Phone, and unlimited internet. Let’s find the details of the NTC FTTH packs.

Triple play (NTTV+Phone+Unlimited Internet) FTTH Offer

Now with the yearly subscription of the triple-play FTTH pack, you will be entitled to a free Set-top box. For this offer, there are three packages with 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 80 Mbps unlimited internet. The monthly charges for this triple play offer are Rs 1400, Rs 1850, and Rs 2450 respectively. If you subscribe for three months or 12 months, the price will be a little cheaper.

S.NFTTH Triple play offer1 Month (Rs)3 Months (Rs)12 Months (Rs)
125 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone and IPTV1400410015980
240 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone and IPTV1850550017100
380 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone and IPTV2450720022500
4NTTV and Telephone80023508300

If you need to add one more TV connection, then you need to pay Rs 508.5 per month together with the price of the set-top box (STB).

For the FTTH package with NTTV and Telephone (without internet), you need to pay Rs 800 per month, Rs 2350 for 3 months, and Rs 8300 for 12 months.

FTTH Combo with Telephone Packs

FTTH service with voice and unlimited internet has also got three packages; 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 80 Mbps. The price of the 25 Mbps unlimited fiber with the phone is Rs 1000 while the 40 Mbps and 80Mbps combo pack (with voice) costs Rs 1500 and Rs 2000 respectively. The price becomes cheaper if you subscribe for 3 months or 12 months.

S.NFTTH Internet plus telephone1 Month (Rs)3 Months (Rs)12 Months (Rs)
125 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone1000285010500
240 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone 1450420015300
380 Mbps unlimited internet with telephone 2000550020500
4Telephone only2557653060

The package will also provide 250 minutes, 750 minutes, 3000 minutes on-net telephone calls for free with the combo pack.

If you just need a telephone line over FTTH, you need to pay Rs 255 per month.

Internet-only FTTH packs

For the customers who require internet service only from FTTH, there are also three Premium Internet service packs of speed 50 Mbps, 80 Mbps, and 100 Mbps. The price of the premium internet via Ntc FTTH is Rs 4500, Rs 6000, and Rs 7500 respectively. It will go down if you subscribe for 3 months or 12 months.

S.NPremium Internet packages via FTTH1 Month (Rs)3 Months (Rs)12 Months (Rs)
150 Mbps unlimited internet45001260024800
280 Mbps unlimited internet60001650032800
3100 Mbps unlimited internet75002000040800

FTTH Premium Internet with IPTV Combo packages

The price of premium internet with IPTV packages does not include the cost of STB.

S.NPremium Internet packages plus IPTV1 Month (Rs)3 Months (Rs)12 Months (Rs)
150 Mbps unlimited internet with IPTV51781452331309
280 Mbps unlimited internet with IPTV66781842339309
3100 Mbps unlimited internet with IPTV81782192347309

The most popular FTTH pack for home use is Rs 800 per month whose price is also synced with that of ADSL monthly subscription. This package is made available only for the people who migrate from ADSL to FTTH. If you subscribe for a year package at Rs 8000, the internet subscription becomes cheap.

Find the Cost of FTTH package with NTTV (Television service)

One Time Cost (Ntc FTTH CPE/Set-top box, Fiber cost)

Installation Charge

The installation charge for the subscription of the Ntc FTTH service (without telephone) is Rs 500 whereas, for the combo pack (with telephone), the registration charge is Rs 1165. If you want to add another number from the same fiber, then the installation charge is Rs 1830. The telephone number in the combo pack will have Rs 100 and get 250 minutes to call within the NT network.


For those who buy the FTTH internet package for a year, Ntc will provide free CPE for the new FTTH line.

For a monthly or three months subscription, the cost of the CPE modem is Rs 2825. So, we suggest you register for a yearly package.

S.N.Ntc FTTH SubscriptionCPE Cost (without taxes)
11 YearFree
21 month or 3 monthsRs 2500 (Rs 2825 with tax)

The CPE will have a warranty for one month during which it will replace or repair for free. Whereas after that if something goes wrong with the device, you can replace it by paying the whole sum.

Set-Top Box (STB)

If you buy the NTTV package with the Internet for a year, you will get the Set Top Box for free. If you subscribe to the Ntc FTTH TV for less than a year, you have to pay for the STB, which costs Rs 3800.


