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How to subscribe Ntc data packs easily?

NTC launched the data pack service for a long time now. Earlier people used to subscribe by sending a message with keyword to some Ntc number (like 1400). Now taking into consideration of public’s ease in subscribing to the data pack, Ntc brought an easy process which is dialing some code. You can take different volumes of data pack in MB or GB of data as per your requirement. Find the details of the NTC data pack subscription or some people would like to call it as taking MB data.

At first, Ntc tested the service using one dummy code but now they have fixed the subscription code or number. Ntc calls this “process to subscribe data pack” as dialing USSD code. Let’s find the dialing code and more.

How to take the Ntc data pack?

To take the Ntc data pack, customers need

  • to dial *1415# and find the different data packs and more inside.
  • Select one of the data packs inside either in the main menu or in the subcategories like All-time data pack, Night data pack, unlimited data pack and more.
  • After selecting the code, you need to confirm and you will get a message for the confirmation of the subscription. Find all of the Ntc data packs with price and detailed information including the message code for subscription.

Nepal Telecom has now integrated all of their offers in this easy subscription code.

When you dial the USSD code, you get an option for night data packs, All-time data packs, Night data packs, regular data packs and Seasonal/Festival offers. With this process, you don’t have to remember any other numbers to SMS and the Keyword/text format. Normally, subscribers make a mistake in the format and operators send back an SMS telling it to be a wrong keyword. You also get all the information regarding the data packs and choose the option you like.

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The number 1415 is also the same code for the prepaid and post customers to subscribe their services. This sort of subscription is very useful in making the service easy to access for all the customers. As the competition is very stiff for the different range of data packs and the easy accessibility between Ntc and Ncell, Ntc has brought this system to match the race. This easy process has also increased the data subscription rate of Ntc.

Now you can also subscribe to Ntc data packs using their mobile app. All you need to do is install the app, register for yourself or if you have already registered, reset the password, re-login. Then click “Buy packs” in the first page and select among the package type and the data package as per your choice to buy.

Tell us how do you feel about the data pack/ MB taking/subscription process, in the comment box below.

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