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Telecommunication In Nepal: Milestones

History of Telecommunication in Nepal dates back to 1913 when the first telephone line was introduced in Kathmandu with an open-wire trunk between Kathmandu and Raxual (Indian border town) in 1914. With the evolution of the services from the early days, we have reached a much developed telecom market here in Nepal, along with the introduction of advanced technologies.

Telecom operators in Nepal.

To date, there are six Telecom operators with a broad range of technologies (Landline / Mobile / WLL) like PSTN, ADSL, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, EVDO, NGN, SIP. Nepal Telecom (previously Nepal Telecommunication Corporation) is the incumbent operator, owned by the government of Nepal being the only one landline operator. It has almost all services/technologies in almost all areas of the nation. Among them, Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell are the only telcos that have nationwide mobile coverage.

Ncell (previously Spice Nepal), previously Teliasonera associate (now an Axiata company) is a fast-growing GSM operator of the nation. It adopts new business strategies and approaches to allure customers to their network. STM Sanchar, an American invest is a rural basic telephony operator with a satellite link, especially available in Mountainous Region where there is no option for other services.

Now CG Telecom acquired the whole STM Sanchar telecom company. UTL, United Telecom is a joint venture of three Indian Telecom giants( MTNL, TCIL, TCL) with Nepal Ventures Private Limited (NVPL), operating in CDMA technology for WLL and Mobile. But UTL’s service is not available now.

Unified license.

Among Others, Nepal satellite and Smart cell are two operators given GSM License and frequency operating in different Rural VDC (Village Development Committee) and later to get the license to operate all over the nation (including populous cities Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara, etc). UTL, Smart has already got the unified license to operate GSM service in all parts of the country.

4G operators in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom had launched 4G LTE service in Kathmandu and Pokhara at the beginning of the year 2017. Ncell then introduced 4G in major cities of Nepal and become the one with widest 4G Coverage. Similarly, Smart telecom has also expanded its 4G coverage to 19 districts. Another telecom operator CG Telecom had inked a huge deal with Huawei for a 4G network but they are yet to receive the mobile telephony license called the unified license.

Nepal Telecom expands 4G service to all 77 districts but not all parts of the country. They are known to expand 4G to all areas of the country.

Ntc Ncell Smart Telecom

History of Telecommunication in Nepal with milestones.

Here are some major milestones in the history of telecommunication of Nepal.

S.N Year Telecom Milestone Event
1 2020 NTC 4G reaches to all 77 districts of Nepal
2 2017 NTC starts the migration of old TDM landlines to IP based phones.
3 2017  Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Cell launches 4G Service in Nepal
4 2016 Axiata bought 80 pc stake in Ncell, from Teliasonera
5 2016 Tele-density crosses 100 percent in Nepal
6 2011 Overall Teledensity of Nepal crossed 50 percent.
7 2011 Launching of GSM 3G Data Only Service (Nepal Telecom)
8 2011 Launching of EasyPhone SIP PPP Service (Nepal Telecom)
9 2010  Launching of EasyPhone SIP EasyCall Service (Nepal Telecom)
10 2010 High-Speed Internet on the Top of the world (Ncell)
11 2010 Soft Launch of EasyPhone IP Call Service (Nepal Telecom)
12 2010 High-Speed data Card launched from Ncell. Ncell Connect.
13 2010 EVDO Service started (Nepal Telecom)
14 2010 Blackberry Service launched in Ncell.
15 2010 Mero Mobile Rebranded to Ncell.
16 2009 Postpaid CDMA Mobile Service started (Nepal Telecom)
17 2008   Smart Tel awarded a license for GSM rural telephony for 4 Development regions other than EDR.
18 2008 Broadband ADSL Service launched. (Nepal Telecom)
19 2008 Nepal Satellite TeleCommunications awarded a license for GSM rural telephony in MWDR.
20 2008 TeliaSonera Acquired Ncell, then Spice Nepal (Ncell)
21 2007  GPRS, 3G, and CRBT Services introduced in GSM Mobile. (Nepal Telecom)
22 2007 Expansion of Internet Bandwidth via Optical link between Nepal & India. (Nepal Telecom)
23 2007 National Roaming for CDMA Mobile (Sky Phone) started. (Nepal Telecom)
24 2006 CDMA Limited Servies in Kathmandu Valley. (Nepal Telecom)
25 2005  Access Network Services. (Nepal Telecom)
26 2005 Soft launch of CDMA. (Nepal Telecom)
27 2005 Mero Mobile GSM Service launched (Ncell)
28 2004 Prepaid Calling Card Service (IN Services).(Nepal Telecom)
29 2004 NEPAL TELECOM(Transformation from Corporation to a Company)
30 2003 GSM Prepaid Service. (Nepal Telecom)
31 2003 STM Telecom Sanchar licensed for rural Telephony.
32 2002 East-West Highway Optical Fiber Project (Nepal Telecom)
33 2002 UTL got the license for CDMA WLL and Limited mobility.
34 2000  Launching of Internet Service. (Nepal Telecom)
35 2000 Implementation of SDH Microwave Radio. (Nepal Telecom)
36 1999 Launching of GSM Mobile services. (Nepal Telecom)
37 1997 Digital Link with D.O.T. India through Optical Fiber in Birgunj – Raxual.(Nepal Telecom)
38 1996  Introduction of VSAT services. (Nepal Telecom)
39 1996 Independent Int. Gateway Exchange established.
40 1996 Automation of the entire Telephone Network
41 1996 Conversion of all Transmission link to Digital transmission link
42 1995 Installation of Optical Fiber Network
43 1984  Commencement of STD service
44 1983  Establishment of digital Telephone Exchange
45 1965 First Automatic exchange in Nepal (1000 lines in Kathmandu)
46 1964  Beginning of International Telecommunications Service (HF Radio) to India and Pakistan
47 1962 First Public Telephone Exchange in Kathmandu (300 lines CB)
48 1955 Distribution of telephone line to the general public
49 1935  Installation of 25 lines automatic exchange in Royal Palace
50 1914  Establishment of Open wire Trunk Link from Kathmandu to Raxaul (India)
51 1913  Establishment of first telephone lines in Kathmandu

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