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Mobile pulse rate decreases to 10 seconds. What is the benefit?

Nepal Telecommunication authority (NTA) has decided to decrease the pulse rate of a mobile call. NTA has directed mobile network operators inside the country to reduce the pulse rate from Baishak 1st, 2074. As there was a demand from advocates of consumer rights for the reduction of pulse rates, NTA has come up to this decision to favor the consumers.

Till now, the pulse rate of a mobile call is 20 seconds. As per the new directives, the pulse rate will be reduced to 10 seconds. Till now, for call duration up to 9 seconds, operators are charging customers of 20 seconds. But after Baishak 1, operators will charge of 10 seconds for call duration of 9 seconds. Similarly, if a customer calls 29 seconds then the charge of the call is for 30 seconds but within this year, it is of 40 seconds. So, the benefit for each customers is that the charge will be less for them.

What is a pulse rate?

Pulse rate is the minimum duration for which the call will be charged. It is also the charge rate for a certain unit of time. If it is assigned by a telecom operator (as per the regulation) as seconds, then calls up to 29 seconds will be charged with the price of that pulse. Even if the call duration is 2 seconds, the charge will be of 30 seconds. If the pulse rate is 10 seconds, then 9 sec calls will be charged at the price of that pulse.

What is the benefit to the customers?

For a customer, it will be beneficial to have the pulse rate as lower as possible. As customers need not pay for the pulse duration which they have not made calls, the cost of each calls will be reduced. Customers abroad including India are being charged per second basis that is the pulse rate is 1 second. With this, each call will only be charged only for the duration of the call they have made.

Charging per second is quite popular these days and it is what the customers want. The regulator has decided to make the pulse rate for mobile call to 10 seconds. After the six months i.e. from Kartik, the call charging will be made on a second basis. So then customers will be only charged for the seconds they have made a call.  In first phase , the rate for international calls is made 30 seconds. Similarly, it will be made 30 seconds in fixed phone and 10 seconds in international calls, after six months.

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