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What is 4G+? Find Everything You Need to Know.

Recently 5G network is much hyped in Nepal but it ain’t coming any time soon. However, the latest 4G technology gets unnoticed by the large population here. If you can see the 4G+ icon on your mobile phone, then you are accessing the faster 4G network that may fulfill all of your mobile data requirements for now. Let’s find all details about the 4G+ technology.

4G+ is the advancement in fourth-generation mobile technology standard, with the technological name LTE advanced. As it enables data speeds near to 5G or in between 4G and 5G, it is also termed as 4.5G technology. Check out if 5G is better than 4G?

4G plus in Nepal

What makes 4G+ different than just 4G?

4G+ is a fast and upgraded version of 4G technology, which is possible due to the use of carrier aggregation. With CA, your phone can access multiple LTE carriers at the same time, making the combined speed increase drastically. Although the technology permits up to 5 Carrier aggregation, the telecom service provider uses the LTE carriers based on the spectrum availability.

How much speed does 4G+ have?

The mobile data speed actually depends on the signal strength, time of usage, and the device used. But on average, you can get three to four times faster data in 4G+ than just 4G.

The peak data that is possible with 4G+ is 300 Mbps but the actual data speed can reach above 50 Mbps on average. Nepal Telecom has showcased 234 Mbps peak downlink 4G speed, which they can improve in later days. Whereas we have already found 100 Mbps download speed in the normal period over 4G plus.

Ntc 4G speed

So, 4G+ increases the capacity of the 4G network, enabling the telcos to serve more users with satisfying data speed.

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How to access 4G+?

First of all, your SIM card provider’s network must have enabled carrier aggregation on their 4G network. Then, you need to have a high-end 4G compatible smartphone with CA between the specified bands, to get a 4G+ icon. In some countries, the telcos only let subscribers who buy a special pack (with large data volume/caps) access the 4G plus network. Whereas some let it open for all.

Some of the handsets only show a 4G+ icon, at times when you are demanding higher data speeds. While some devices show a 4G plus icon at all times. There are some devices that show 4G+ only when the operating bandwidth crosses 15MHz.

Is 4G plus available in Nepal?

Yes, 4G+ network is available in Nepal with Nepal Telecom, as it uses two bands for LTE. They are using both 4G spectrum bands across the country. So, they can combine two different carriers in Band 3 and Band 20 to a single user.

Check if your phone supports both bands and have the feature to aggregate them, to be able to use 4G plus.

You do not need to subscribe to any different plans to get 4G+ in Nepal, rather than the device and Ntc SIM. Whereas the smartphone needs to receive both LTE carriers to be able to combine.

Increasing 4G speed further

The 4G speed can be further increased to satisfy more demands by either adding more LTE carriers (buy more spectrum or refarm existing technologies) or using MIMO (Multiple Antennas) or even increasing the bandwidth of the carrier.

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If the telcos can implement either of the features, they can increase the 4G speed in a large way. That’s why some are reluctant to go for 5G instantly.

Tell us what do you think of 4G plus technology with the carrier aggregation feature. If you have any query for 4G+ or any mobile technology standards, then you can ask us either in the comment or on our social networking pages.

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