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Data Pack for Mobile Internet and its Importance

  • Mobile data pack lets you get affordable data tariff for cellular data usage on the go. Find the importance of the data pack below.

With the rising number of smartphones user and the decreasing cost of the internet, the overall connectivity of people to the world of the internet is rising day by day. About 97% of the total internet users of Nepal are connected to the internet with their smartphones. The use of the smartphone for the internet is rising globally due to the portability, ease of use, and the increased ability of smartphones.

In the context of Nepal, on average, over 6,581 new users are connected to the internet every day. The latest Management Information System (MIS) report prepared by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) shows that broadband penetration in the country reached 72.42 percent of the total population until December 2019.

As per the latest report, there is a higher number of mobile data users than Wi-Fi in Nepal.

This overwhelming data made us write this article. Many internet users in Nepal do not know how to use the internet in a cost-effective way. There have been many complaints towards the Telecommunication operators about the high cost of the internet. And people have been complaining about deducting more money from their account. This happens mostly due to background data and the no usage of data packs.

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What is Data Pack?

Data Packs are blocks of data volume available for purchase which allows users to download a specific amount of data each period (1GB, 2GB, 5GB, etc.). Data packs are available on a pre-paid basis, i.e. users must pay for the specific amount of data volume before they use it. The data packs are valid for a specific period of time like daily, weekly, monthly, or more.

All the telecom company of Nepal provides data packs to the customer here. Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Cell are the major players in the Nepali telecommunication industry. All these telcos are coming with competitive price in data packs.

Advantages of Using Data Pack (Importance)

  • Use the internet at cheaper rates
  • Plans that fit according to the user needs (Value for money)
  • Small to huge data plans
  • Bigger the data plan, the cheaper the rates
  • No need to worry about the main balance, since the amount for data packs is already deducted
  • Application-specific data packs according to the user needs. For example, Facebook Pack, YouTube pack, etc.

Furthermore, telcos are coming with unlimited data these days. Nepal Telecom is providing 1 hour and night-time unlimited Data. Whereas Ncell provides unlimited data @ Rs 20 for an hour. Smart Cell also provides double data packs which are a good option for high volume data users.

The disadvantage of the data pack.

The data packs offer a certain volume of data for a limited time (daily, weekly, monthly). If you pay the price for the data packs and do not consume all the data at that time, you will waste your money on unused data. So, for people who do not consume more data, it is better to pay usage-based that is PayG pay as you Go or pay per MB. The smart cell has the lowest data tariff for this pay per go category of Rs 0.50 per MB. Secondly, Ntc has been providing Rs 1 per MB data tariff, without any data packs.

How to Subscribe Data Packs?

  • Nepal Telecom users can subscribe to data packs by dialing *1415#. There is a wide range of data and voice packs available to customers. Customers can choose packs according to their needs.
  • Ncell users can dial *17123# to buy data packs.
  • *141# is the USSD code for subscribing data packs for Smart Cell customers.

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Mobile data packs are the best way to use the internet in smartphones effectively. The plans that are available to the customers according to the user needs and the low price makes data packs suitable for mobile data users.

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Furthermore, some of us do not use a high amount of data on mobile phones. For those people, data packs might not be a good option. As data packs have limited validity and fixed price, the data that are surplus or unused data are totally wastage of money.

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What do you think about the importance of a mobile data pack? Do you prefer using the internet by subscribing to mobile data packs or without? Please let us know in the comment below.

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