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Daami Music App will change the way you listen to music in Nepal

A new music streaming app has arrived in Nepal, that will fill the gap for song listening platform. Daami Music App has been launched and will provide unlimited songs on our single fingertip. We are sure that Daami Music App will change the way we listen to music here in Nepal. The app will provide music streaming, Karaoke, online radio features which is available to download for all Android devices.

As International music app Yonder music app has shut down, there was a gap for a nice music streaming app. Now that we have a new platform to listen to music, we can say it will be the next “Spotify” for Nepal.

Daami Music App platform has thousands of Nepali songs to listen to. It includes a variety of genres such as pop, rock, hip hop, modern songs, folk songs, Nepali movies songs, as well as regional songs like Newari, Bhojpuri, Tamang, Maithili, etc. Apart from listening to the songs, Daami app also lets you sing along the favorite songs using Snap Karaoke feature. As the same name is taken from Yonder music app, we suspect if the platform would be same with just the name change. More about loanblues

Dami music app will have the Dami online radio (FM) integrated for continuous music broadcast. The app also lets the user create their own playlists as per choice or listen to already available playlists curated by experts or artists themselves. As for now, only streaming music and curated playlists are available with the app. The Snap Karaoke, Dami online FM will be available at sometime later.

The best part about the Daami music app is it allows users to download the music in their phone. So, people can listen to Songs anytime anywhere whether you are online or offline.


Although the music streaming is now available for free, soon they will charge some subscription fee for the music streaming. For local payments, they already have partners like Khalti, eSewa, and Ncell. They will integrate Nepal Telecom as well later. They also have the plan to launch the app internationally, where there will be payment partners like Paypal, Credit cards, Google Wallet, and Apple Wallet.

Currently, there are two of such music streaming apps in Nepal which are Music Nepal app and Fopi App.

Download App

Daami music app is now available to download in all android devices including phones which is your all-time companion. You can download the Daami music app from the Android play store.


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