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How to know own mobile number in Ntc, Ncell and Smart

Some people forget their own mobile number when somebody asks for it. Mostly when they are traveling or using a new SIM number. So that time, they need to dial the person asking for the mobile number. Considering this, NTC, Ncell and Smart have provided a method to know their own mobile number. It is possible by dialing a code number from their phone.

If you can find the SIM card pack you got while buying it, then you can easily find your mobile number. Some people save the pack or take a photo of the SIM pack to get the mobile number.

Some people being smart, they give a miss call or send SMS to another number to identify their own number. Those methods work for all mobile networks in the whole world. Now that Nepali Telecom operators have a special number to dial to get own number, let’s find the process to identify own number for each telecom companies SIM card.

How to know own mobile number in Ntc?

How to know your own SIM number in Ncell?

How to know your own SIM number in Smart Cell?

  • To know own Smart number, customers need to dial *134#. Then you will get own Smart number on the display.

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Tell us what do you think of the process to know own mobile number in Ntc, Ncell, Smart.

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