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How to identify Ntc Ncell Smart Cell Hello mobile numbers

In Nepal, each of the mobile network operators have their own number range in mobiles. So, it is easy to identify the SIM operator or mobile operator from the number itself. NTA, the regulator has assigned the number range to each of these operators. These operators use the same mobile number range for the new number distribution. This post, we are providing the list of numbers for each of the operators.

All mobile numbers in Nepal start with digit 9 and has 10 digit. The second digit is a technology identifier. 7 is for CDMA and 8 is for GSM family. Smart Cell has a second digit of 6 which is also for GSM.

Mobile Number range

Here is the number range, technology and the operators name in a Table.

S.N Number RangeTechnology Operator Name
 1 984 / 985 / 986 GSMNamaste SIM / Ntc (Nepal Telecom)
 2 974 / 975 CDMASky SIM / Ntc
 3 980 / 981 / 982 GSM Ncell
 4 961 / 988 GSM Smart Cell
 5 972 CDMA UTL
6963GSMHello mobile / Nepal Satellite Telecom

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