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Important numbers/codes in NTC for subscription, offers

People keep on asking about the ways of subscribing to different services of Nepal Telecom (NTC). There is no single post for all the important numbers and codes. These numbers/codes are used to dial or send a message for subscribing offers, packages and additional functionalities/features in Nepal Telecom (NTC). There are several USSD codes, SMS codes and calling numbers. In this post, we have tried to collect all of the numbers/codes for the Nepal Telecom services subscription.

It includes GSM, CDMA services to Landline (PSTN) to ADSL for CRBT, FNF, data packs, offers subscription/activation. If you remember those, it will be very easy to get the services from Ntc.

Nepal Telecom

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which has a quite fast response as compared to that of other subscription methods like SMS or Calling. The best way of subscribing to any services/offers is a USSD code. To use the USSD service, you should always start from * and some code, then put some numbers (as in choice) and close with #. Dial the number to use the USSD service.

There are handsets that do not support USSD so we also need to have the SMS code or even the calling number. Take an example of some CDMA only phones, you need to have the SMS number either for getting offers or activating some features, as CDMA does not have USSD service.

The list of the numbers/code also includes some of the Nepal Telecom customer care phone numbers, which allows you to complain about your problems/issues to Ntc officially.


Subscription numbers/codes in Ntc.

Here is the list of easy/important numbers in Nepal Telecom (NTC) for several purposes like

  • dialing, subscribing some services like balance check/query, transfer, complaint/support, and more.
S.NNumberNumber to call or dial (USSD Code)Remarks
1Balance queryDial *400#Read here for more process by SMS
2Lost number blockCall 1415
3Landline, ADSL complain (phone and ADSL fault)Call 198Read more for Ntc customer center number.
4NTC GSM complainCall 1498As the billing is the same for all, some integrated complaint numbers may come in Ntc.
5CDMA complainCall 191
6SLC/SEE resultCall 1600Read more here.
7Recharge card (NT/Namaste Recharge)1412
8Direct recharge in GSM (Namaste / NT)*411*Pin no# or *412*Pin no#
9PSTN bill inquiryCall 1606Click here for inquiry from SMS.
10Ntc caller tunes/CRBTCall 1455 or *1455#More at How to subscribe CRBT in Ntc.
11NT Pro subscriptionMessage “sub ntpro” to 1428More at NT Pro post.
12Mobile data packs and Voice packs*1415#More at how to easily subscribe data packs in Ntc
13The access code for cheap international callsPut 1424 in front of international number
14Notice board service1610 for recording, 1618 for listening
15Plus 2 results, Bachelors, Masters result (TU)1601, 1602
16PUK problemDial 1607 from another number
17VOIP Call Complain188
18GSM FNF activationDial *1415# Or use Nepal Telecom appGo here to activate FNF from the message and in CDMA
19NTC 4G activationDial *444# or *444*1#Go here for more.
20NTC GSM balance transfer*422*Security_Code*Destination_mobile

number*Amount in Rupees#

Read here for more.
21NTC SMS/ message center numberPut +9779851028801 in the message center number
22Know your own NTC numberDial *9#
23Missed call notification (MCA)
  • Dial *1400# and select 1
  • Send a message sub mca to 1400.
Read here for more.
24Call waiting, call forwardingDial *43#Read here for call waiting and forwarding details.
25Nepal Telecom loan SapatiSend a message start to 1477Read here for Ntc loan Sapati
26Ntc international roamingFor postpaid, Go to Ntc office and fill a form.

For prepaid, dial *1415# and select international.

Read here for Ntc international roaming
27Ntc Gift some packs to friends, familyVisit Ntc gift portal.Read here for more info.

NTC now rarely uses the previously available numbers for GSM like 1400, 1414 as they shifted all of their prepaid or postpaid mobile number to the convergent billing system. Till now the complain numbers of different services are different, but later they might be integrated into one number for the customer care center of Ntc. Find all of the NTC customer center phone numbers.

These days, it is very easy to make the subscription or activate features/services for your mobile, using Nepal Telecom mobile app.

Tell us if you need any subscription number/ USSD codes in Ntc for some service?

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