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GSM PostPaid, Landline, ADSL, FTTH Bill payment from Recharge card.

Nepal Telecom has launched the facility of paying the bill of GSM/CDMA Postpaid, landline telephone, ADSL, FTTH and WiMAX from the recharge card. You can even use MPOS technology (Pinless Top-up) to clear the bills. Previously you had to get in the queue in several counters to pay the bill whereas the bank payment was also there.

From this facility, you don’t have to go to these counters for the bill payment purpose only. Below is the procedure for how to do the Postpaid bill payment from your phone from the recharge card, without going to Ntc offices.

Now NT recharge is the mostly used recharge card in Nepal Telecom. Online recharge is also one of the popular methods to recharge for Ntc services.

Here are the several options/methods to pay the bill for postpaid, landline, ADSL, FTTH and WiMAX.
Nepal Telecom

1. From IVR:

Dial 1412 and follow the directions from voice to pay the bill for your GSM Postpaid, Landline, and ADSL service.

2. From USSD.

You can pay the bill of GSM postpaid dialling a USSD number.

  • First Buy the amount of recharge chard you want to pay fand use your GSM Postpaid Mobile.
  • Then dial *412*Pin  No.*10#. This process is similar to that of GSM prepaid number recharge using the recharge card.

To recharge any Ntc service using NT recharge from USSD,

  • You need to Dial *412# in your GSM Mobile
  • And Select any service of Nepal Telecom
    • GSM/CDMA
    • Landline/FTTH Voice
    • ADSL
    • FTTH Data
    • WiMAX
    • SIP Phone
  • Enter the destination number (the number to be recharged or bill paid for)
  • Then Enter the PIN code of recharge card and confirm the payment

3. From MPOS

Go to your Nearest MPOS retailer, give your GSM Postpaid Mobile, PSTN, FTTH, WiMAX and ADSL number and get the bill payment. Find the process below for how to confirm the recharge or bill payment below.

4. From online recharge

You can also recharge Postpaid, Landline and ADSL from the online recharge web portal. For this process,

  • You need to buy a recharge card of the amount that you need to pay for your Ntc service.
  • Go to the online recharge portal (
  • Enter the Subscriber number and the PIN no. of the recharge card.
  • Click recharge to confirm the payment or recharge.

4. Mobile apps

Nepal Telecom also integrated the bill payment facility from its official mobile apps. Log in to the mobile app from your account and recharge using the recharge card PIN number.

READ Detailed information on all the Ntc recharge methods

Now you can also use several online banking and digital wallets to pay the bills of GSM postpaid, ADSL, landline and WiMAX.

How to confirm the bill payment after the recharge?

You can confirm your recharge/bill payment with the following procedure.
1. For GSM Post Paid: Go to your Inbox, type CB and send it to 1415.
2. For PSTN: Dial 1606 and get the information from IVR or Nepal Telecom telephone bill query.

3. For ADSL (Unlimited and Volume Based Service): Check the ADSL expiry date for the information for your bill payment.

Tell us what do you think of these Postpaid, ADSL, landline, FTTH and WiMAX bill payment from the recharge in the comment section below. Is not it easy or Ntc need to improve on this recharging method?

GSM Postpaid, landline, ADSL bill payment from Recharge Card launched.

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