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NTC Voice Packs for Day, Night, Unlimited, And All Time

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has started providing the voice pack for some time now. NTC Prepaid or Postpaid customers can buy the voice pack for affordable calls. Now seasonal offers in Nepal Telecom like Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn offer include the voice pack. There are different periods of time and offers for the voice pack which you can find below. You can find the cheapest cost of call for each period and the unlimited day & night voice pack along with the process to subscribe to the pack with code or SMS.

Ntc has a voice call tariff of Rs 1 per minute call. You can find all of the voice tariffs in Nepal Telecom services.

Here are the different kinds of voice packs in Nepal Telecom which we shall cover here.

  • Night voice pack
  • Unlimited voice pack
  • All-time voice pack
  • Eco voice pack
  • CUG pack
  • Day pack
  • Postpaid pack
  • Stay connected voice pack

As the company launched VoLTE: an advanced voice call service over 4G mobile network, Ntc now provides Volte call pack as well. This comes with the Ntc Summer offer 2021.

At first, there was only a night voice pack available in Ntc. As per the huge demand in people for all time voice packs for which people have been regularly asking us as well, Ntc came up with all-time voice packs. Their competitor Ncell had been already providing Voice pack for a long time. Find more details on the Ncell Voice pack.

Night voice pack

The night voice pack is valid for the night time: 10 pm to 7 am (increased recently by 1 hour).

Here are all of the new Night voice packs:

  • 60 minutes of night voice pack at Rs 10 for a night, Code: NV60

Unlimited voice pack

Night voice pack: NTC also brings an unlimited night voice pack at Rs 12 for a night time period from 10 pm to 6 am. The code to activate this voice pack from SMS is NVUNL. This is valid for GSM and CDMA prepaid and postpaid.

Unlimited pack for any time: NTC has also brought 1-hour unlimited packs for any time. The unlimited packs for an hour include unlimited voice, data, and SMS. The unlimited packs cost Rs 20 per hour.

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Now Ntc new voice packs are available for all time and in different ranges. Find out more below.

All-time voice pack

NTC’s new voice pack can be used for GSM, CDMA prepaid, and postpaid subscribers for on-net calls that are within the Ntc network. There are different NTC voice packs for a day, 3 days, 7  days, and 28 days. NTC new voice packs for all time period are as follows:

Ntc voice pack Price (Rs)
Voice (Minutes)Cost per 1 minute callValiditySMS Code to send to 1415
12140.851 DayVOICE14
25400.621 DayVOICE40
40700.573 DaysVOICE70
1001900.527 DaysVOICE190
2505000.4828 DaysVOICE500
50012000.4528 DaysVOICE1200

So the cheapest price you get with the all-time pack is 45 paisa per minute with the highest pack of Rs 500.

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Eco voice pack

Nepal Telecom recently adds Eco voice-packs in its portfolio, which includes two packages for 7 days and 28 days. In this eco pack, you can make 100 minutes call per day to use for either of the pack. That means 7 days eco pack includes 7*100= 700 mins call and 28 days eco pack includes 28*100= 2800 mins call. The price of the 7-day eco pack is Rs 95 whereas that of 28 days is Rs 375, which is inclusive of the taxes.

VoLTE pack

Ntc after providing free VoLTE calls with first time activation, brings VoLTE specific packs. Here are the VoLTE packs available now.

  • 120 min (all network) + 120 min (VoLTE) NT to NT voice pack: Rs 12 for a day
  • 500 Min (All Network) + 500 Min (VoLTE) NT to NT Voice Pack: Rs 250 for 28 days
  • 1 GB/ Day + 14 Min/Day (All Network) +100 Min /Day (VoLTE) NT to NT combo pack: Rs 649 for 28 days

CUG pack

NTC also provides a CUG pack for corporate users. CUG pack is available with GSM, CDMA Prepaid, and Postpaid SIM cards. With the pack, customers within the CUG can make unlimited free calls to each other.

Special CUG pack of Rs 200 provides 100 minutes of on-net voice calls, 140 MB data, 10 mins off-net calls, and 50 SMS within the Nepal Telecom network. There are several other CUG packs like Rs 400 to Rs 1600. Read the detailed info about Ntc CUG packs.

Previously all of the voice pack provides voice minutes to call within Ntc number only. Now the CUG pack includes some off net calls as well, which you can find in details inside Ntc CUG pack.

NTC day pack

With the NTC day pack, the customer can make 120 minutes of the voice call to the NTC network at Rs 12. Here the price of the day voice pack is 10 paisa per minute. Similarly, Ntc recently adds an unlimited day voice pack at Rs 15 for a day.

So, for people who prefer calling in the day time, the unlimited pack is the cheapest. The voice call can be made during the period of 5 am to 5 pm and valid for 24 hours. Read more about the Ntc day pack.

Stay connected offer pack

With the COVID-19 lockdown, Nepal Telecom brought affordable packs in voice and data with a scheme called Stay connected offer. There are two on-net voice-packs in this offer namely 60 minutes for a day at Rs 25 and 285 minutes for 7 days at Rs 100. Find more info on Stay connected offer.

Postpaid pack

If you are an Ntc postpaid user, you can take a special voice pack in the postpaid SIM. The month-long voice pack of 800 minutes can be taken at Rs 384. To buy this pack, you need to send a message COMBOVOICE384 to 1415 or dial *1415#. The cost of one minute call with this pack is 48 paisa. Find why the Postpaid pack is better with more offers inside.

How to subscribe/take the Ntc voice pack?

To take the NTC night voice pack, customers need to

  • send a message NV60 to 1415, for 60 minutes of night voice pack.

To take the Unlimited night voice pack, customer need to

  • send a message NVUNL to 1415.

To subscribe to the all-time NTC voice packs by SMS, customers need

  • to send a message of the format Voice and the respective minutes to 1415. For example, for a voice pack of 14 minutes, customers need to send a message VOICE14 to 1415. Find SMS code for the other all-time packs above in the table.

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Above SMS methods work for GSM and CDMA customers. Whereas for GSM, there is a special USSD code with which subscribing to the pack is very easy.

So, to take the voice packs in NTC GSM, subscribers need

Ntc has other voice pack or combo pack exclusively in it’s postpaid SIM card. Find all of the offers in Nepal Telecom be it for Mobile or Internet services.

How to know the used and remaining minutes in the Ntc voice pack?

To know the remaining and used minutes in voice packs, you need to send a

  • message “vl/fr” to 1415.
  • message “vlvoice” to 1415, which also shows the validity date of the pack.

Ntc is also known to add a few more packs for all time periods. If you have some kind of pack in your mind and the price that you think Ntc should bring, please write it below. If it is for some different combo packs for data, voice, and SMS included in the same pack, you can even mention the price and the offer, in the comment section below.

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