The new FTTH customer will also get 100-meter fiber for free for the first installation. The cost of the fiber for longer than 100 meters and for maintenance purposes is Rs 10 per meter.

NTC has also started to provide free CPE and cable for those landline users who want to shift their phone line and internet to FTTH.

Charges for installation and the set-top box will be free if you subscribe for a year. Similarly, it is also free for those people who migrate from traditional landline phones. Find the process to change your ADSL and landline to the FTTH service for free.

Total Cost for a Yearly FTTH subscription

Here is the summary of the total cost for a yearly FTTH subscription of 25 Mbps.

  • Installation charge: Rs 500
  • CPE: Free
  • 100-meter cable: Free
  • One year of Subscription charge of 25 Mbps internet: Rs 10500
  • The total amount for 25 MBps internet= Rs 11000
  • Find the recent offer called Double Majja Offer in FTTH which provides a free mobile data pack with subscriptions above 20 Mbps.

Total Cost for an FTTH subscription for 3 months

Here is the summary of the total cost for an FTTH subscription for 3 months.

  • Installation charge: Rs 500
  • CPE: Rs 2825
  • Fiber: Rs 20 per meter
  • Subscription of FTTH service for 3 months: Rs 2850

FUP in Ntc FTTH Fiber Internet

Although previously it was heard that there was no FUP (Fair usage policy) in Ntc FTTH, Nepal Telecom now reveals the following data volume after which the internet speed downgrades.

Ntc FTTH package speedFUP Daily Data volume limitThrottled Speed after FUP limit
8 Mbps20GB5 Mbps`
25 Mbps30GB5 Mbps
40 Mbps`40GB5 Mbps
80 Mbps60GB5 Mbps

The premium FTTH internet packages do not have any FUP limit. That means the speed of these premium fiber internet packages will not degrade with higher data volume usage.

How do you Identify if Ntc Fiber FTTH is available in my area?

If you want to know if the Ntc FTTH is available in your area, there are two tricks.

  • Firstly, you can look for a box in the poles outside your home which has the tag of NT fiber (with a home-like logo).

  • Similarly, if someone else already has an NTC fiber connection in your area, you can get the hotspot from NT in that area. So you can look for a WiFi hotspot named NTFiber_…. to know if the NT fiber is already there.

As FTTH uses optical fiber for the connectivity from their office to customer premises, it provides triple-play services, including high-speed internet, voice, and Video (IPTV) service.

Connect Ntc FTTH (Fiber internet) service

To connect Ntc FTTH Fiber internet service for your place, you need to follow the steps:

  • First, make sure the Nepal Telecom fiber internet is available in your area. You can check for the boxes(shown above) or the WiFi SSID. If you can make a visit to the NTC office, then you can also ask for the availability of the fiber service in your location.
  • If it is available, then you need to fill up a registration form by visiting the Ntc office.
  • Nepal Telecom staff will then come to your place for surveys and estimates, within a day or two of the registration. They will also check for the feasibility and availability of ports.
  • Then, you need to pay for the registration charge of Rs 500 plus monthly or yearly subscription together with the CPE, fiber cable (100m for free). Find the cost of CPE and fiber above.
  • NTC staff will then come to your place to install the fiber and configure the CPEs for the internet service.
  • You will also get a username and password for your service. You can also ask them to put the WiFi password as your choice.
  • Confirm the internet and phone to work properly before they leave.

We suggest you read a review of the NTC FTTH service.

How to Recharge the Ntc FTTH service?

To recharge the FTTH landline service, you can use the same procedure as you use for a traditional landline phone. You can check FTTH validity and balance.

Here are some of the methods to pay the bill or recharge.

  • Go to the nearest Ntc counter and pay the bill there.
  • Using MPOS, pinless top-up to charge the phone.
  • Dial 1412 and charge from the recharge card. Read the recharge procedure in detail.
  • Ntc recharge portal.
  • eSewa or Khalti or other payment providers.
  • Make sure you have the customer number of your FTTH line to recharge from any method.

To complain about Ntc FTTH service, you need to call 198 and file a complaint by talking with the staff over the call. With this, you do not need to visit the Ntc office to complain about your fiber internet service.

We suggest you read: How to improve internet speed at your home, DIY?

Tell us what do you think of Ntc FTTH fiber internet service, in the comment box below.

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