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Best Music streaming Apps in Nepal

Getting our hands on Best Music Streaming Apps in Nepal isn’t quite an easy task. As for Music, it is a heavenly sensation that we just can’t escape from. Listening to our favourite music is the best way to lift our mood and it just doesn’t compare to anything at all.

But, whenever we talk about listening to music, we either think about YouTube or world-famous Spotify. Well, as we know Spotify has both free and subscription-based service which is now available officially in Nepal. You can try out either for free or use premium plans of Spotify in Nepal.

Now, for YouTube, although it is easy and free there are some downsides to it because we have to keep our smartphone open and active as it doesn’t play in the background and it consumes a lot of space as well. Moreover, the amount of data it consumes is massive and consumes more battery juice from your phone. And although we can create our favourite list and listen to it offline we have to keep renewing the songs. The point being, Music apps are just the best option for music and it’s easy and worthy as well.

So, in terms of Nepal, numerous people love listening to Nepali song and some amazing apps might just be the best fit for their taste. So, today we are going to shortlist the three most amazing music streaming apps in Nepal that you must try if you love listening to music.

1. Daami Music App:

Daami App

This app has to stand in the number one spot because it doesn’t only provide music services but it also has a whole different section dedicated towards karaoke, FM station, and download list. In the main music section, you will easily find your favourite songs and be able to search for your picks as it has various sections. From editors pick to what’s trending you will get all of it. Moreover, you can even sing to your favourite karaoke and play FM radio as well.

Daami Music

To add up it even lets you make your playlist and pick favourites along with downloading the songs.

Daami Music

Now, the catch here is that you will have to buy a subscription to download songs, on the plus side other apps charge even to play songs. So, with a wide area of music coverage and good music quality with tons of features, we think this perfectly suits the number one spot. Also, the best part about this app is that it is free and you only have to pay for a subscription if you wish to download the songs for offline purposes.

To pay for the subscription you can either use digital wallets like eSewa/Khalti/Imepay or even your mobile number as well. As for the package, per day costs you Rs 3.39, the weekly pack costs you Rs 16.79 whereas the monthly package costs you Rs 56.50.


2. Music Nepal:

Music Nepal app

Music Nepal is not just an app but also is a music company that owns the copyright to many of songs and videos. This music company used to be very famous back in the cassette age and was very famous. This app gives you access to a lot of songs and has a very deliberate music option too.

You can also download songs and search it as a categorizing option such as by the artist’s name, albums, and songs. Here you can also easily find trending artists and top songs that refresh every day. But, unlike Daami music you do not have access to karaoke and FM station.

This Music app is exclusive to Nepal Telecom users only. You can also get daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions even using the Ntc mobile balance.

3. Geet Music App:

Geet App is also another app in our list that gives us access to Nepali songs but unlike other apps, the music here is not free. Since we have to actually pay for the subscription first and then get access to what’s on the inside. Various songs come under categorization and we can listen and download them and that’s it.

Geet music app

Moreover, Geet Music is powered by Ncell, and to log in, you will have to enter your number first and pay then finally you can get in the inside. You can choose between either a day/weekly or monthly subscription directly through your mobile balance. Here the daily pack costs you Rs 3.83, a weekly pack costs you Rs 19.15 and the monthly pack costs you Rs 63.84.


Although these are the apps that offer unlimited access to Nepali music, there remains room for a better app that offers more features and can win everyone’s heart. There was a kind of perfect music streaming apps in Nepal which was also powered by Ncell. It was the Yonder music app that was closed later globally. As for me if I had to choose from these three I would go for Daami Music because it’s awesome in every aspect.

FM Radio Stations:

FM radio app

Lastly, one more mention in this list would be FM Radios, because not including the historical treasury would not be acceptable. Since it all started back then with Radio and favorite radio stations. And honestly, the days back then according to our grandparents were very interesting as well.

FM station app

Some of the best Radio Stations would make your day if it continuously plays your favourite song. So, the last Mention goes to Nepal FM Radio Station. This app has all the FM radio stations and can still prove to be gem since let’s admit it the world loves podcasts these days and audio podcasts were inspired by radios.

More about Music:

But, when it comes to song and Music the list must go on because we know that music is not there just to listen but to sing as well. So, to all the singers and people who love to sing out there, Music Café Nepal is an app that has lyrics and chords to almost all the Nepali songs that you might love or love to sing.

Music Cafe Nepal

Music Café Nepal: This app is free and gives you access to loads of Nepali songs and their lyrics with chords written over them. This app not only helps you sing but also helps you to learn. You can search for your favourite artists by typing their name or just sliding through the recommended feed.


However, Smule is one of the hit international music app that is specially designed to help you sing and contains millions of song. There you can sing along, in a group or collaborate with your favourite singers as well. Although, your favourite singers’ part will be pre-recorded. You can also sing edit and share your songs as well. It consists of songs of many different languages and is a very classy app which is very helpful in terms of learning as well.


In conclusion, Using such apps is the best way to listen to songs online due to the various features like being able to make a playlist, downloading music offline, karaoke, and more. But, due to the unavailability of popular and international songs in these apps, there is still room for a better music streaming app for Nepal. So, we hope we get to see more intriguing and advance apps in the near future.

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More to that, let us know in the comment section down below what do you think about the top music streaming apps in Nepal and also do mention which is your favourite app that you use every day.

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