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How to activate Ncell 4G, get free data offer and more.

Ncell operated the 4G network from Kathmandu and now it has reached more than 1000 locations. We are here to compile all the detailed information and general questions regarding Ncell 4G. The post includes all information including Ncell 4G coverage, Ncell frequency band, Handset compatibility, Speed etc. Then you will also find the process to activate 4G in Ncell.

Where is the Ncell 4G coverage available?

At first, Ncell 4G was available in Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Banepa, and Dhulikhel. Ncell gradually expanded 4G service to more cities. Now they claim they have the widest 4G coverage in Nepal, at more than 1000 locations across the country. They had also been adding Pole towers for 4G in metro areas of the country, for more capacity.

What is the frequency band of Ncell 4G?

The frequency band of Ncell 4G is 1800 MHz. This is the same frequency band as that of Ntc. Whereas Ntc has other frequency bands in 4G as well.

How to check if your handset is compatible with Ncell 4G?

To check if your handset is compatible with 4G, you need to look for the LTE 1800 MHz in the specs of your phone. If you cannot check the specs, you need to go to the settings and mobile network, then go to the available mobile networks to select manually. After some scanning, it will show you the list of networks available for you. If it shows 429 02 LTE or Ncell LTE, then it is sure that your handset supports Ncell 4G.

What is the speed of Ncell 4G?

At first, Ncell 4G speed was around 33 Mbps. But later with the introduction of new technology, Ncell upgrades its 4G to a higher speed. We should be well informed that the speed depends on the power of the 4G signal and the time of usage. As we tested Ncell 4G ourselves, we have found it to be around 15 Mbps of download and around 7 Mbps of upload in average. Here is the snapshot of Ncell 4G speed in Kathmandu.

Do I need to change SIM card for Ncell 4G?

You may need to change your SIM to U-SIM card to get Ncell 4G. Read Ncell SIM upgrade at Rs 1.

How to activate Ncell 4G ?

Here is the process to activate/Subscribe 4G in Ncell.

  1. First, you need to check if your SIM supports 4G or not. For that, you need to send a message q to 324. Then you will get a message to confirm the 4G support on your SIM. If your SIM doesn’t support 4G (that is your SIM is not USIM), you need to change your SIM to U-SIM for the Ncell 4G.
  2. You also need to dial *324# to get the 4G offer mentioned below.
  3. Then your handset shall also support 4G. Confirm for this handset 4G support as well.
  4. Then you have to put your phone in 4G preferred mode in settings, mobile network.

Read here for how to activate 4G and put 4G mode on your phone.

What are the Ncell 4G free offers?

After the 4G activation, Ncell provides 1 GB free data pack to the subscribers valid for 7 days. The data can only be used in the duration of 5 am to 5 pm. All the existing data packs work for Ncell 4G as well. We recommend buying higher volume data packs if you want to use it on 4G. Here is one of the Ncell 4G data offers that you may prefer.

If you have any queries to activate 4G in Ncell, do comment below.

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