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Spotify Officially Launches in Nepal Along With 80+ Countries

Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service launches officially in Nepal. Music lovers in Nepal have waited long for this. Now that Spotify is here in Nepal, the excitement runs rampant not only for the listeners but also for the music creators. The music service now expands to 85 new markets that include four countries in South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Nepal).

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek first announced the expansion plan in their Stream on Event, which targets untapped markets with high potential. As per their infographic, they are able to reach 1 billion + customers in those 80+ countries. This becomes the largest ever one-shot expansion of the music streaming platform. Before this, they were available in 93 countries. So, the total number of countries with Spotify music service becomes 170+ markets.

It will be no wonder now if our Nepalese music genre (Dohori, Adhunik, Nephop, etc) be introduced there, making it available to the global audience. So, Spotify will create a bigger audience for the local music makers. As known, they open the global catalogs to all of the markets and also make them available in mobile and desktop web player mostly. Later, they plan to introduce it on other devices like TV, speakers, Wearables, etc.

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Spotify Plans in Nepal

After the official launch, Spotify is available in Nepal in free and premium plans. They have introduced localized pricing for the premium plan which is cheaper than other markets. While they also provide local language in several markets like Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Nepal. So, you can also browse the Spotify website in the Nepali language.

The free version of Spotify allows you to listen to songs for free but you get ad breaks, shuffle play, limited skips (only 6 per hour), basic quality, and online streaming only. Whereas with the premium plan, you can listen to any songs without ads and on high quality. Similarly, you can skip songs unlimited and even listen offline. Now that you have found the difference between the free Spotify plan and the Premium plan, you can choose one as per your preference.

As in the international markets, they also offer a free 1 month of premium plan for an individual in Nepal. It helps people to try out the premium features for free and then buy later.

S.NSpotify plans in NepalFeaturesPrice
1Free planAd breaks, Shuffle play, 6 skips, online streaming, basic qualityFree
2Premium PlanAd-free, play any song, unlimited skips, offline listening, and high qualityUSD 2.99 per month

Although Spotify is available officially in Nepal now, we still need to ask our friends and family to use credit cards or Paypal for the payment. We tried out paying from a local bank debit card (with eCommerce payment enabled), but it did not work. Hope they are working on integrating local card payment or digital wallet payment in Spotify Nepal soon.

You can even try buying a premium plan from local Visa Cards and feedback if it works.

Spotify is a global music streaming platform, with roots in Sweden and has completed 12+ glorious years.

Tell us what do you think of the Spotify launch in Nepal along with the premium plan price, in the comment box below.

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