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Nepal’s Fiber Internet Subscribers Cross 1.5 Million

Nepal’s fiber internet subscribers have crossed 1.5 million. As per NTA’s latest figures, there are 15 lakhs, 34 thousand, and 9 hundred and sixty (1,534,960) fiber broadband subscribers in Nepal till Bhadra.

While private ISPs continue to exert their marketing appeal, it is NTC, a state telco/ISP that is steadily improving its customer base. Find more in detail.

In NTA’s report for Shrawan, the total number of fiber internet users was recorded 14 lakhs, 94 thousand, and 9 hundred and 38 (1,494,938). In one month, the ISPs added a further 40 thousand, and, 22 new broadband users totaling 15 lakhs, 34 thousand, and 9 hundred and sixty (1,534,960) fiber-based internet customers. It helped push Nepal’s fiber broadband users to push beyond the 1.5 million mark in Bhadra.

Among the ISPs, WorldLink, Vianet, Subisu, and others occupy a large market share in Nepal’s reliable FTTH service. However, the state-owned NTC has become an instant hit among consumers with its Triple Play service. The company is going strength to strength over the last few months with its customer’s number rising steadily. NTA’s data also shows NTC climbing among the top ISPs with the highest new addition of customers in Bhadra.

Fiber Internet Subscribers In Nepal | Bhadra 2078

As per the report, WorldLink led at the top with once again the highest number of customers and more subscribers addition. The ISP boasted 5 lakhs, 29 thousand and 2 hundred and 71 customers till Shrawan (5,29,271). This increased to 5 lakhs, 41 thousand, and 5 hundred and 70 (5,41,570) in Bhadra. This was the increase of 12 thousand, 2 hundred, and 99 new customers (12,999) for the top ISP in Nepal in a month’s period.

S.N.ISPsBhadraShrawanCustomer Growth
3NTC (Nepal Telecom)139,6251,31,5328,093↑
5Classic Tech159,3591,58,1671,198↑
6CG Net30215672454↑
Fiber internet subscribers of leading ISPs in Nepal

Meanwhile, Subisu also registered a healthy growth of new customers till Bhadra. The private ISP added 8 thousand, 2 hundred, and 99 (8,299) customers in Bhadra. The company totaled 1 lakh, 93 thousand, 7 hundred, and 27 (1,93,727) in Shrawan. The number increased to 2 lakhs, 2 thousand, 1 hundred, and 98 (2,02,198) total subscribers.

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NTC’s Fiber Internet Subscribers Continue To Grow

NTC (Nepal Telecom) has been on a remarkable journey since its introduction of the Triple Play service. The telco had been struggling against the private ISPs with its FTTH service. However, the company started a unique approach to bundle telephone, digital TV, and internet service over the single fiber cable. The service is known as Triple Play. This has contributed to NTC’s newly found growth as an ISP in Nepal.

With the integration of more features into its fixed-line broadband service, NTC’s stunning FTTH growth has continued to new strength. The national telco/ISP had a total of 1 lakh, 31 thousand, 5 hundred, and 32 customers (1,31,532) in Shrawan. This rose to 1 lakh, 39 thousand, 6 hundred and 25 (1,39,625) in Bhadra. That means the company was able to add 8 thousand and 93 (8,093) more customers in between Shrawan and Bhadra.

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NTC has been on a good run in adding new customers. The company had also registered 9 thousand, 4 hundred, and 22 (9,422) new customers in the previous month. Although the number has decreased a bit, so has it for other major ISPs too. There is less for the fast-evolving NTC to fret about.

Vianet, Classitech And CG Net

Moving on another Kathmandu-based ISP Vianet registered the addition of 3 thousand, 6 hundred and 54 new customers (3,654). In Shrawan, the company was serving 1 lakh, 56 thousand, 9 hundred, and 53 customers (1,56,953). Meanwhile, the private telco recorded 1 lakh, 60 thousand, 6 hundred, and 7 customers (1,60,607) in Bhadra, another month of a healthy increase for the popular ISP in Nepal.

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Classictech, one of the major ISPs in Nepal also recorded a slim customer boost in Bhadra. In Shrawan, the ISP had 1 lakh, 58 thousand, 1 hundred, and 67 (1,58,167) active customers. This rose to 1 lakh, 59 thousand, 3 hundred, and 59 (1,59,359) fiber subscribers in Bhadra. This means the company was able to add another 1 thousand, 1 hundred and 98 new fiber broadband customers.

CG Net Exerting an Impact

CG Net, a fresh ISP with abundant promises, has been tapping into more households lately. The fiercely expanding subsidiary of Chaudhary Group has shown potential growth in one month period.

In Shrawan, CG Net had just 5 hundred and 67 customers. Its total customers grew to a massive 3 thousand and 21 in Bhadra. An increase of 2 thousand, 4 hundred and 54 new customers in one month’s time is delightful news for the fresh ISP.

Internet subscribers Cross 1.5 Million
CG Net’s Super Sasto Package

The ISP is expanding rapidly within the valley and remains committed to reaching beyond the valley to many cities soon. The company has shown no qualms in its intention to offer the value for the money service. This reflects in their highly affordable plan.

The company has recently announced a 50 Mbps plan for Rs.649 which could be the truest affordable internet plan. The plan combines a high-speed broadband connection and affordability not very common in the country.

With Nepal’s fiber internet subscribers crossing 1.5 million, and mobile broadband occupying an exceptional 82.55%, Nepal’s internet penetration has reached 109.99% against the current project population.

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The number of internet subscribers is increasing in Nepal but there are questions about affordability and the quality of service. Customers are seeking an affordable FTTH connection for their households while ISPs are mostly concerned with the bandwidth speed competition.

What is your opinion on the current fiber subscribers crossing the 1.5 million mark? Tell us your experience with the internet service provided by major ISPs in Nepal? How do you rate their services? Do share your opinions in the comments below.

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