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Ncell GPRS setting: How to configure your phone for 2G, 3G, 4G data

For some people, it is difficult to find a GPRS setting in Ncell. If your handset is not configured rightly for Ncell GPRS settings, then your internet does not work for your mobile. So, here you would like to support people in putting the right internet settings (APN) for your Ncell SIM for data.

People use either of 2G, 3G, 4G mode in their phone to use the internet service. Here the same GPRS settings work for all networks. You do not need to worry about the configuration if you want to use 3G or 4G. Read how to activate 4G on your phone.

What is GPRS?

GPRS is a data communication technology that provides internet over your 2G mobile phone. The theoretical speed that you can get with GPRS is less than 100 kbps whereas you get around 20 Kbps to 70 Kbps in the real situation. GPRS is the first form of data communication in cellular mobile which when connected is shown as “G” at the top of your mobile screen.

What is APN?

APN stands for Access point name which is the most significant configuration on your mobile to get an internet connection. Each mobile network operator has its own APN for the connection to set up successfully. The APN can be entered or changed on your mobile phone as per the operator that you are using.

How to activate internet data in Ncell?

Ncell says they have already activated the internet service on their phone by default. But there may be some issues if you are a newbie. So, to activate the internet service, you need to

  • send a message A to 900224
  • OR dial 900 IVR and follow the voice message.
  • Or dial *100# USSD code and choose the required service.

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How to configure GPRS settings in Ncell?

After the activation of the internet is done, you need to put the right GPRS settings for your Ncell phone. You can also get the settings from Ncell by

  • sending a message ALL to 9595. Then you will receive the settings for your phone. Do save the settings and then the data service works fine on your Ncell SIM.

If the above settings don’t work or you want to troubleshoot your already configured phone, we request you to follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings of your phone.
  • Find Mobile networks/Cellular data
  • Go to APN (Access Point name)
  • Find if any APN is already there. If yes, then delete it.
  • Then add a new APN with settings as
    • Name: Ncell
    • APN: web
  • Save the settings and check if the Ncell APN is made default or selected.
  • Then the data should work fine on your phone by turning on the data.
  • Sometimes if it doesn’t work, restart your phone.

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How to deactivate the internet data in Ncell SIM?

People also need to deactivate the internet data, if they find it to incur more charges. To save yourself from overcharging, please check how to save mobile data on your phone. Although you can always disable data from your phone, people may need to deactivate it in the SIm card also. For the data deactivation in Ncell, you need to

  • Send a message R to 900224
  • OR Dial 900 and follow the voice instructions.
  • OR dial *100# USSD to disable the internet service.

Hope this blog helps you to configure your phone for GPRS, 3G, and 4G. Similarly, it may help you to identify the problem with Ncell GPRS settings.

As data package costs provide affordable internet service in mobile, we recommend you to buy data packs in Ncell.

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