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Ncell adds 15 lakh subscribers in year 2017

Ncell, the leading private telco of Nepal has increased their customer base by 10.11 percentage. With the increase, the total Ncell subscriber increases to 16.4 million (1 Crore and 64 lakhs) in the year 2017. Axiata- the parent company of Ncell mentions the addition of 15 lakh (1.5 million) subscribers in the year 2017.

In the report, Axiata also mentions of the decrement of their international revenue by almost 20 percent. It is mainly due to the usage of OTT and Instant messaging apps by Ncell subscriber. It is also a pain point now for all of the telecom operators of Nepal, even the whole world.

OTT apps Like Viber, Messenger troubles telecom operators of Nepal

Data vs Voice Revenue

Ncell’s last year revenue has increased to 58 billion (Arab) and 5.4 million (54 lakhs). The contribution of data services to the whole revenue of Ncell is 19 percent which is from 44 percent of the total Ncell subscribers. Although the data revenue has increased significantly due to the availability of 4G in 21 cities, and popularity of data packs, but the major contribution to the revenue is still voice and other value added services.

The report says the total consumption of data for 2017 was increased to 2 crore 77 lakhs GB. whereas it was 1 crore 20 lakhs in the previous year. With such consumption, the revenue from data usage by Ncell customers increases by 17.9 percent compared to that in 2016.

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