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How to activate 4G and put phone in 4G mode for Ntc, Ncell and Smart

4G is now available in Nepal with Nepal Telecom (NTC), Ncell and Smart Telecom. In the first phase, the 4G network is available in major cities and will soon extend to other areas. It seems people are excited to use 4G service in their mobile due to the higher data speed. But there is confusion in people for how to activate 4G and put 4G mode in their SIM and Phone. Here is the procedure for 4G activation, the 4G mode in the phone, 4G coverage and 4G settings configuration.

How to activate 4G in Ncell, Ntc and Smart Telecom

Here is the process to activate 4G in Ntc, Ncell and Smart Cell.

  • For Ncell, you do not need to dial any number to activate 4G. Changing the SIM card is mandatory in Ncell. They have already upgraded the SIM for free. Visit Ncell Centers for the SIM up-gradation for 4G. All the new SIM card in Ncell are already 4G enabled. Read here for Ncell package subscription and others.
  • For Ntc, you need to dial *444# to activate 4G. If your SIM is not U-SIM, you will be notified of the sim change which is not free. Old SIM (from 4-5 years old) do not support 4G. So, please visit Ntc counters available in the major areas for the SIM upgrade. Find how to check balance and more in Ntc.
  • For Smart Telecom, you also do not need to dial anything to enable 4G. You just need to be in Smart’s 4G covered area and then put your phone in 4G mode. If you have taken a new SIM from Smart, you do not need to change the SIM card. But if it’s an old one, Smart Telecom’s 4G also requires to change the SIM card. Find How to check balance, subscribe and more in Smart Telecom.

Coverage Area of 4G in Nepal

How to put your phone in 4G mode.

  • For Android phones, you need to go to settings -> Mobile networks -> Preferred Network Type or Network Mode. Then select either 4G preferred or Prefer LTE or LTE/WCDMA/GSM. Some handsets may have LTE only, do not select this LTE only.
  • Some phones can also select the modes by dialing *#*#4636#*#* in android.
  • For iOS phones, you need to go to Settings-> cellular, then select enable 4G or there may be cellular data options and go to Voice and Data. Then select LTE which is LTE preferred mode.

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How to configure your phone for 4G internet in Ntc and Ncell

  • To configure your phone for 4G/3G/GPRS, you need to put the same APN as that of 2G GPRS, EDGE and 3G. In case of Ncell internet, you need to put the APN as following: Go to Settings-> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Name and configure settings as:
    • Name: Ncell
    • APN name: web
    • Leave all as it is, Save, make it default.
  • To configure your phone for 4G/3G/GPRS internet in Ntc, you need to configure handsets as per the following APN.
    • Name: Ntc
    • APN name: Ntnet
    • Leave all as it is, Save and make it default.
  • To configure your phone for 4G or GPRS in Smart, you need to configure your mobile phone as below
    • Name: Smart Telecom
    • APN name: Smart
    • Leave all as it is, save and make default

Sometimes you may need to delete all other APN. So in case it didn’t work, delete all others and restart.

Hope you have liked all the information in one place. Did you activate 4G in your phone?

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