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NTA assigns short code for provinces

NTA, the telecom regulatory body of Nepal assigns short code for all of the provinces. In a bid to manage and ease the communication between local people and province government, NTA provides four digit number to them. People in each region can directly communicate with their Government for free by calling in that number.

As per the request, they have already assigned the code 1091 for the province no. 1. They are also known to provide the short code to the Karnali Pradesh, which is the only one with a name so far. As all of the province will use it sooner or later, NTA assigns and reserves the short code for all of them.

Short code Numbers

The short code numbers assigned for different provinces in Nepal are:

  • Province 1: 1091
  • Province 2: 1092
  • Central Province 3: 1093
  • Province 4: 1094
  • Province 5: 1095
  • Karnali Pradesh (Province 6): 1096
  • Province 7: 1097

All of the numbers are toll free that the call to these numbers will be free of charge. People can call to these numbers to

  • get information about the province government activities and services.
  • complain for the problem that they encounter.

Some of the local province government has also started mobile apps to build direct communication with the people. Although it seems a nice idea to make use of digital network, separate mobile apps for each and every function or government department does not sound good.

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