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How to view/check SEE result 2077/78?

SEE result has been published just now. This year, Lakhs of students were about to appear in the examination but could not due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But they bring out the results based on internal school marking. Find the methods to view the SEE results below.

SEE (Secondary Entrance Examination) result publishes every year. This year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, there were no examinations but the evaluation or marking is based on the internal school exams.

There are several methods to view the result here in Nepal. The result providers range from telecom companies, Value-added service providers, Government official portals, Examination control board websites, Online news portal, education portals. This post includes all of the processes to view the SEE result 2077/78.

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SEE result 2076

View SEE result from telecom operators: Ntc, Ncell

Nepal Telecom has been providing the result of the different examinations for a long time. So, Ntc includes the SEE result for this year 2076 too. There are actually three methods with NTC, which are the easiest ones.

  • From IVR, you can call to 1600 and dial your symbol no. after the announcement. You can make a call to 1600 from any Ntc number: PSTN, CDMA, GSM Mobiles.
  • By SMS, you need to send SMS in the format <SEE> space <Symbol no, Alphabet> to 1600 from any NT numbers. NT numbers could be a landline or Fixed phone or mobile number.
  • You can find the details of the SEE result website of Ntc below.

The SMS format is also the same for Ncell. They are providing the result with SMS and their official app.

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SEE result from VAS SMS providers:

Here is the process for the SEE result from different SMS providers.

S.N SEE result from SMS provider Shortcode number
1 Nepal Telecom 1600
2 Ncell 1600
3 Easy Services Pvt. Ltd 34949
  • SMS format is <SEE> space < symbol no> and you need to send to the respective shortcode numbers, listed above from different VAS providers.

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SEE results from web portals.

SEE result is available from official government portals and the portal of the examination control board. They are:

S.N SEE result provider Websites
1 SEE board
2 Ntc
3 Ncell
4 National examination board
5 Education Sansar
6 Kantipur

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Here we present the official channels that are announced by the board. You may also find the results on various other platforms. You can choose one of them to check the results yourself.

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How to understand the SEE Grade Sheet:

Here is a table below for how to understand the grading system of SEE results in Nepal.
SN Interval in Percent Grade Description Grade Point
1 90 to 100 A+ Outstanding 4.0
2 80 to below 90 A Excellent 3.6
3 70 to below 80 B+ Very Good 3.2
4 60 to below 70 B Good 2.8
5 50 to below 60 C+ Satisfactory 2.4
6 40 to below 50 C Acceptable 2.0
7 30 to below 40 D+ Partially Acceptable 1.6
8 20 to below 30 D Insufficient 1.2
9 0 to below 20 E Very Insufficient 0.8

Tell us which one do you prefer for SEE result 2076/77, in the comment box below.

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