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Ntc Social Media Pack, With Fb, Instagram, Twitter & More

NTC first launched the first social media pack from ITU day. Among the several offers launched, the Facebook pack is one of them. The first social media pack only included Facebook. Now after some time, they included Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter as well. Find Unlimited Facebook and Large social media pack in Ntc below.

Adding Twitter to the social media pack is a big relief to all the people who only use Social networking sites like Twitter from their mobile.

Ntc Social Media pack include Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter

Facebook is the most popular social networking app here in Nepal. Similarly, Instagram and WhatsApp owned by Facebook are the most popular photo-sharing and OTT calling applications. The above sites/OTT applications are owned by Facebook, it is easy for them to make a new data pack including all of them. Similarly, there are certain groups of people who prefer Twitter. Now the Social media pack also includes Twitter.

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The only Social Media data pack available now is 200 MB at Rs 15, for 1 day.

NTC keeps on revising the social media pack data volume with the seasonal offers, with the increment of more data volume. But now they have a single such Social media pack while there are Unlimited Facebook and Large Social media pack, as discussed below. Ntc recommends using the official application from these social media sites while using social media packs.

Here is the summary of all the Facebook, Instagram packs in Ntc.

  • 200MB for 1 day @ Rs 15.

Unlimited Facebook pack

Nepal Telecom now has unlimited Facebook/YouTube packs to use Fb and YouTube streaming. Do check out Ntc unlimited Facebook pack.

Large Social Media pack

Nepal Telecom has also brought a large social media pack which has a huge volume of data to use for Facebook and YouTube. This is different from the regular social media pack (which includes Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter).

This large social media pack is beneficial to those who use Facebook and YouTube a lot. There is two such large social media packs in Ntc. The 7 days pack that includes all-time 4GB data and 1GB data per day, costs Rs 180. So, altogether you get 11GB of data. While the 28 days pack that includes 10GB all-time data and 1GB data per day, costs Rs 599. This largest social media pack provides 38GB of total data.

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How to Take Ntc social media pack

To subscribe to the new Facebook and Instagram packs, customers need to

  • To subscribe Fb pack in Ntc, type FB, and the corresponding data volume in MB and send it to 1415.
  • You can find all those packs when you dial *1415#.

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Like sending FB200MB to 1415, to subscribe 200MB Social media pack at Rs 15.

Tell us how do you feel about the new NTC Social media packs, in the comment below.

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