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Ncell Testing VoLTE Service, Launch is Expected Soon

Private telecom operator Ncell is expected to launch VoLTE service soon. The company says it is testing a select few devices and will roll out the service shortly.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It is a 4G-based call feature that allows HD calls while permitting mobile data and call simultaneously. Ncell’s rival operator Nepal Telecom aka Ntc began VoLTE trials in May 2021 and commercially rolled out the service in February 2022. Likewise, Ncell had subsequently started working on its own VoLTE, and the company hints at an imminent launch.

The good thing with Ncell though is that the telco has hinted at a nationwide commercial launch. The company has revealed that VoLTE will be available commercially wherever its 4G network is available meaning a nationwide rollout. The telco has also revealed the HD call service will be available on both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands. 


Coverage and Compatibility of Ncell’s VoLTE

Ncell says it will roll out VoLTE for its customers around the country. However, the service requires custom efforts by the telco and phone makers to enable the service on separate models. Ncell says it is working with all major smartphone OEMs to ensure no device is left out of the service. It will be a matter of time before a wide list of devices will have the capability to benefit from the exclusive service.

In addition, Ncell is not making this service exclusive. Anyone with a supporting device would be able to use VoLTE service anywhere on its 4G network. Of prerequisites for VoLTE, the service requires a 4G capable SIM card. New SIM cards come with 4G network support these days so it shouldn’t be a worry. But if you own an old SIM, you need to activate 4G on it. Visit this post to learn how to activate 4G on your old Ncell SIM card.

In addition, handset owners must also ensure they have a phone that supports a 4G connection or bands that support it in Nepal (for better connection).

The telco will also announce multiple offers to encourage users to switch to the advanced voice call feature upon its launch.

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Simultaneous calls, data, and more

VoLTE allows users to stay on 4G and browse data even during a call. It elevates call quality with clear sound over LTE and it’s easy for call set-ups. the feature also has support for video calls, however, Ncell will limit it to calls only during the launch. But the company has assured more innovations will be on the cards “where it makes sense for both our customers and the business.”

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Ncell is the immediate competitor to NTC and adding VoLTE will be another milestone in its portfolio of services. Ncell boasts over 6.1 million 4G subscribers and from the network’s side, all of them will be able to enjoy the next-gen voice call service when VoLTE goes online.

We will keep updating you about Ncell’s VoLTE service launch in the coming days. If you have any queries regarding this service, you can drop one in the comments below.

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