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Latest NTC data pack with price and detail

Nepal Telecom (NTC) provides Data pack in its mobile service be it GSM or CDMA prepaid or postpaid. Mobile data pack differs from on-the-go data usage as it will have some volume of data in MB or GB and the validity in a day to a month, up to six months (big data pack). Using a mobile data package, you can get an affordable data tariff than that of pay per usage. This post we include all the latest Ntc data pack from all-time, day time, night time and unlimited, as provided with latest Winter offer.

We can summarize the NTC data package as follows.

  • Day data pack
  • 1 GB per day data pack
  • All-time data pack including big volume
  • Night data pack
  • Unlimited data pack
  • Social media pack
  • Streaming data pack
  • 4G data pack

data internet

As a common trend, we can see that the higher the volume of data in the data pack, the more affordable it becomes. The data pack can only be used for the validity period which they can even specify for a particular period. Like in the case of day or night data pack, which is only valid for the day or night period respectively.

NTC has a pay per go data tariff of Rs 1 per MB. With the purchase of Ntc data package, you can get more MB data volume at Rs 1 or we can say the cost of 1 MB data volume becomes lower significantly.

GSM users can activate the data pack quite easily using USSD code, SMS or mobile app while CDMA users need to either send SMS with the keyword/code for that pack or mobile app. You can find all of the code to subscribe Ntc data pack below.

Day data pack

NTC has a data pack that is valid for 24 hours in a day. A day data pack of 80 MB costs Rs 10, which can be used in the period of 6 am to 6 pm. There is also another data pack of 200 MB which costs Rs 15 for the day time. Both the packs are valid for 24 hours. Read NTC day data pack in detail.

Price of data pack (NRs)Data in MBValid period SMS code
1080 MB24 hoursData80MB
15200 MB24 hoursData200MB

1 GB per day Data pack

If you are one of those who use heavy data volume per day, then we suggest you buy 1 GB per day data pack. The 1 GB per day data is also an all-time data pack which allows you to use 1 GB data for a day. There are daily, weekly or 28 days option in the 1 GB per day data pack. With the 1 GB per day data pack, you can get data volume at as low as 3 Paisa per MB.

Price in NRsData ValiditySMS code
451 GB1 day1D1G
2507 GB7 days7D7G
85028 GB28 days28D28G

All-time data pack

NTC includes a number of packages in the all-time data pack. Actually it is in the largest number for any data package in Nepal Telecom. The all-time data pack ranges from Rs 15 to Rs 700 with data volume of 60 MB to 14 GB. The cheapest data tariff in the all-time package is around 5 paisa per MB, which is for the largest data pack.

Price NRs DataValiditySMS code
1560MB1 dayData60MB
25250MB1 dayData100MB
60300MB7 daysData300MB
100700MB7 daysDATA700MB
2602000MB28 daysDATA2000MB
5006000MB28 daysDATA6000MB
70014000MB28 daysDATA14000MB

Big data pack

Ntc has launched big all-time data pack with its 16th anniversary. There are two such large volume data packs namely 30 GB and 60 GB, valid for 90 days and 180 days. This sort of huge data pack can also be used as a home internet to share in the family. For this, you can use a portable 4G device where you can put a SIM card and share the data from WiFi. It also suits people who use heavy data while on the go.

  • 30 GB data pack costs Rs 1600 valid for 90 days, which makes per MB tariff of 5.3 paisa.
  • 60 GB data pack costs Rs 3000 valid for 180 days, makes the per MB data tariff of 5 paisa.

Considering the validity date, it seems too much and people will forget when they bought the data pack. But the price per MB in both of the big data pack is quite cheap.

Night data pack

Nepal Telecom also has a data pack that can be used for Night time only. The night time data package can used for the period from 11 pm to 6 am. Now Ntc provides a single night data pack of Rs 12 for 1 night.

Price in NRsDataValiditySMS code
12400 MB1 nightNight400MB

Unlimited data pack

Ntc has unlimited data packages for the night and a hour time. The night unlimited data package has some FUP (Fair usage policy), in which users can get the full speed up to 1 GB volume and then the speed throttles to 256kbps. There is no limit to data consumption in the pack for the validity period. Read NTC unlimited data package in detail.

Price NRsData ValiditySMS code
18Daily unlimited1 nightNUNL
20Unlimited data, voice, SMS1 hourFDPACK
90Weekly unlimited7 nightsUNL7

Social media pack

Ntc social media pack

Ntc’s social media pack now includes all of the major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. It can be used for all time periods but only for those sites. Ntc recommends using the pack with official mobile apps of Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter and Instagram. Here is the detail of the Ntc Social media pack.

Price NRsDataValiditySMS code
1070MB1 dayFB60MB
35250MB3 daysFB250MB
65600MB7 daysFB600MB

Streaming data pack

NTC dedicates special data pack for video streaming purposes only. The streaming pack can be used for either YouTube or Ntc’s own Video OTT app called WowTime mobile app.

Price NRsDataValiditySMS code
15300MB1 dayYT300MB
30650MB3 daysYT650MB
601400MB7 daysYT1400MB

4G data pack

Ntc 4G launch

After the expansion of 4G to more than 60 cities, Ntc provides a 4G data offer to its customers with double data volume. To use the 4G offer in Ntc, you need to have a 4G compatible SIM card and 4G supporting SIM. Read in detail for how to activate 4G in your Ntc SIM and use it.

Price NRsDataValiditySMS code
25400MB1 day4G400MB
1001000MB7 days4G1000MB
2403GB28 days4G3GB

We recommend you to read Ntc 4G offer in details as there is some limitation in the usage of data volume for 4G and other networks. With the 4G offer, you can get data package at as low as 8 paisa per MB in Ntc.

There are several other combined data package in CUG pack, which includes unlimited on-net voice calls, some data package, off-net calls, and SMS.

For GSM and CDMA

All of the above data packs are for Ntc mobile service in GSM, CDMA except for the 4G pack and the price is inclusive of government taxes. There are some data pack in either ADSL or FTTH(Fiber internet) which allows you to use data internet for your fixed locations (Home/office).

How to buy the Ntc data pack?

As we said above, it is easy to buy a data pack from GSM mobile using USSD code. Whereas there is no option to subscribe to data pack in CDMA other than by sending SMS or using a mobile app. Sometimes you may have to remember the data volume in either MB or GB for the process to buy the particular data pack in CDMA.

To subscribe Ntc data pack, you need to

  • Dial *1415# and select the data pack of your choice including that of Seasonal offers or festival offers. Which is only valid for GSM mobile.
  • send some code to 1415 for a particular data pack. You can find the SMS code of each data pack above. This is valid for either GSM or CDMA. As CDMA mobile cannot use the 1415 USSD code, you need to find the SMS code and send it to 1415.
  • login to your account in Ntc mobile app and then go to “Buy data pack” section. After you select the pack of your choice and click it to get the package for your Ntc mobile. This method holds true for both GSM and CDMA mobile.

How to check the remaining volume of the data pack?

To check the remaining volume in Ntc data package, you need to

  • Dial *1415*55# which will provide the details of remaining volume and validity in the display and also in message. This USSD code method works in GSM only.
  • send a message “Vl” to 1415. This SMS method works in both GSM and CDMA mobile.

Read here in detail to check the remaining volume in all Ntc numbers.

Tell us what do you think of all the information of the NTC data pack. If you want a different data package of your choice that is not available in NTC, you can comment below with your expected price.

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