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Ntc provides mobile coverage in remote area of Baglung

Ntc, the pioneering Nepali telecom operator, announces to provide GSM mobile service in the remote area of Baglung district. The North western area of the district is served with mobile signal due to operation of GSM Base station in TamanKhola. Ntc tells that there was no any telecom service available in the remote area before. More about Ntc mobile in remote areas below.

There are around 6 hundred households in the Tamankhola Village body. Due to this BTS operation, people in the area can connect to the world through mobile network. First they are operating 2G GSM service which will be extended to 3G if feasible.

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Ntc tells that this GSM tower operation is in line with the Government’s policy to extend mobile coverage in the remote areas. From some time, Ntc have been extending mobile coverage in such areas. As per their obligation to the public, Ntc is investing there in huge amount even if the outcome from the BTS is low.

Other Areas in Baglung

Recently Ntc have operated 2G, 3G Base stations in Dudhilabhati of Galkot Municipality. According to some local online portals, people there can enjoy the high speed and affordable internet from Ntc. More Base stations are also known to be operated in Darling, Sukhaura, Khunga of the Baglung district. They have also planned to provide mobile signal in Upper mustang areas. These areas are considered very remote due to the difficulty in installing base stations there.

Earlier, they had also operated GSM mobile signal in remote touristic places: Tsho Rolpa and Rara Lake.

Seeking feedback

We are now seeking feedback for the mobile network in Baglung and other remote areas. If you are in remote areas of Baglung and other remote areas, please feedback about the mobile coverage available in your area. We would also like to request you to tag or let your friends in remote areas, know of this.

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