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How to save mobile data in your phone?

When it comes to using mobile data in your smartphone, you have to be selective in configuring your mobile rightly for saving your data volume. People have been shocked by the unreasonable data volume usage in their mobile that they complain the operators for overcharging. True unlimited internet pack is not here and not even coming here any time soon, people have to be careful to avoid absorbing their balance with enormous data usage. Being careful does not mean you have to check your balance or data usage every-time you do some big chunk browsing or streaming. You can do some tricks to control/save mobile data to stop worrying about the data volume usage.

Methods/tricks to save mobile data in your smartphone.

Here are the different methods to save mobile data in your smartphone.

Automatic updates

Apps take up huge data, especially during the updates. So to avoid mobile data to consume for the apps update, put the Auto updates in WiFi only setting in your phone.

Restrict background data

If some apps are taking up more background data, then you need to disable the background data for the app from settings or security.

Disable syncing

Your mobile data may be consumed while you sync your data with various cloud or Google services, to save the syncing data in mobile, you can put it to WiFi only settings.

Download large files only in WiFi

To prevent the mobile data usage for downloading files unknowingly, keep the settings to download in WiFi only.

Disable some apps for data

There may be some apps for which you do not want to take chances to use any mobile data, then you can disable the mobile data for such apps in case of new smartphones.

Data saving mode

The new android phones especially in pure android, have this data saving mode in settings, enabling it does a lot for the saving. Some browsers even have this mode, so do not forget to put it on.

Set mobile data limit

You can also set your mobile limit for the period of data cycle you want to put. It totally depends on your data package available with the telecom operators (Ntc, Ncell) and the validity period. The device will also warn you later if you are about to exceed the data volume you have set. There may be other applications which have more options to set mobile data limit. One of that popular app is My data manager app.

Use apps offline

There are some apps which will let you save your data for offline usage. Please download the content once you are in WiFi, so that the mobile data will be saved later. This sort of offline usage works with music streaming apps or Maps. This feature was also there with the Yonder music app which is already shutdown. Read more for the shutdown of Yonder App.

Facebook option

Facebook is the most popular app here. People also leave the default settings in their mobile resulting in more data consumption. So to stop consuming more data with Facebook set the Autoplay option in the app as On Wi-Fi connections only or never Autoplay videos. You can even put the data saver option on to reduce the image size and stop play videos automatically.

Above methods hold true for both Android and iOS, it’s just that their settings are in different form. But if you search a little while, you can easily find those options in settings there. This is more serious in case of surfing with 3G, 4G. After all above, still in case, you find out the more balance take up with data usage, you need to complain to the operators for the problem.

If you know some other means, let us know in the comment section below.


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