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Voice call tariffs in Nepal Telecom

Although there are many services introduced in Nepalese telecom sector,  voice call: one of the oldest service, still remains to be the most used service in Nepal. There are multitude of technologies with which you can make a call to another subscriber, be it in the same operator or different one. The voice call rates have reduced significantly  from the past but the price has quite saturated from the last few years. There are some speculations that voice call (on net calls) will be made free of cost (as in some of the telcos abroad) but for a country like Nepal, free voice is still long way from here.

Here are the voice call tariffs for different technologies and services in Nepal Telecom.

PSTN Landline: Landline phone is one of the pioneering services in Nepal, which has come from manual ones to fully automatic and digital ones. Till now, Nepal Telecom is sole telecom provider for landline service through which you can make a call, use ADSL internet. As landline phones are post paid billed service, there is a rental fee of Rs 200 with which you can get 175 calls. For no of  calls less than 175 , you should pay Rs 200 (the rental fee) whereas for no of calls greater than 175, you should pay extra Rs 1 per minute call. As all the landline calls within Nepal are made local, it is the same Rs 1 per minute tariff for all the landline calls within Nepal. Calls for fixed C-phone postpaid are same as that of PSTN phones. The pulse duration in Landline phone is of 1 minute time.

GSM and CDMA customers: For GSM  and CDMA mobile, there are different rates of Rs 1.5 and Rs 1 per minute call for prepaid and postpaid at normal hours (6 am to 10 pm) respectively whereas for off peak hours, the call tariff comes to at Rs 0.55 (55 paisa) per minute for both prepaid and postpaid. With the activation of FNF service (friends and family), a GSM and CDMA prepaid customers can call at 70 paisa per minute to 5 NT numbers whereas for post paid users, it is 55 paisa per minute. The pulse duration is of 20 seconds duration in all mobile calls.

GO to the post for how to get discounted call rates to 5 NT numbers with FNF service.

CUG (closed user group): For closed user group (only available for GSM post paid users), the call tariff is 50 paisa for 50 to 100 closed groups, 45 paisa for 101 to 200 users, 40 paisa for more than 200 users in a group. Read more for NT CUG.

Inter-operator Calls : The calls made from Nepal Telecom to Ncell mobile number is 50 paisa more than that of internal calls and that is the interconnection charges that the operators take for landing calls from another operators. Similar is the case for making calls from Nepal Telecom to other mobile operator numbers like Smart Tel. So from prepaid calls to Ncell or Smart, it is Rs 2 per minute whereas for postpaid it is Rs 1.5 per minute which is exclusive of taxes.

What is pulse duration? 

Pulse duration is the time period that is used to measure the call period and apply for billing. The no of pulses is counted and is used to charge the customers bill. The call charge is calculated by multiplying the no of pulses, tariff per sec and the no of seconds in pulse. The pulse duration or interval between the pulses has come from 2 minutes, 3 minutes ( a decade back) to a second in some countries. In Nepal, It has been reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minutes in Landline phone whereas in mobile, it is reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Here is the summary of the voice call tariff in all technology and services.

S.NServiceNormal hours (6 am to 10 pm)Off hours (10 pm to 6 am)Pulse duration
1Landline and C- phoneRs 1 per minuteRs 1 per minute1 minute
2GSM and CDMA PrepaidRs 1.5 per minute55 paisa per minute20 seconds
3GSM and CDMA PostpaidRs 1 per minute55 paisa per minute20 seconds

*All the call tariff are mentioned without taxes, which applies to every billed calls.

If you have any doubt about NT call tariff, please feel free to write below in the comment box.

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