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WorldLink Testing PUBG Server in Nepal: Will Gaming Improve?

WorldLink has started testing the PUBG server in Nepal which is expected to bring the much-sought improvement to the online battle royale game. This became possible after PUBG’s parent company Tencent availed a local server to WorldLink to appease its vast gaming community in Nepal to address the gaming issues.

PUBG is one of the most played games in Nepal but gamers have often complained about glitches, and slow responses owing to high ping counts. But at the expense of Nepal’s leading ISP WorldLink, PUBG gaming could drastically improve very soon.

Currently, ‘the server is under testing and the leading ISP expects the server to go live within a month’, WorldLink CTO Samit Jain said. WorldLink is operating two cache server nodes. After the testing concludes, the nodes will reach 10.

WorldLink alone accounts for 10 Gbps of international bandwidth and it amounts to 20 to 25 Gbps in total for the popular game. That was a reason, WorldLink took the lead to set up the game’s server in Nepal. WorldLink is also the country’s leading ISP with more than 5 lakh household subscriptions.

The news of WorldLink installing a local server for PUBG was revealed last month. Samit Jan, Chief Technology Officer of WorldLink, had said the ISP was reaching its final preparations and set to install a local server for PUBG that will render a smoother gaming experience.

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Will Take Time To See The Results

However, it is not known what type of PUBG server is coming to Nepal. Tencent has not revealed whether it is allowing the entire or partial traffic to WorldLink’s PUBG server. This also makes it hard to analyze how much ping performance will improve.

pubg server in Nepal
PUBG gaming on mobile

Nepalese gamers receive their PUBG traffic from data centers in Hongkong, Mumbai, Japan, Silicon Valley, etc. But Tencent has not disclosed yet which traffic it will send to the Nepali server.

A Local PUBG server: What Will It Do?

A local cache server will bring significant improvements in the overall gameplay. It stores the game’s contents locally and helps the game load faster. This translates to prompt input response with decreased latency, which is the key to online gaming.

To elaborate, when players press keys in the game, the inputs will be processed at the local server. As the distance to the server narrows, players experience a much faster input response allowing them to execute actions instantly.

Commonly, If a user gets lag in gameplay when they get 100 milliseconds ping. This is due to the server’s distant location from the gamer’s. But after the local server starts operating, the gamers will notice a much better server response and smoother gameplay. They will get a faster response to their keypress, and the actions will run instantly without freezing, jitters, or any known issues detrimental to the game.

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It’s All About Latency!

Latency holds the key to online gaming. it refers to the time data from mobile takes to reach the corresponding server and back to the device. This is a pivotal ingredient to online gaming as the player’s inputs reach the server and draw the results on the screen.

If the server is distant, the user data reach the server late and results in delayed response affecting the entire gaming. Latency is measured in milliseconds and anywhere below 100ms is acceptable. Meanwhile, latency below 20ms is considered excellent for the most ideal gameplay. Nepali PUBG gamers facing the issues also result from poor latency due to international servers.

Now that WorldLink has begun testing the local server, gamers can certainly feel some improvement. But to see the real improvement, we have to wait till the server runs in full capacity. The leading ISP is currently testing two cache server nodes and at the time the trial concludes, the number will reach 10. When all the nodes go live, we will have a better estimate regarding the game’s efficiency.

If Tencent allocates a portion of gaming servers in its server in Nepal, gaming would improve as desired. However, there is no confirmation whether Tencent will allow only gaming servers or cache servers. But everything will unfold when WorldLink switches on all the PUBG servers nodes within a month.

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Do you play PUBG? How excited are you with Worldlink’s local server coming in to aid the gaming experience? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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