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Ncell Boosts 4G Coverage With LTE 900MHz

Ncell Axiata, Nepal’s leading Private telecom operator has started operating 4G LTE in the 900 MHz band. After receiving an additional spectrum and tech neutrality license for 900MHz, Ncell was known to preparing for the operation of 4G in this lower spectrum. Now, 4G with LTE 900 MHz is believed to boost coverage with a better network experience for Ncell users.

As per Ncell, they have already enabled LTE 900 MHz in more than 30% of their sites. Those areas now equipped with 4G 900 MHz are all major cities, select semi-urban and rural areas. So, customers in those locations will have higher 4G speeds, wider coverage including better in-building penetration.

Further, Ncell has planned to launch LTE 900 MHz in more sites in a phase-wise approach. Ncell expects to rollout 4G in 900 MHz nationwide within 12 months.

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Advantages of 4G in 900MHz band

4G at 900MHz allows them to deliver much deeper indoor coverage and wider coverage. 900MHz being a lower frequency band can penetrate signals better indoors and enable better reachability, wider coverage due to its propagation characteristics. As known, 900 MHz provides 30 to 40% more coverage than 1800 MHz.

LTE 900 MHz can deliver a seamless and unbuffered video experience for the customers. In some areas where 4G was not available before or had poor coverage, 4G at 900 will now provide a better experience in signal stability and speed. Similarly, the upcoming VoLTE service in Ncell in this 900MHz spectrum will have better voice quality.

Having 4G in 900MHz band together with 1800 MHz can also complement each other for not only coverage but also for speeds. The carrier aggregation feature, that combines the data connection from both bands can significantly boost the 4G network speed.

Ncell is known to enable carrier aggregation if the demand and broader support warrant it. It is because the carrier aggregation feature is only available in a handful of handsets, mostly flagship phones.

With the carrier aggregation feature, you can get a 4G+ icon and higher speed.

Tell us what do you expect with the operation of the 900 MHz band for 4G LTE service? If you have had a Ncell SIM with a poor 4G network before, please check the 4G signal now and let us know in the comments.

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